Weeve – SPOT ON Re: Richard Spencer


This Blog has been and IS critical of Weeve & Daily Stormer however “Weeve’s” comment here: https://forum.therightstuff.biz/topic/60070/richard-spencer-if-you-have-125-iq-you-are-basically-retarded/80?page=4

Re: Richard Spencer is spot on, on all accounts

The Post is about Spencer’s comment ” anyone with an IQ of 15 is retarded”, well this position by Richard Spencer diffinathttps://forum.therightstuff.biz/topic/60070/richard-spencer-if-you-have-125-iq-you-are-basically-retarded/80?page=4ely places Spencer himself on the Short Bus as it is clear by his vocabulary, actions, and personality his own IQ does not rise to 125, plus he is just simply a PUSSY.

eev Sons of the Old Gods


@ZYKLON-BENNY my ability to hold my tongue about Spencer ran out with Charlottesville. If he’s gonna do strategically disastrous things he could have been tactically effective at them.

Daily Stormer put literal shield walls at the scene. All these people had to do is stand behind them and give their fucking speeches as the tanks from the National Guard ran up. It would have been some Tiananmen square type shit. Instead, thanks to total lack of competence from Spencer’s people he went back to his hotel room and told people to flee the city. A rout from the jaws of PR victory, projecting extreme weakness.

If he’d only fucking held the ground I would have kept my fucking mouth shut, but I do not care anymore. We sacrificed so much for him to fail egregiously. I have worked like a fucking dog this past month keeping Stormer online because of his bullshit. I’m not the only one, he burned people that spent a lot of time and money to put him in the place he was in like Taylor and Brimelow. I don’t like those people but I don’t build up trust with people only to fuck them to feed my own drunken narcissism later. Shit like that is evident of a low character.

Most of the people Spencer puts on his payroll are utterly fucking rotten. We have that furry that weirdly sexually extorted the young shitposter under threat of doxing, the embezzler, the obsessive COINTEL infighter in Japan. These people are poisonous. Why would you pay them?

I fucking hate people with trust funds. I am sick of their shit. Is it any wonder that Spencer, given his background, wanted to build a racist copy of everything wrong with Conservatism, inc up to and including conferences full of whores and faggots?


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