On the Andrew Anglin/”Vox Day” NON Debate on National Socialism

Check back for a more detailed post on National Socialism vs. “Alt Right” … BUT…. IF you are going to have a Debate on National Socialism, at least have 2 Participants that KNOW what National Socialism really is and has knowledge and background on National Socialism.


Check back for a more detailed Post, but the FACT is National Socialism is superior to “Alt Right”, National Socialism HAS….

A Worldview

Economic Policy

Social Policy

Trade Policy

Foreign Policy

Andrew Anglin has stated he is NOT a National Socialist right on his own Daily Stormer and he  knows absolutely nothing of National Socialist Orthodoxy and conceded as much in the “Debate”. Anglin used a Debate on National Socialism to crybabby about being criticized by Vox Day, which was really rich given that short-shit Anglin has penned some of the most vicious attacks online and he further criticized Vox Day for Day’s threats of frivolous legal action vs. Gab, yet Anglin has himself made many such threats against persons who have merely posted Anglin’s own Pro-Left’s and Pro-MultiCultural Radio Interviews and Video, talk about Pot calling the kettle black. 


The Alt Right has NOTHING except Tiki Torches and emotional charged over simplifications. The “Alt Right” are an assortment of Homosexuals ( Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, Jack Donovan), Race Mixers (Jared Taylor, Kevin McDonald)  Beta Boys  ( Vox Day, Paul Ramsey, Richard Spencer, Nathan Damigo)  Kosher Konservatives ( like Vox Day & Paul Ramsey) and Non White ( Vox Day) The “Alt Right” has NO Worldview, no economic Policy and no core principles in which to develop a political Movement.  National Socialism DOES.

Vox Day – The Alt Right Screw Ball


 Vox Day states on his blog that he is of English, Irish, Mexican, and Native American, like most hybrids, he demonstrates identity crisis, a large sense of self importance and clearly cannot accept any degree of criticism or disagreement.

This evidenced by his shortness with dissenters in this Video chat here: https://www.periscope.tv/voxday/1ZkJzOrPgXoxv

His use of a fake name is most likely a result of shame associated with his conflicted sub par genetics.  Vox Day no doubt sufferes from self loathing and chronic masturbation. His hatred of self confidence and strength is a primary reason for his fear of National Socialism, as well as his racial inferiority. 



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