Fashy Haircut – Cowards & Agents vs. the Fools

Meet 20-year old James Alex Fields, Jr. , who at the “Unite the Right in Charlitsville mowed down peop,e with his car mommy bought him. He lived with mommy until he left for Boot Camp, but washed out after just 2 WEEKS, WOW what Aryan Stock and Superiority.



On the day he murdered and maimed people, Short-round Chomo Andrew Anglin claimed it was self defense.

Today, the day after the 5 foot wonder Anglin who hasn’t had pussy since pussy had him, is attempting to distance Fields from “The Movement”

Fields is symptomatic of “The Movement” and the type Anglin and his fellow Agents seek to emotionally work up and do what they normally wouldn’t do absent emotionally based goading and prodding .

Of course once these poor idiots and fools do the act, the likes of Anglin and Duke quickly distance themselves and “The Movement” from them and scrub their web sites of any digital fingerprints that they had ever visited.

Anglin, Duke, Trump, and all these “Alt-Right” bottom feeders all feed on the poorly educated, who have low self esteem,  frustrated by their lack of a female mate, who are unable to socially interact like normal people, andwho find strength and White machismo in Third Reich imagery, yet  if they had lived in the real Third Reich, they would have been thrown on the Choo Choos with the other “Undesirables” and “Utermensch”.

Remember, the average member of the SS was College educated and many cases had advanced Degrees as were most of the upper leadership of the NSDAP.  NO Hitler did not, but he surrounded himself with educated committed Party members and he purged the low brow trash that was the SA.  American White Nationalists are more like the SA which was purged in 1934, a collection of thugs, criminals, faggots, pedophiles, and otherwise degenerates.   The NSDAP did NOT thrive in Germany until AFTER the trash that was the SA was purged by the more well ordered, disciplined and educated elements of the Party.

Where was Andrew Anglin at Charlotsville?  He wasn’t there. A sane and rational person should ask why, the obvious answers are cowardice or his Handlers at the ADL said no.

My money is on Mr. Fields hing been a member of Nathan Damigo’s Identity Europa Organization.  he fits the profile. Like Fields, Damigo also washed out of the Military, as a convicted felon.  All of Damigo’s Eunuchs attempt to have the “polished felon” look, but the funny thing, that little white spec in the center of chickenshit…that’s chickenshit too.





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