Sinead McCarthy & Celtic Rebel

This speaks for itself….. LOL


2 thoughts on “Sinead McCarthy & Celtic Rebel

    1. BOTH Sinead and Kyle are mentally ill freaks. Why they all of sudden are presenting themselves as paragons of virture is laughable given Kyle once spoke in favor of polyandry in the Renegade Chat AND there are (3) THREE persons listed in the phone book at the same address where Kyle & Sinead live, Kyle, Sinead, AND an ASIAN male, additionally, Sinead has stated her marriage is “unconventional”, sooo is Kyle husband #1 or husband #2??? When yours truly used to call for strict standards and a moral code and discipline in the Movement so as to weed out freaks and degenerates who the Feds always target, Kyle was the FIRST one to attack me as a “prude”.


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