Tim Gionet AKA “Baked Gefilte” YES, he is a JEW


“Col. Klink” on Hogan’s Hero’s was indeed played by a Jewish Actor


While Tim Gionet says he is a “Baked Alaska”, he is actually a “Baked Gefilte Fish”.  Yes, like so many of the Cons, Frauds, Charlatans, and assorted limp wristed sissys in what calls itself the “Alt-Right”, which proclaims itself the “defender of “Whiteness”  “Westernism” and OMFG … puke in my mouth “Male Masculinity LOL, none of them have had pussy since pussy had them.  In reality most are Jews, Racemixers, Faggots, Neo-Pedophiles, and assorted Degenerates who should all be shot and their families sent to a Gulag.

Take a CLOSE LOOK at Gionet, picture the black hat and assorted rabbinical dress & accoutrements.


YES, like Mike “The Kike” Enoch who until he was exposed by another Jew Mike “The Shah of Rape” Cernovich, hid his identity on par with that of Grindr Greg Johnson and the 35 year old Millennial ,  REALLY???? LMFAO, “Millennial Woes”  AKA Colin Robertson, BOTH Mike “The Kike” Enoch AKA Mike Peinovich & Tim “Baked Gefilte Fish” Gionet are JEWS.  There is a reason Mike “The Kike” married a Jewess, especially such an overt SJW Jewess, BUT that is for the NEXT ARTICLE 🙂 

Speaking of Jewishness and Neo-Pedophilia, here is Gionet talking sex and hitting on a 13 YEAR OLD


SEE THE VIDO HERE: https://videopress.com/v/IIs9x2v2

Gionet at one time openly questioned the role of Jewish people in society and media comments that were widely criticized as anti-Semitic and that he now says he regrets making.

By the way, just take a look at that Shylock nose.


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