UPDATE-Matt Parrott has issues with Females & Racemixing

Where to begin…Where to begin.  Quite often when you are investigating or researching one issue or topic, you stumble on another or something more serious.  This is the case with Matt Parrott and his fake marriage. See our prior article: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/28/did-matt-parrott-marry-a-real-doll-lol/


Matt Parrott, like so many “White Nationalist Pubahs has issues… Issues on Race

This Blog has previously written about Matt Parrott race-mixing and his child with an Arab female. https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/matt-parrott-race-mixer-hypocrit/

To this day Parrott has child support obligation which he publicly acknowledges to friends, associates and on social media.  In fact Parrott is so upset that his “pursuit” and “relationship” with this Arab female was made public, and the fact that lil Andre Anglin also pursued her from his far away venues, that Parrot makes wild claims that the child he has child support obligations for is actually the child of Andre Anglin, this despite the fact  Parrott once made long travels to court and propose marriage to the child’s mother, an Arab female.

To make matters worse, because Parrott , at 37, has no employment, lives in a trailer with his BFF Matt Heimbach and the rest of the “Trad Workers Commune” it is none other than Heimbach who has made the child support payments on Parrott’s behalf.  One must ask, HOW and with WHAT funds? Is Heimbach using donations made to his various political fronts, i.e. Trad Youth and or Trad Workers to pay Matt Parrott’s child support obligations for a mixed race child?  Are the members and donors to these groups aware of this?  This is something they will have to ask and reconcile among themselves.


Moving on… Parrott now attacks the Arab female, whom he dumped before his child was born but to whom he once professed undying love and affection for in various skype, text and instant messages.  I wonder if he really wants to continue trashing the mother of his child and risk having all his sorted conversations with her made public?  If this blog has this,


UNDERSTAND this blog has much, much more

Now on to the conclusion of our most recent article on Parrott’s most recent and probably not the last of his escapades… In our article this week “Did Matt Parrott marry a Real Doll”, we pondered Parrott’s declaration of marriage and the possibility of his using a “sock-puppet” account to create the illusion that he had got married.  It seems he had received criticism for having no wife/woman but making lots of social commentary on women, marriage, etc.

Perhaps Parrott’s prior race-mixing with the Arab female played a role in this criticism, so low and behold  and all of a sudden Parrott was “married” to a “Jessica White” whose Facebook profile was created at the same time of the “marriage.  The date the Facebook profile was created, January, 2017, was removed after our article, pointed it out.

Our article pointed out that Parrott had previously engaged in an online relationship with a female and met this female and she took his wallet and left him.  We won’t rehash those detailes, but we speculated that the plethora of pictures Parrott has been posting purporting to be his new “wife” were actually from this previous relationship and then we called attention to the interesting detail that it appeared Parrott was posting pictures of at least 3 different women who did resemble each other.

Who is “Jessica Sanchez” en’ White”

Interestingly, we can now confirm some details and also issue a retraction in part.

First, we have stated that it would be easy for Parrott to clear this matter up in short order by simply posting a copy of his Marriage License”, which is a PUBLIC DOCUMENT.  Thus far he and his “wife” have REFUSED, choosing instead to deflect, and attack any one for continues to expose their fairy-tale fraud.

Our previous assertion is CORRECT, Matt Parrott declaration of Marriage is a fraud, his reason is speculative, perhaps to end criticism aimed at him.


We now do know, based on information that is in the public domain that there is a “Jessica”  and PERHAPS Parrott is again in an online relationship, as he has been in the past with other “women of the Net”.

BUT, Parrott has Race issues.and so does “Jessica Sanchez nee White”.

According to public records Jessica White must be or has been a Race-Mixer, her legal name is Jessica Nicole Sanchez

Here is verification:  https://voterrecords.com/voter/16529499/jessica-sanchez


Jessica Nicole Sanchez (age 30) is listed at 2914 Giuliano Ave Lake Worth, FL and is affiliated with the Republican Party. She is a white, non hispanic female registered to vote in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Information provided confidentially from a source who knows BOTH Jessica and Parrott confirms the following:

Jessica’s  accounts are real and it is Jessica operating them. She gets banned at times for “shitpostin” and “trolling”. Though the picture of her is outdated as she’s fatter now

Jessica served for a few years in the military as a helicopter mechanic. Maybe she met and married a Hispanic male there

Jessica has her ex boyfriend’s name tattoo’d on her ass, “Kenny”

All  Jessica and Parrott and the Trad Workers people  do is sit on Facebook all day.

According to another source, Jessica did indeed have a very short relationship and she “dumped Parrott last month after the 1st date. Parrott only put the picture of them together after this Blog embarrassed him when we posted the prior article:


Thus far Parrott has only posted one picture of Jessica and himself together because he was dumped after their single encounter. Couples in a continuous relationship have many photos together.

So, here you have it.  IF Parrott is having an online or personal relationship with Jessica, he has to be aware of her last name and of her race-mixing.  BUT given Parrott’s past relationship with an Arab female, it seems race-mixing is fine with Parrott so Parrott says one thing to his White Nationalist flock and acts quite differently in his own life.

Every time this Blog essentially “calls bullshit on Parrott”, rather than ending any and all speculation by either posting a Marriage License OR in the alternative fessing up to his fraud, he grans the shovel and digs himself a deeper hole. Parrott attempts minor changes to his ever changing narrative.  The problem is, he cannot produce the single items which would end the issue once and for all and his attempt to post pictures of women who resemble each other but are clearly different persons is pathetic. Its time for Matt Parrott to retire from the field in shame and disgrace.



3 thoughts on “UPDATE-Matt Parrott has issues with Females & Racemixing

  1. Matt Heimach, that is such an ugly sign… looks like it took seconds to create. And the other photo, so poorly composed.. are you selling air conditioning?


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