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Toward a Ethno Nationalist Worldview

The Alt Right FAILED because it lacked depth & a broader Worldview.


Here are few a Ideas & Concepts designed to foster discussion.  A discussion designed to develop a broader Ethno Nationalist Worldview that is broad based, and is not shallow in terms of ideas.






4 thoughts on “Toward a Ethno Nationalist Worldview

  1. Rodney, I have a request and an offer for you. One I was wondering of you could send me a copy of your 20 point document on Ethno-Nationalism 2018 (email will be obviously left in the details section below). I am sorry to leave this out in your comment section, but I can’t figure out another way to message you. In return, I can offer you some ebooks on European New Right Ethno-Nationalism by Guillaume Faye, Alain de Benoist, whom I think more people in the North American movement should read and select the salient elements of their experience for moving our own movement in the right direction. (I also have a great many others, such as Ricardo Duchesne, K MacDonald, Spengler, J Taylor, Richard Lynn, Markus Willinger, Daniel Friberg, W Pierce, Hoppe, etc etc etc etc etc etc a great many – I can send you a list)
    Im Canadian but Im in favour of our own version of the Northwest White Separation movement, we actually have a provision in our founding documents that allow for secession by referendum. All we need is a great Western migration of Whites in order to accomplish this. Anyway Id like to correspond further, as I think you’re on the right track, and Id like to network with like minded people. Sincerely Charles (


  2. Nice draft. Ill have to read it later.

    By the way , fir your enjoyment, heres an image of last months Movement Insider after a long hiatus

    Any thoughts about the Charlottesville convictions?


    1. The young man Goodwin, is a travesty, I am appalled that the “Movement Poohbahs did not raise a dime for him, but in true form want loads of shekels for themselves.


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