Stormfront is KAPUT

Stormfront seized by domain hosts


Stormfront, an international supremacist web forum, appears to have been seized by its website host, Network Solutions, LLC.

The forum disappeared Friday. WhoIs, a web service that tracks site ownership, reported the Stormfront domain’s status as “under hold.”

According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit that coordinates name spaces on the Internet, a hold status is an uncommon status that indicates a site is under legal dispute or about to be deleted.

Network Solutions has also prohibited Stormfront from updating, transferring or deleting its web forum on its own. That means Stormfront’s web masters cannot re-introduce the site on another domain.

See the article here: http://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/2017/08/26/white-supremacist-forum-site-stormfront-seized-domain-hosts/604902001/


8 thoughts on “Stormfront is KAPUT

    1. Yes, it is “Stormdrain” was nothing more than Don Black’s $7K/month Retirement Fund, his mansion in Palm Beach is across the Bay from Trump’s Mansion…LOL and he used Stormfront donations to fund his son’s private liberal college education and we see how well that worked out. Stormfront and the example of the Blacks show these Pubahs are Fakes, Phonies, and Frauds and do NOT lived as they preach.

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  1. Yeah, I read about this some time ago. Good riddance to Stormdrain! That’s what they get for shilling for Donald Trump and becoming Trumpfront! How’s that “God Emperor” working for you now, huh, Stormfront! Heh, even some of the lifetime members and sustaining members there are trying to ask Don Black for at least a partial refund! It’s pretty funny, when they don’t know that they gave Don Black his retirement fund, as hostann put it. You know what’s also funny? One of the members there, a lifetime member named ADAMANT, said Trump’s Jews are better than Hillary’s Jews, what a laugh!

    Maybe the people over there may learn something from all this, but knowing them, they’ll still make excuses for their “God Emperor” and whatnot, and thus, won’t learn anything from this anyway, pretty sad. Some people just won’t get it, and it’s even worse, when they are supposedly “awake.”

    At any rate, perhaps now we can start to get somewhere for real, now that place is gone.

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    1. I have long advocated a complete purge (then regroup & restructuring & reordering) of the WN frauds, flakes, and mentally ill goof troop that has NO ideological core, NO discipline & order and NO Worldview beyond creative fundraising schemes targeting low brow and the “poorly educated” which has resulted in emotionally charging these poor people up into handing over $$ they DO NOT have or to get them into trouble and subsequent criminal records and ruined lives while the Naked Emperors march on . American WN is today in 2017 where Germany was on May 8, 1945, Thank Spencer Heimbach, Duke, Black, Damigo, Anglin, et al, Great job Gen. Custers.

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      1. Indeed, it is unfathomable how much degeneracy is present in the supposed “Pro-White,” “White Nationalist” movement. I mean, all these homosexuals, MGTOW, pederasts, pedophiles, controlled opposition type people funded by all sorts of shady people and whatnot, as well as the Duginism, the silly Pepe the frog memes (Like, wth does that have to do with anything?), the white sharia (Very ironic they attack Islam for this, only to embrace many aspects of it themselves), the hatred of white women (Also very ironic, this one, not to mention self-defeating & destroys the purpose of said “Pro-White/WN” movement!), “TradLife,” the yellow fever and other sorts of race-mixing, people making excuses for Jews, all that and more, it’s just… My goodness, what the hell, seriously!

        The supposed “WN/Pro-White” leaders push all these, either directly or in some other way, and their followers just soak all of it up, and believe it and/or make half-baked excuses for them (i.e. “Oh, it was just a joke, man! We didn’t really mean that!,” “5D Chess,” “We’re just triggering people,” and all that other nonsense)! I mean, how is any of this okay in the supposed “Pro-White” movement, or Aryan, for that matter? This is totally not going to bring any normal white person to the cause, who might have been sympathetic otherwise, if none of those were present, and if the “leaders” were really sincere (They’re obviously not). It’s also dismal, that a whole lot of these supposed “Pro-Whites” aren’t who they say they are, like, they talk big online, but in real life, they couldn’t be any farther away from the supposed “Aryan warriors” they claim to be in so many ways. Nevermind the Antifa, the SJWs, the lefties, the Jews and all those associated people (While I obviously don’t agree with them, at least they don’t make much of a secret about who they are), the other side, the alt-right, supposed “Pro-White,” “White Nationalists” are the scum of society, and it’s worse, considering they are hypocrites, the lot of them! Yeah, with “friends” like the ones you mentioned, hostann (Duke, Black, Spencer, Heimbach and all those other controlled-op clowns, spooks and just general scum), who needs enemies, right?

        I mean, I know this is nothing new to you and the others here, and I’m pretty much preaching the choir here, and I don’t like being a downer, but it is dismal and frustrating how this movement (bowel movement is more apt, perhaps?) could fall so low, and even then, there were signs well-beforehand that this was just not gonna go well. It’s things like those that make me feel like, “You know, perhaps this whole “Pro-White,” “White Nationalist” movement was a mistake.” I mean, what’s the use of winning, if you become so much like the enemy that both sides have become, more-or-less, essentially indistinguishable from one another? All this while the Naked Emperors as you mentioned, hostann (We know who they are, of course), have a laugh and continue onwards, and more and more innocent people continue to suffer, get hurt and killed around the world by them, as well as things getting worse domestically across the board in the US and European countries anyway.

        Great website, by the way! More people should really come to this website of yours, and see what a bunch of frauds and liars this alt-right, supposed “Pro-White,” “White Nationalist” movement really are. Keep up the good work! Something needs to be done to these frauds!

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