Matt Parrott YOU ARE THE FATHER 1/2 Arabic baby

This is Matt Parrott’s 1/2 Arabic child, and he is cute and innocent.  Matt Parrott  has a CHILD SUPPORT obligation, which is paid for by Matt Heimbach…WHY??  ( besides Parrott having no job and basically a deadbeat low life piece of pond scum)Yes, I see the resemblance to Parrott.


Does Matt Heimbach use donations to the Trad Workers Party to pay this obligation which would clearly be a misappropriation of funds and fraud, and the exact same crime David Duke spent time in prison for, in addition to Tax Fraud.

Parrott has recently taken to Facebook, using his own  account and that of his sock-puppet “wife”, LOL, to trash the mother of his child. Perhaps people should ask Parrott how his “new wife” whose Facebook profile was only just created in January knows so very much, i.e. personal information & details, about the mother of his child, who Parrott abandoned several years ago.  If this “wife” was real, she wouldn’t, but of course Parrott knows and he is the hand in the sock-puppet “wife” Facebook account.  Pardon me while I go barf.


PARROT’S ATTACKS ON HIS CHILD’S MOTHER WILL STOP or more embarrassing revelations about Messrs Parrott & Heimbach and their dubious standard of practice WILL COME TO LIGHT, including fundraising, donors, and expenditures.






More later…..



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