On Charlotsville & “The Alt Right”



“Unite the Right” was a White Nationalist/Alt-Right Event, it was NOT a Republican Event, nor was it a “Right” Event, and nor was it a “Conservative” Event.   All of the announced speakers were White Nationalist/Alt Right.These limp wristed sissies marched through the streets with  Polynesian Tiki torches made in China trying to act like Third Reich Stormtroopers, in a show of “White Cultural Preservation, I remind you Polynesian Tiki torches made in China

The driver of the car who ran over the people was NOT ANTIFA, he was Alt Right, his name is James Alex Fields Jr. a 20 year old who until he washed out of Boot Camp after just 2 weeks, had still lived with mamma and told her he was participating in an Alt Right Rally.



Case Study: James Alex Fields Jr. shows physical characteristics of inbreeding, low IQ, Social Awkwardness & Stupidity, has not been laid, obvious excessive online Porn user, compensates for lack of masculinity with muscle car purchased by mamma. Ideal target for White Nationalist recruitment.  Shares same traits as Andrew Anglin.

Interestingly, the badass, tough, Master Aryan race White Nationalists are being crybabies today because they wanted Police Babysitters/escorts from their car to their speakers podiums, what a bunch of sissy bitches. Others, like Andrew Anglin, did not show up at Charlotsville, WOW, what a Nazi Badass, but then again, he might have been on one of his Asian trips for the “Young at Heart”.



The Alt Right use the term “Right” to try to bait & switch people who may not be aware of just how degenerate they are. Interestingly most of these “White Nationalists” and “Alt Right” Poobahs who are screaming about “Cultural Preservation” “Traditionalism” and “White Identity” are ALL associated with Jews, Homosexuals, engage in Race Mixing, write articles calling for lowering the age of consent to allow for 40 year old men to take 14 year old wives, BUT they attack Islam for doing this while embracing many aspects of Sharia and re-branding it “white Sharia” because they are socially awkward and stupid they can’t get a woman so they want to use force. Many of the White Nationalist/Alt Right Leaders, i.e. David Duke, Nathan Damigo, Kevin Strom, et al are convicted felons, google them, its ALL there, most are convicted on Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Child Molestation, Child Porn, Domestic Violence and or have been dishonorably discharged from the military.In the case of Duke, he was convicted of ripping off his low brow and poorly educated contributors and using funds sent him for “the cause” for his personal vices, i.e.  gambling, hookers, etc.

Most of these Poobahs all have a deep hatred of women, because they can’t get one, or at least a White woman LOL.  So they resort to writing new edicts calling for “White Sharia”, or the age of consent being lowered to 12 or 14, legalization of prostitution, so they can buy a piece of ass ( pathetic) or they compromise on racemixing saying its fine so long as no offspring occurs, translation so they can get laid.





Others like Mike Cernovich argue against rape laws, Cernovich (himself having been in hot water on Rape) SUPPORTS Roman Polanski, who raped a 13 year old child, because according to Cernovich, there was “no force”.  Cernovich, like many Alt Right Poobahs stays at home and have their women work and support them, but these are champions for Western Society, Values, & Traditionalism??


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Cernovich also supports Bill Cosby, there was NO force in Cosby’s rapes nor in Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old child.



Anyone care to check on the immigration status of Cernovich’s lady?? Some illegals stay with pigs for many reasons including the perception they have powerful political connections that will prevent their deportation, including providing for a child hat deportation would separate her from.

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Many in the Alt Right also use fake names to hide from their “deeply held beliefs”, i.e “Baked Alaska, a gay Jew, who smokes too much weed so he can pretend to be an Aryan warrior, his real fake name is actually ” Baked Gefiltefish” ….. LMFAO. Incidentally Baked Alaska’s REAL name is Tim Gionet and he is a Pedophile, here is is hitting on a 13-year old child. Just another sick perverted fuckwad of the Alt Right. 

Translation these are dysfunctional persons with issues who are socially stupid and engage in anti social conduct and have to blame others for their life failures. As to how they sustain themselves, they prop up web sites and podcasts as organ grinders to churn out emotionally charged oversimplifications, laden with victim-hood ( White Genocide) laced with crybaby epistles about how the world is out to get them and low brow and “poorly educated” fools send these imperious unemployed leaders money they don’t have, often at the expense of child support and more important needs, but after all its all for the “cause”.







Look at this Pic of Heimbach..In Confederate Uniform, clutching USA Flag & Black man = Identity Crisis




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