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Editor’s Notes:

Matt Heimbach beat up his Step Father-inLaw (Matt Parrott)

Heimbach married Parrott’s Step Daughter, they all lived in the same trailer


Heimbach was fucking Parrott’s wife (his (Heimbach’s) Step-Mother in Law)

Heimbach was confronted by Parrott (his Step Father in Law), Heimbach beat up Parrot his Step Father in Law

Heimbach was confronted by his wife (Parrott’s Step Daughter) and Heimbach beat up his wife

REMEMBER >>Heimbach & Parrot proclaim themselves as Devout Orthodox Christians


Parrott called Police from Wal Mart  … LMFAO

In their interviews, ALL (4), Heimbach, Parrott, and BOTH “Ladies” stated to police their occupation as “White Nationalists”.    Half-Arabic child

REMEMBER >>> Heimbach has been paying Parrott’s COURT ORDERED Child Support Obligations to the NON-WHITE (Arabic) mother of Parrott’s Half-Arabic Child.

Text Book example of White Trailer Trash


Related video Step Son in Law & Step Father in Law .. LMFAO 


White nationalist Matthew Heimbach made headlines in 2016 for his organization’s racial hostility and for shoving a protester at a Trump rally.
On Tuesday, it was his personal life that made the news after Heimbach was charged with assaulting his wife and his wife’s stepfather, Matt Parrott, who is also co-founder of Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party. The organization is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a new white nationalist group masking itself in “traditionalism.”
About 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, Parrott, 36, called police from a Walmart in Paoli, Ind., according to a police report obtained by the SPLC. Parrott told police he had fled to the Walmart with his stepdaughter after a confrontation with Heimbach, who had allegedly been involved in an affair with Parrott’s wife. The stepdaughter told police that the affair had lasted three months but had recently ended.

But that night, according to the police report, Parrott caught Heimbach with his wife. He confronted Heimbach and told him to get off his property, but Heimbach wouldn’t leave. Parrott poked his chest, then Heimbach allegedly grabbed Parrott’s hand and twisted it down. Heimbach got behind Parrott and “choked him out” with his arm, according to the police report.

Parrott told police he briefly lost consciousness. When he woke up, he again told Heimbach to get off his property, and Heimbach again tried to choke him, according to the police report. Parrott again lost consciousness, and upon waking up heard his wife tell Heimbach to track down his stepdaughter’s phone because it had a recording of Heimbach and Parrott’s wife together, according to the police report. Parrott and the stepdaughter escaped to the Walmart.
After police met Parrott at the Walmart, they left to track down Heimbach, and found him in a verbal confrontation with his own wife. Heimbach’s wife told police that her husband grabbed her face and “threw me with the hand on my face onto the bed.”
[ This white nationalist who shoved a Trump protester may be the next David Duke ]
All four people involved in the incident stated their occupations were “White Nationalists” in the police report.
Heimbach grew up in an affluent Maryland community before moving to rural Indiana, and acknowledged online that he pushed a young black woman at a Trump rally in Louisville in 2016. In the video, Heimbach wears a black shirt and a red baseball cap with the words “Make America Great Again.” He yells at the woman, shoves her once, and then again, shouting at her to leave. Others begin to push the woman as well.

Heimbach, 26, posted $1,000 bond Tuesday for his most recent arrest and has been released. Parrott told the SPLC that he had resigned from Heimbach’s white nationalist group. His resignation came hours after Heimbach’s arrest and days after discovering Heimbach’s alleged affair.

Heimbach’s arrest came shortly after he and other members of his white nationalist group fought with protesters at Michigan State University, where white nationalist Richard Spencer planned to speak. Spencer announced Monday that he could no longer hold events publicized in advance because of the intense opposition.



23 thoughts on “WHITE TRASH ALERT- Matt Heimbach ARRESTED

  1. 1. How can Parrot be the step-father of Heimbach’s wife if the wife is from Russia?
    2. How can Heimbach have had an affair w/ Parrot’s wife if the “wife” is a woman whom he only met once back in 2015?
    3. How can Parrot and his wife have a child if he only saw the woman once in 2015? Or is the child fictional as well?
    4. If the wife and her child are fictional, then how did the police officer see and speak to her?
    5. How did all of this make the police report? Are the police so easily misled?
    These are legitimate questions and I hope you take the time to answer them. Thank you!


    1. Heimbach LIED about his wife being from Russia so people would not know about his trailer trash lifestyle. Yes the Police spoke to Heimbach’s wife and Parrott’s significant other. They ALL will be subpoenaed to Court.


      1. Why would he lie about his wife being from Russia? If given the choice, I’d MUCH sooner say that my wife is the step-daughter of a colleague, rather than a Russian. I even had a Russian g/f, but I just couldn’t close the deal because, to me, I have those nagging doubts that modern Russians aren’t really white. >sigh< I guess, for me, every year is 1938.


  2. Heimbach’s troubles are not nearly as pathetic as parroting Judenpresse talking points about “Russian conspiracy” and ass-licking ZOG hand-puppets like John McStain.


  3. Second follow-up: so does yesterday’s incident invalidate this site’s article on how Jessica was a woman whom Parrot met once in 2015 and never saw again?


    1. Unknown, at this point, Police Reports have not been reviewed yet NOR have Court Appearances been made and names/identities been confirmed, BUT the larger question rests with Heimbach & Parrott, and their White Trailer Trash life styles, immorality and deceptions.


      1. As I understand the “official” story, Parrot was, in the past, married to Heimbach’s wife’s mother. They’re not married now. Whether that marriage ended in divorce or demise, I don’t remember. Your article on Jessica White is very convincing, but if it’s true, then the incident yesterday falls apart, i.e. no affair w/ Parrot’s current female partner because he doesn’t have one, no running w/ his baby to Walmart, as he has no baby, Heimbach’s wife could not be upset over an affair, as there was no woman with which to have an affair. Could it be that Heimbach was going along with a cover-up as to Parrot having a wife and hasn’t seen fit to disavow? We know that Parrot is waaaaaaaay too talkative to the SPLC. Sorry, but if you think Oswald shot Kennedy, then we don’t have much to talk about. Who is to say this isn’t some kind of set-up? Thoughts?


      2. Parrott told Police he ran with Heimbach’s wife to Wal Mart that is in every Media Report. The Police Report (Abstracts) was online, then removed.


    1. Axchewally, every media report states that Parrot ran with his young child to Walmart. The police went to Heimbach’s trailer, where they found Heimbach and his wife.


      1. there is a difference between Media Reports and Police Report, the Police Repoort w/ Parrott’s & Heimbach’s wife’s Statements are posted on this Site


  4. Thanks, El Diablo. I had assumed that the reports were consistent. This creates another problem though, to wit, if Heimbach’s wife went to Walmart for the police call, does that mean that, after she made it, she returned to the trailer she shares w/ Heimbach? That doesn’t make sense, especially if, as I assume, she and Parrot waited at the Walmart for the police to arrive.


  5. @Jessicaisfake, so are there two Jessicas? I’m fairly well convinced that the one from 2015 only met Parrot in person the one time. To be sure, it’s possible for two girls to coincidentally have the same name. It’s also possible that she took the name “Jessica” as Parrot, and possibly Heimbach, wanted to give the false impression that she’s the same girl? Still, one would think her real name would come up to the police, if for no other reasons than to be a credible witness and avoid a perjury charge. Do you now see how there being no relationship w/ the Jessica of 2015 creates chaos w/ the events of last week?


    1. Matt Parrott has admitted they are only dating. They are not married. These are 2 different Jessica’s. Several woman have went on 1 date with parrott and dumped him right after. This Jessica just used him to screw Heimbach and company.


      1. The Mossad knows its easy to mess their enemies up w/ loose women. So do other intel agencies, etc. Two people named Jessica is unlikely, but not impossible. Maybe it’s a cohen-cidence? Anyway, regardless of what report says what, Heimbach’s wife could NOT have gone to Walmart because the spic cop found her at the trailer. It also seems to me that this second (?) Jessica was there to set the men against each other. I smell a rat…


      2. “Jessica” which ever and whoever was someplace other than at her Trailer when the Police encountered her, along w/ Parrott and Brandi (Heimbach’s wife), the Police said she told them she was not involved in any of the altercation and she was dismissed and the Police said she “left for her home (trailer)


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