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YOU’RE in the GOOD hands of Agent Richard Spencer -employed suspected Pedophile





I’ve been calling out Richard Spencer for years, wayyyy before recent converts.  


Well, no doubt he will be DISMISSED from any & all liability in the Charlottesville Civil Law Suit when he trades his HUGE Data Base of PICTURES & PERSONAL INFORMATION.

SUCKERS and I bet many of you will still donate money you DON’T have to his BOGUS “Legal Defense”

EDITORIAL NOTE: Sourcing from Gateway Pundit, this Site does NOT agree with the Report’s assessment Re: Charlottesville. However reporting on Spencer gathering Data on AltRight is backed up in the Charlottesville Civil Law suit.



7 thoughts on “YOU’RE in the GOOD hands of Agent Richard Spencer -employed suspected Pedophile

  1. I think you know by now that Anglin, Duke, Spencer and almost all of the others are part of a counter-psychological operation by the Deep State intel agencies and their private contractors.
    “A warning from Dr Steve Pieczenik, Richard Spencer and David Duke are deep state assets”


    1. Glad this is coming out.
      I always thought something was up with him. He is always there for the media and just when they need them. Need a Hitler/ Trump connection “Heil Trump, Neil victory, heil our leader!” Oops the Atlantic was still in the room? I had no idea. They are taking me out of context.

      Getting punched in the face was probably a favor to bring him back to relevance and bring back some support.


      1. Spread the word, The “AltRight” needs smashed to pieces and a Real Movement created. Re: the punch in the face, go to You Tube & watch carefully, Spencer’s FIRST reaction is to RUN AWAY


  2. Did you hear Rodney? Richard Spencer called me a bitch, and wouldn’t debate me and chickened out on Brundlefly’s stream last night. He also called you a fed.


      1. Norvin sent me an e mail that Richard Spencer called me a bitch to Brundlefly. He called you and others Nazis dragging people in the mud, Spencer also said in the email to me from Norvin that I was a useless whore. He said he wants nothing to do with National Socialists or fascists.


      2. But his Right-Hand man Conte and him regularly talk about the merits of Fascism in their own Streams, I will see if I can find one, that is too funny


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