NO SYMPATHY AT ALL, young lady played with fire, she got burned

Maria P in Berlin had a relationship with a Turk and was knocked up …


Maria was talked into “going for a walk in the forest” with the ex, maybe thinking he wanted to restart their relationship on a better basis. There, however, the Turk (who also was the father of the baby in Maria’s belly, a child who would have been born a week later) beat her viciously with a telescoping steel rod. Then, with a knife, the Turk stabbed her in the abdomen; she tried to ward him off, as deep cuts on her palms proved. Finally, the Turk doused her in gasoline and set her on fire (as was proved in court) in order to kill her in the cruellest manner imaginable. Maria managed to crawl a few yards away from her murderer until she collapsed. A German pedestrian walking his dog found Mary’s corpse that morning, hours after the murder, just as this photograph shows her, rigid, with one forearm raised, encrusted in her own burnt flesh.



5 thoughts on “NO SYMPATHY AT ALL, young lady played with fire, she got burned

  1. Hi there,
    I like your blog about the fake AltRight idiots. This comment above ” no sympathy at all” is a bit harsh. There are girls with a slight mental disorder who think they can handle a certain type of man. But they cant.

    Something else, recently I was looking into the Charlottesville hoax and the Alt Right creeps.
    Later on I was looking into Sven Liebich in Germany “Sven Liebich Blood and Honour”, etc. This guy looks like a jew (Yad Vashem in Israel tells me that the Liebich family name members are jewish and died in WWII) and I think he is a type just like Matthew Heimbach. Pretending to be hardcore but is not. I think that Liebich guy is a sort of BND (German secret service) guy who attracts ” neo-nazi’s” and tries to control them in a certain way.
    So a government guy with a very good cover for a very long time.
    After Charlottesville I question a lot of things. I started to question this Sven because someone send me a video in which he was arrested, ok, and next to him was a big guy with beard with a banner from the opposing SPD Political party in Germany.
    In a other video I see this Sven guy doing some agitprop and the same bearded guy walked behind him like a personal bodyguard.
    Do you guys have info on this Sven Liebich guy or do you know people who can?
    Like to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Bubba Rogowski


    1. I stand by the statement, NO SYMPATHY, would you touch a female who had been with a Turk, African, et al?? I didn’t think so. Nor would I Likewise I would expel any family member who had done so, male or female. Sharing my DNA does NOT grant any special status. We are at war for our survival, the sooner we cut off the weak links, the better off. The Alt Right and WN Movement is festooned with Jews, Fags and pussies


  2. Leviticus 21:9
    And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.

    Looks like she got what she deserved in the end anyways. A fitting end for a race mixer. Punished right out of God’s laws. Difference is that back during the time of Moses Whites remained with other Whites. Hence the Declaration of Arbroath.


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