Did Matt Parrott marry a “Real Doll”? LOL – UPDATED- UPDATED AND>> AGAIN

Matt Parrott can straighten this issue up in short order, POST the marriage license between himself and “Jessica White”.  No attacks on those who question, no deflections, just address the issue. 

#WhereIsTheMarriageLicense  #ShowUsTheMarriageLicense

UPDATE:  Matt Parrott has edited the sock puppet Facebook accout of his “wife” Jessica White to delete the January, 2017 creation of his new “wife’s” Facebook account, why? because it was pointed out she never existed on Facebook prior to the creation of this January, 2017 creation by Matt Parrott.  ALSO, thus far Matt Parrott and his sock puppet “wife” facebook account has only posted ONE, (1) UNO picture which features Parrott and his “wife” together, which is the picture from 2015 of Parrott with the woman he had been in a internet relationship with and finally met that summer of 2015 and she took his wallet and left him.  Here is the ONLY picture of Matt Parrott and his alleged new “wife” together.  LOL

UPDATED >>> AGAIN — NOW Matt Parrott is posting different pictures of different women OMFG

Matt Parrott just can’t accept the fact his FRAUD has been called.  He could post his Marriage License, which would end any and all speculation, BUT of course he doesn’t have one.OR he could state where this “marriage” is recorded so it can be independently verified.  Marriage Licenses are PUBLIC DOCUMENTS

However within the discussion thread on this topic on Parrott’s and his ficticious “wife’s” Facebookpage, many people have asked candid and frank questions, which Parrott and his domestic partner in the trailer Matt Heimbach have refused to directly answer, choosing instead to resort to jewish tactics of deflection, distraction, and attacking those who call bullshit on the fraud. One person asked the “sock-puppet” “wife” to post a picture holding three fingers up, in an apparent attempt to verify the person is real.  However the real verification would be the posting of the Marriage License.  The person who requested the 3-finger picture did not realize that Parrott could easily scan google images and produce a picture of a female closely resembling the woman he is representing as his “wife”, which he did.  Now LOOK, these two women which Parrott claims are the same person, they clearly are NOT.


Different nose, different part of the hair, different facial structure, and so on

Please stop embarrassing yourself Matt. OF COURSE, you can still post a recent Marriage License???

NOW >>> Matt Parrott and or “Jessica” can clear this matter up immediately by posting their recently executed Marriage License, which is a PUBLIC DOCUMENT OR state where their “marriage” is/was recorded so it may be independently verified.  Why is this an important issue?? Because it show just how fake, fraudulent and how utterly pathetic these so called “White Nationalist” Pubahs are.  Finally the question of why Matt Heimbach pays Parrott’s child support obligation for Parrott’s non white child is a serious issue and is Heimbach using donation made in good faith to the Traditionalist Workers Party for these child support payments?


Matt Parrott Oh MY

If Matt Parrott has a new wife, she must be a “Real Doll”


So let’s talk about his new “wife”.  I suppose you all have heard of the new trend in japan, you know, the marriage crisis.  Yes, there is a marriage crisis in Japan so given how smart the Japanese are, they have created “Real Dolls”, lifelike sex dolls.

Like these.


The trend has caught on, that recently a “Real Doll” Brothel was opened in Barcelona, Spain.  http://www.thelocal.es/20170227/barcelona-opens-first-sex-doll-brothel-in-europe

Needless to say as a result, there has been a run on various Post Offices in the U.S. seeking Pass Ports so woman hating White Nationalists can visit Barcelona as this is the only way basement dwelling, woman hating white trash White Nationalists such as Andrew Anglin, Matt Parrott, Matt Forney, etc, can ever get laid.

Now back to Matt Parrott……

Recently he had been subject to ridicule  for his artificial “traditionalism”, mainly the point he himself is not married and has no WHITE children, he does have a mixed child with an Arab woman whom his domestic partner in the trailer Matt Heimbach pays his child support, PERHAPS WITH DONATION MADE TO HIS 10-MEMBER TRADITIONAL WORKERS PARTY??   Almost all of which live in the trailer compound with Heimbach and his mail-order Russian bride.  I shit you not on both.


YES this is true Matt Parrott has stated this on HIS Social Media, he has opined at not being employed and that Matt Heimbach pays his child support for his mixed Arabic child. He has been gone so far as to say he thinks the child is Andrew Anglin’ as they both shared this Arabic female who once had a fetish for WN men and was a frequent online presence in various WN forums, web sites, and pod casts. Tisk..Tisk, if Anglin is the father then way does Parrott stipulate to the child support??


But to the most recent escapade of Parrott…. And its is utterly hilarious..

Recently, Matt Parrott had been getting trolled for his not having a woman, not being married, etc. While there is NOTHING generally wrong with this, Parrott is known to engage in social commentary about women, marriage, children etc.  Something he has NO real world experience with.  So obviously he experienced blowback, i.e. people asked where his wife was.

Low and behold Matt Parrott came up with a wife.

Abra Cadabra and with the magic of Facebook and with the help of a woman who had ripped him off back in 2015 LOL, Matt Parrot had a wife OMFG.



As many may recall back in 2015 Matt Parrott described an incident about a woman he had met and had been skyping with and then met.  He had fallen madly in love with her only to have her steal his wallet.  That is indeed unfortunate, but it is a sad commentary of today’s generation who must use the “Net” for everything, including getting a woman, which I find pathetic.

What does that have to do with Matt Parrott’s wife of January 2017?


Matt Parrott’s “wife” all of a sudden appeared on Facebook in January, 2017, she did not exist prior to the creation of her Facebook profile

See Here:


Jessica White

Former Zionist Cog at United States Navy

Married to Matt Parrott

From Chattanooga, Tennessee

Joined January 2017 —– After this article was posted, Parrott deleted this inception date


When some people began to question the validity of this “wife”, rather than post anything current Matt Parrott posted a picture of himself with the woman back in 2015 who had taken his wallet.

See here:


How do we KNOW this woman is the woman from 2015, well Matt Parrott has gone through some metamorphosis since 2015.  As many in the WN Movement is aware, matt has had several different “hair styles”, this seems to be a phobia in the WN Movement AND he had a sever eye problem which he corrected with surgery.

The picture Matt Parrott presented with the woman he represents as his current “wife” clearly demonstrates it is Matt Parrott from BEFORE his eye surgery.

Look very closely at his eyes. He can’t see, which is why he is NOT wearing sunglasses and the girl is.  This was 2015 Matt Parrott didn’t get eye surgery until Oct, 2016.


Now look at this picture of Parrott POST his 2016 Eye Surgery… a significant difference.


Matt Parrott was engaged in an “online” relationship and skyping with this lady for months, which is how he obtained so many pictures of her, which he intern used for a fake Facebook profile, i.e. the fictitious wife of 2017.   Parrott and this woman met in this picture ONE TIME, which was the incident when she took his wallet and dumped him in 2015.  Parrott has had NO woman since.

Yet today he has created a sock puppet Facebook account by the name “Jessica White” festooned with pictures he obtained from the woman back in 2015 which he now claims are “current” and are of his “wife.  How desperate can one man get.   The real woman, whose pictures are being used, the one who ripped Parrott off is from Ohio, where Parrott lived as well in the summer of 2015.  The woman has one child. Matt Parrott and her had been interacting online prior to the single and ONLY in-person encounter they had in the summer of 2015.  Their primary communication was via  skpying when she finally met him she describes being “grossed out”,  “bad body order”, “oily hair”, among other issues. She took his wallet (unacceptable conduct) and ended the relationship. Matt Parrott.  ALL of the pictures on Matt Parrott’s “wife” Facebook account are of the woman he had the brief encounter with in 2015.


Matt Parrott’s attempt to create a “fake wife further adds comedy and erodes the credibility of the so called WN Movement.  Why can’t these so called “superior Aryan men get a woman?  Why can’t they get a job”  Why are they trailer trash? Perhaps they are drawn to the WN Movement simply for the Third Reich imagery and to deflect from their own insecurities.  In any event Jessica White is FAKE.

If Matt Parrott has a new wife, she must be a “Real Doll”. OR IF this is all just a misunderstanding Matt Parrott could clear it all up by posting a Marriage License, which is NOT confidential.  Marriage Licenses are PUBLIC RECORDS.  Instead Matt Parrott has deleted comments calling bullshit on his fake “wife” profile and banned anyone who points out the most modest inconsistency.

So, given Matt Parrott’s “wife” Profile on Facebook is Fake, did he marry a “Real Doll”?


11 thoughts on “Did Matt Parrott marry a “Real Doll”? LOL – UPDATED- UPDATED AND>> AGAIN

    1. Matt Heimbach has stated on at least TWO (2) that he met his wife in Russia. Sooo?? If he is married to Parrott’s former step daughter, well that is (1) Ewww and (2) is just more trailer trash conduct. Next the men of White Nationalism will attend family reunions to look for spouses, hell they all probably already do if not troll kindergartens. John Friend just interviewed the convicted pedophile Kevin Strom and was practically blowing him on air, except John is far too old for Strom.

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    1. Matt Parrott can straighten this issue up in short order, POST the marriage license between himself and “Jessica White”. No attacks on those who question, no deflections, just address the issue.

      #WhereIsTheMarriageLicense #ShowUsTheMarriageLicense




    1. Well IFFFF youARRRRR then clear this whole thing up and post your current Marriage License with Matt Parrott. A Marriage License is a Public Document, or in the alternative state where the Marriage License is recorded so it may be verified.


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