On the Jewish Problem

The reason why Jews play victim, explained by Wilhelm Stukart, Reich Interior Ministry, Co-Author of the Law for Protection of German Blood ( Nuremberg Laws)

Editors Note: YES, this is a Movie Excerpt, but it followed the Transcript of the Wannsee Conference fairly close, despite some silly drama.

On Wilhelm Stuckart

Wilhelm Stukart 1902-1953

Wilhelm Stuckart was devout Catholic and prolific writer, Stuckart came to be seen as one of the leading National Socialist legal experts, focusing especially on racial laws and public administration.

In 1936 Stuckart, as the chairman of the Reich Committee for the Protection of German Blood, together with Hans Globke co-authored the government’s official Commentary on German Racial Legislation in elaboration of the Reich Citizenship and Blood Protection Laws. The commentary explains that the laws were based on the concept of Volksgemeinschaft (“People’s community”) to which every German was bound by common blood.

REICH Law for Protection of German Blood & Honor -1935

The individual was not a member of society, a concept viewed by the National Socialist legal theorists as a Marxist one, but a born member of the German Volk, through which he or she acquires rights. Interests of the Volk were to always override those of the individual. People born outside of the Volk were seen to possess no rights, and in fact to represent a danger to the purity of the people’s community.  As such, anti-miscegenation legislation was justified, even necessary. Stuckart stated that these laws represented “a preliminary solution of the Jewish question”.
In October 1939 Stuckart was given the task of investigating the comprehensive rationalization of the state administrative structure by decentralisation and simplification. The streamlining was to especially concern the field administration, which was to undergo extensive unification, preferably leading to a model of a small Interior Ministry supervising a single system of field agencies fielding wide local powers. Stuckart proposed that the state and party should effectively be combined in an overarching concept of the Reich, and co-operate at the highest levels of power, so that ground-level friction between the institutions could be solved by referencing upwards. The transformation of the state administration from a technical apparatus for the application of norms to a mean of political leadership was the central idea in Stuckart’s model: the ideal National Socialist civil servant was not to be a passive lawyer of the bygone “liberal constitutional state”, but a “pioneer of culture, coloniser and political and economic creator”. The administrative structure of the Reichsgaue, where the party and state authorities were combined and the Gauleiter fielded almost dictatorial powers over his domain, reflected Stuckart’s theorization.

Stuckart  represented Reich Interior  Wilhelm Frick at the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, which discussed theoretical aspects of the Jewish Problem, NOT a “Final Solution, contrary to “Main Stream Historians” in the German Sphere of Influence in Europe”. According to the minutes of the conference, Stuckart supported forced sterilization for persons of “mixed blood”
Reinhard Heydrich called a follow-up conference on 6 March 1942, which further discussed the problems of “mixed blood” individuals and mixed marriage couples. At this meeting, Stuckart argued that only first degree Mischlinge (persons with two Jewish grandparents) should be sterilized by force, after which they should be allowed to remain in Germany and undergo a “natural extinction”.

Stuckart had stated:

I have always maintained that it is extraordinarily dangerous to send German blood to the opposing side. Our adversaries will put the desirable characteristics of this blood to good use. Once the half Jews are outside of Germany, their high intelligence and education level, combined with their German heredity, will render these individuals born leaders and terrible enemies.

Stuckart served as Reich Interior Minister in the Cabinet of Karl Doenitz, Germany’s last legal/ legitimate Constitutional Government to date.

Wilhelm Stuckart was killed on November 15, 1953 near Hanover, West Germany in a car accident a day before his 51st birthday. There has been widespread speculation that the “accident” was in reality a staged collision targeting him by Mossad or other Jewish Militant groups known to have been involved in other attacks on former National Socialist Officials in occupied Germany.



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