On Ken O’Keefe ..AGAIN


Ken O’Keefe is at it again, trying to fleece people and telling them to send him their hard earned & limited cash to support his theory that they will NOT have to pay any taxes because “International Law” trumps, no pun intended, their respective Federal & State Tax Laws.  BULLSHIT


Ken O’Keefe has become 1 in a long line of hucksters. Tell him to PROVE his theory of NO TAX Liability by testing it on himself by 1- he move back to USA, 2- File NO Taxes 3- raise his Theory as a Defense in Tax Court. He will LOOSE as MANY have before him. The USA is NOT a signatory to ANY International Court or Convention that preempts Taxation. U.S. Federal & State Tax Law is broad and in fact State Tax Agencies are far more aggressive in collections than the IRS, which is a little know FACT. Also a fact the IRS taxes persons who are born in the USA of US Parents who are Diplomats of foreign Nations. Case in point, the U.K. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson was born in NY City, his father was living for a period in NY City, as was his mother. The IRS taxed Johnson’s income based solely on the fact he was a U.S. Citizen by birth. That’s right, the U.S. taxed the U.K. Foreign Minister and his own Court ruled he had to pay as did the U.S. based solely on his birth. BTW, the U.K. is a signatory to the International Court of Justice & Human Rights. Johnson PAID the IRS, then renounced his U.S. Citizenship. Send O’Keefe your limited & hard earned $$ at your own risk, but what he is selling is spoiled and he will NEVER test it on himself, BUT he will certainly live off your donations as he continues to “research” the “cause” forever. Don’t confuse his past good work, with his scam of today. Tell him to get a job or an otherwise honest means of revenue generation. What O’Keefe and many others like him have proved is a fool and his/her $$ are soon parted.



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