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Joe Sigur -Data Collection -Fake Personalities


Joe Sigur has a history of using FAKE personalities online, including masquerading as a FEMALE.  He pals up and in so doing attempts to gather personal, professional, & even family information.  In many cases he attempts to engage in telephone conversations WHICH HE RECORDS WITHOUT INFORMING THE OTHER PARTY.

Joe Sigur once was very upset at me because he was NOT able to ascertain my phone number after one such call.  

In some cases, depending on the respective State, it is ILLEGAL to record without informing the other Party/Person.

QUESTION(s): Why is Joe Sigur so interested in this information, his “Cover Story” is he is attempting to uncover “OP’s”, BUT what do we know about him? What are his “qualifications” for rooting out “OPs”, by his own admission he is but a mere “gardener”.   & given his numerous renunciations of Racial Nationalism and his use of all the proper Jew-Speak, i.e. Joe Sigur makes sure to say we can’t be “extremists” that he condemns “hate” and so on AND as a father to a mulatto (1/2 Black daughter), WHY does ne continue to target Racial Nationalists? Recently Sigur made common cause with the anonymous New York Jew Attorney “Game Frame” (YET Sigur says he opposes Jew power, but a NY Jew Attorney LOL)  and adopted the Jew’s position that the “good” Jews have a role in the “WN” & “Alt-Right” Movement and we can’t exclude Jews despite their cancerous history of working behind the scenes as “good Jews” introducing “diversity, Gay Marriage, and warping all Social Norms of Western Christian Society.

Sigur also takes the (Jew) position that personal standards & conduct are irrelevant, i.e, if it feels good, do it, which he did, i.e. miscegenation, drugs, et. al.


Where is Joe Sigur sending this Data?  Why has he felt the need to masquerade as a “female” in times past? This was a common tactic used by Israeli Agents to appeal to “lonely hearts” and get them to say more to a lady then they would to a male.

Why The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Are Women

If you have talked to Joe Sigur & had your call recorded, and shared information with him, give him a call and ask him who a few pointed questions. 



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