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DEBATE Challenge


I am willing to put up are any of the Alt Right Poohbahs?  



I hereby challenge any of the so called “Alt-Right” “Spokesmen”, “Pod Cast Personalities” “Intellectual Heavyweights” to a formal 2 Hour structured Debate, i.e. not one of your emotionally charged juvenile shouting matches. What I mean is a structured Debate with Opening & Closing Statements, Debate on Principles, Vision, Strategy, & the Future Moderated by Joe Sigur, AKA “Accuracy in Media who has clearly proven himself to be fair and has bedrock credentials regarding the Jewish Problem.




My issues & criticisms of the “Alt-Right” have been memorialized and are well known and the case can be made I have been proved correct for the most part given the state of affairs today.

However my primary criticism(s) of the so called “Alt-Right” are as follows:

The lack of the overall Worldview of the Alt-Right on a broad range of issues

The absolute failure of the Alt-Right to define a Race Policy, I HAVE

The failure of the Alt-Right to clearly define the Jewish problem, & it IS a PROBLEM, not a Question.

The abject failure of the Alt-Right to address good Order, Discipline & Standards required of any successful political revolutionary Movement

The absolute silliness of the Alt-Right’s embrace of Jewish “Americanism” as most recently put on display by Richard Spencer’s St. Patrick’s Day diatribe

Frankly, I think my challenge will be ignored, but mock me while the poohbahs  continue to boast of their non-existent credentials and fundraise on their non-existent “success” . They will also attack me for my career, at least I had one and I am the ONLY one who ever administered an “Ethno-State” and worked inside ZOG’s inner workings ( something William Pierce advocated).  I have often said NO one inside WN and the Alt-Right have a clue what they are facing.  Remember not to long ago it was Richard Spencer who was singing the praises of various “government” Agencies including the IRS, saying he ” had never had any problem with IRS or other Government Agencies”.  Then of course his Non-Profit status for NPI was revoked and he was denied access to Government buildings and regardless of his singing the praises of Police, he still had his attorney chased away and he was left facing huge legal actions and no legal representation, according to him.

I say put up or shut up.  REAL Political Revolutionary Movements must have broad based Worldviews, the Alt-Right does NOT.

Real Revolutionary Political Movements are able to articulate the real issues AND problems, not infer them, the Alt-Right does neither.

Successful Revolutionary Political Movements are based on a wave of support based on bedrock principles, the Alt-Right exists based on cry’s of victimhood and fear, no one rallies to a crybaby.

I seriously doubt anyone from the Alt-Right will debate, because the Alt Right is NOT a thing.



One thought on “DEBATE Challenge

  1. I am not a member of the Alt Right, nor do I engage in zero sum game debates. A few years ago I was approached by an Alt Right publisher with a request to be a spokesperson for the Alt Right. I declined.

    I am a member of the Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty culture []. The Ecology of Peace culture advocates on behalf of EoP Truth and Reconciliation to End the Abel and Kane Cold War [] negotiations to implement [] EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [] as international law; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation []; return to living in harmony with ecologicaly carrying capacity limits.

    As EoP MILED Clerk, I do however welcome constructive criticism truthseeking enquiry discussions. All EoP policy’s are subject to change if or when constructive criticism evidence exposes any error of fact or logic in such policy. If that is of interest to you, Ecology of Peace communication policy principles are referred to as Ego Literacy [].

    Ecology of Peace culture correspondence to Alt Right is documented at EoP v Alt Right [].

    A copy of this comment will be posted at


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