Lonely Ole Joe Sigur is at it again…

My O My Lonely Ole Joe Sigur must have got a script for some Xanex, you may recall he was opining at NOT being able to get Rx for hard narcotics for his back pain, check his You Tube, you’ll find his drug-addict-like rant

But now Lonely Ole Joe Sigur has gone full Meth Head


Wile Lonely Ole Joe admits he has a Nubian little spook, he never shows her off, so lets do that for him, here she is, her name is Emelee Sigur

Her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emalee.sigur?pnref=lhc.friends


In Lonely Ole Joe’s most recent drug inspired rant, he has accused me of the following:

Being an Indian — Wrong

Being “Spanish”, he previously said I am “Mexican” LOL — BOTH WRONG

That my real last name is “Martinez” — WRONG

That Brandon Martinez is my “Brother”   — WRONG , but given Brandon’s age he would more likely be in the category of one of my sons LMAO, as I have 3 sons his age, BUT unfortunately for Lonely Ole Joe Sigur, Brandon Martinez  and I are UNRELATED


Then Lonely Ole Joe Sigur rants on to say I, me, as if I have the time, created some sort of fake Wall and video regarding him.  THIS I DID NOT.  In fact I have NEVER created a You Tube Video EVER.

Here is Lonely Ole Joe Sigure’s Jew-Tube Rant LOL…feel free to comment


So when you can, feel free to phone Lonely Ole Joe Sigur up and let him know he is way off and suggest he get therapy…..



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