Mrs. Heimbach needs help

Editor’s Note: I hope this is for real

Matt Heimbach’s I guess soon to be Ex-Wife has a GoFundme set up by a friend




8 thoughts on “Mrs. Heimbach needs help

  1. Sad pathetic and humiliating for all involved. I thought Heimbach was “trad” but he just broke up his family. What an animal, fucking his best friends woman and then beating his own. Was he on drugs or drinking?


  2. [video src="https://archive.org/download/FakeWhiteNationalists/Matthew%20Heimbach%2C%20White%20nationalist%20and%20FBI%20agent%2C%20exposed%20as%20shill.mp4" /]

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  3. I can’t believe how readily you all believe everything you are told.
    Movement people spend their lives claiming they are trying to “awaken” the masses and tell people how the media has taken them over and is running their minds…. yet there is no other group so obsessed with the media, and so gullible that they believe everything presented to them.
    It is almost as if all the claims that “you” know the truth and need to inform and awaken everyone else has created a nearly insane confidence that YOU can’t be tricked, YOU can’t be wrong– no, only other people.

    The entire Matt Heimbach story was fake from the word go– he was part of what I call a DDP, a Deliberate Demoralization Project. He is doing the same thing that many so called Movement leaders have done– presenting the appearance of a fat, hairy slob, deliberately showing off his belly, trying to act as low class as possible, and surrounding himself with the most weak, worthless, dysfunctional white trash weirdos he can find. H. Covington is another one who has done the same for decades.

    The story about the cheating and fighting, and the very minor jail time they will do, is part and parcel of making you think they are legit– just like C. Cantwell and the pepper spray incident that made front page Fox and other news for days on end, and is the top result on Google when you search for White Nationalist Pepper Spray– that story is in the NY Times and dozens of other papers. Was it really that important? Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern and others do the same thing. Like if they get in trouble, or get fired from a job, it’s PROOF– proof I say!– that they are on our side and fighting the system.

    Not true. It’s all a trick. There are videos out there of Heimbach showing him as a clean-cut, fairly fit, well-dressed, articulate college guy shilling for Izzyland and working with the David Horowitz Foundation, among other things– if he was really a “leader”, and wanted to establish credibility as a leader, why did he suddenly get so fat, dress like a slob, act like a fool, stop shaving, make a big deal about his “trailer park” home, and surround himself with absurd looking clowns?

    The TWP was not first– it was established by the TYN, Traditionalist Youth Network. The acronym is very important. They hide or communicate things with language and letters, which is a primary feature of the Hebrew language. (See the movie Pi, or Youtube clip Pi-4 “Fibonacci Sequence” that is 3 minutes and 14 seconds long) Secret meanings and hidden connections are everywhere. Search Youtube for TYN Hebrew Pictograms… top 2 results are both KnuNetzer, top one TYN starts about 1 minute mark, second longer video is worth the full 10 minutes of your time.
    Don’t just sit and watch like a permanent spectator and consumer of information, actually THINK, and see how it applies to this situation.

    This was a Deliberate Demoralization Project from the start, Controlled Opposition with multiple intentions: to prevent something new from forming that they DON’T control (why start something new when you can join or be a spectator of something that is already there?) send the message to all NEW people looking for a solution and group to join that it’s all fat white trash weirdos and halfwits, which will turn decent people away (bad people, bad leaders, makes people think the IDEAS are bad…. and lastly, keeping the long-term Movement members permanently demoralized, build them up a little, then kick them to the curb. Another letdown. Lesson learned: “our” people can’t do anything right, it always ends in failure.

    One last thing. Look at the picture of Brooke’s youngest child, the baby named Nick, and notice the dark skin tone and the hair. That baby is not white. And nobody notices?

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