On the “Alt-Right”/WN & their shit-talk on White Elderly, Boomers & Vets

Dear “Alt-Right” & WN Millennial PUSSYS, next time you feel the compulsion to attack or otherwise SHIT-TALK a “Boomer” or Elderly WHITE person, a White VETERAN (for fighting in ZOG’s Wars), or any WHITE person that is your ELDER, please take NOTE below and SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. Remember Hitler and most of the National Socialist Leadership fought against fellow Whites in a Jewish instigated War and honored fellow combat soldiers, ON ALL SIDES.


All you “Lil Boys” of the “Alternative-Lifestyle Right” and WN can start by: 

1- Learn manners

2-Learn Good Order, Discipline & RESPECT

3- Video Gaming is NOT the same as REAL Combat (Eli Mosley)

4- The Internet is NOT Real Activism

5- Trashing OUR White Women does NOT make you a Man

6- Clean up

7- Get an education and or a JOB

8- Get a nice WHITE Wife & have some WHITE Children

9- Get off the Internet

10- Understand that those who came before you dealt with the world they lived in, YOU WERE NOT FUCKING THERE. 





4 thoughts on “On the “Alt-Right”/WN & their shit-talk on White Elderly, Boomers & Vets

  1. May he rest in peace.

    The military is only a reflection of our Nation. Our nation has changed, and so to will the military.

    “Jewish instigated War and honored fellow combat soldiers, ON ALL SIDES.”

    If only the last three words of your statement was true, it certainly is not.

    The ex-services are so divided, that the RSL is no longer a glue of national civicism. The Nation has changed, unfortunately the RSL’s will be centralized and die a slow death of a 1000 cuts from war vet NGO’s. Still the ancestors of those who fought for white nations will still honour their dead on veterans day.

    It’s sad, it is what it is.


    1. it is true, Hitler complements the Brits in his meeting with Lloyd George at the Berghoff, when he conquered Greece, he ordered the release of the Greek POW’s because they had fought bravely and he believed had been goated into fighting by Churchill. Hitler even complimented the Soviets, their Tanks and fighting spirit.


      1. I wasn’t talking of Hitler or the National socialists, I was talking of the modern day allies, I should of been more specific, my bad. If you were to honour the Natsoc’s on any allied Veterans day you would be called a nazi by the plebs and most of the so called intelligentsia. Those in the know of history would keep their mouths shut so as not to draw any negative criticism or attension.

        Even veterans will call for the truth of Dresden to be suppressed, being it makes us look bad, I’ve gotten this response form Vietnam veterans myself. You have to remember that the boomers grew up with the propaganda of the victors of WW2, which was global Jewry. It’s why English boomers tend to be the most insufferable cucks I’ve ever met. You’re right it’s not necessarily there fault, when you have propaganda drummed into your skull since you were a boy soldier…


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