On Stefan Molyneux


This guy is a Cultist on par with Scientologists and Mormons. He has issues with his own parents, so he created a “Parent-Hating Cult” along with his Quack wife who has been disciplined by oversight boards.




This guy is not a champion of men, in reality he is the example of a pussy. He prays on poor to moderate income young people who are looking for a scape-goat for their issues and this freak points the finger at their parents instead of having them look in the mirror as this fool should do. The sissies who blame their parents for their inadequacies may want to look to the old proverb, never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins. Meanwhile, this ass clown has canned answers for everything and its usually over-simplifications. He tells people “Don’t go to College”, well HE did, at the same time I did, he made a good deal of money as a result, built a business and cashed out then used it to build his cult. The ultimate lesson that can be learned by this freak and others like him, such as Jim Jones, is a fool and his money are soon parted and these freaks destroy families because they, themselves are dysfunctional, self-loathing and petty. Buyer beware, charlatans come and go, family is forever, and Stefan go eat a huge bag of dicks.


One thought on “On Stefan Molyneux

  1. Stefan Molyneux is absolutely sick in the head. Check this out:


    He doxes people who leave his inner circle and exposes their innermost secrets to the world:


    >Colleen Cowgill was a member of the Inner Circle of Freedomain Radio. She struggles with narcissistic personality disorder as a result of abuse in childhood.
    >After the breakup, she hoped to attract a new male and was having trouble without the use of makeup. She has struggled with acne and feels insecure if people can see it. Colleen now applies a thick layer of foundation, nearly as thick as her false self.
    >In a Freedomain Radio podcast on sibling abuse, Colleen says that both she and her brother Edward Cowgill were physically abused as children. Though, she was considered the favorite child and thus received less abuse than her brother. Her parents, Keith and Mary Cowgill, are irrational, mystic, Christians.
    >Colleen believes she was molested as an infant or toddler and that her parents kept this a secret, hoping she would forget. She believes this caused all manner of degeneracy and promiscuous behavior at much too young of age. She sent naked photographs to boys at as early as 14. She had sex with a 20 year old male when she was only 15.
    >As a result of rejecting philosophy, Colleen is now stuck in perpetual adolescence. She’s almost 30 and still childless and in college. As was predicted by DeFOO.org years ago, she has broken up with her fiance Courtney Hunter. Now she smugly brags about her new non-white boyfriend. Keith must be thrilled.


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