Nathan Damigo ….. FIRED – UPDATE


Nathan Damigo has been FIRED by the very Organization he created because of his association and co-organization of “Unite the Right’ at Charlottsville.







Damigo has been replaced by a JEW Eli Mosley  who led the internal coup inside Identity Europa against Damigo (BELOW) … LMFAO


Listen to this Call between Chris Cantwell & Jason Kessler Re: the Jew Eli Mosley .. LOL


Here is the Jew Mosley on the Kosher Red ( Emphasis on Red) Ice attempting to address the Jewish issue.


NOTE: The source for this article & Mosley being a Jew comes from INSIDE Identity Europa.  The Organization just announced they are accepting new applications for Membership, this is due to resignations of prior members who objected to the Palace Coup.  Interestingly, Damigo had been Jew-Friendly due to his Family’s Zionist-Christianity. LMFAO


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