Andrew Anglin can be prosecuted for 5th Degree Felony says Ohio


As this Page has reported, there may be reasons why “Lil Andre” Anglin stays outside of U.S. Jurisdiction


Additionally, despite at least TWO (2) large multi-million $ Law Suits having been filed against Anglin, he has NEVER been served, yet he has raised in excess of $150K from his “poorly educated” and mostly low brow & low income readers ( face-palm)


Anglin has also been shown to have engaged in Voter Fraud and indeed listed to conflicting addresses to the Registrar of Voters, one in Russia and another in Ohio, which has been verified as FAKE, which is a FELONY.

While Anglin DID NOT attempt to vote at the fake address, providing inaccurate information on an election form is a crime – a fifth-degree felony punishable by up to a year in prison. Records don’t indicate Anglin faced any charges, although charges he faced as a juvenile would be sealed.

In the 2016 presidential election. (He registered as a Republican.) He sent in his ballot from Krasnodar in western Russia, according to records from the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Years before Anglin started The Daily Stormer, he tried to register to vote at 915 N. High St. in Columbus – an address that doesn’t exist now. The county auditor’s office says it didn’t exist at the time, either.

Anglin’s July 2002 application with the fake address was soon replaced with another in September 2002. That one had a valid address. It’s unclear whether Anglin, who registered just ahead of his 18th birthday, was instructed to re-register to fix the address.

the media made physical attempts to verify Anglin’s address: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/opinion/2017/08/14/today-searched-white-supremacist-my-hometown/566371001/

Source: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2017/08/31/daily-stormer-neo-nazi-website-owner-fake-address/616755001/


Additional points:

Anglin is 32

Is 5/2, demonstrates deep insecurity, social stupidity, and self-loathing

Hates white females, possibly due to chronic masturbation and porn addiction

Has made public posts in support of underage female relationships with much older males

Has endorsed Sharia Law as a way for men who cannot have healthy relationships to forcibly “take” a female, preferably underage to be formed.

Known to frequent 3rd World Sex Tourism Countries and has been captured in video boasting of his “jail-bait”.

Andre Anglin is a Jew



7 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin can be prosecuted for 5th Degree Felony says Ohio

  1. Are you people serious? Look at the amount of time this guy spends writing stuff that is as anti-jew as one can get. Furthermore, if he was a jew, then why is he banned from every form of receiving payments. And now his website is not even allowed on the internet. No one has ever had their website taken down for material that is legal. @delendaestziobot I think you know better. And I have a lot more points on this topic if you’d like. I’m not trying to argue just for the sake of arguing. Especially with @delendaestziobot, I sincerely appreciate what you do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, look at the amount of time Frank (Cohen) Collin , the “Fuhrer” of the 1970’s American Nazi Party spent attacking Jews, even “winning” the famous right to March in Skokie, Ill a town that was 90% Jewish and festooned with so called “Survivors”. Like Anglin’s efforts, Collin’s efforts actually served the Jewish interests ( sympathy) and like Collin, Anglin is also a JEW. FYI – The Daily Stormer is NOT the first web site taken down. Radical Press was taken down for promoting books and Domains have routinely yanked service. How do you really know Anglin cannot get back on the regular Net? Maybe he is grinding the sympathy Organ for more cash??? The first step toward a REAL Movement/ Resistance . The first step toward building a REAL “Movement” & “Resistance” is actual Critical Thought. Did Anglin actually defend National Socialism in his bitch fest with Vox Day? I say he sounded like a whinny Jew, butthurt because his feelings had been hurt.


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