I give you Kosher Richard Spencer



Shout out to Forgotten Nationalist for this jewel of a find 



6 thoughts on “I give you Kosher Richard Spencer

  1. I didn’t watch the youtube, yeah I’ve read the family tree, his wife popped out 3 kids for him, in the youtube I see a pic, that isn’t an Adams apple, that looks like hyperthyroidism. If I could contact her to let her know I would. That’s an ex-medics opinion too.


      1. In a podcast that was converted into text that I read a few weeks ago he admitted to having 3 children, he also said that he doesn’t like to mention nor expose them due to obvious reasons, there was a photo to, if it’s a true one or not I don’t know. Which is fair enough.


      2. I’ve been trying to find it for you mate, I’ll keep trying it’s out there somewhere. At the time I didn’t think something like that would be of much importance.

        It’s interesting, the crypto’s may end up exposing themselves soon, being a number of Jews are now worried about what is good for Jews. Being China and Russia are not falling for the trap in the middle East under the unipolar banner. Between Israel, the Jew diaspora and the $$$$, global Jewry and there supporters will find themselves in a very tight spot soon.


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