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TRUTH Re: Patrick Little’s ACTUAL standing in Polls


Patrick Little likes to brag about being in 2nd, BUT the FACT is he only showed up 2nd ONE time in Polling, that was a single Survey USA Poll taken at the end of April, since that time there have been THREE (3) Polls taken INCLUDING a NEW Survey USA Poll, the results are as follows (w/links to actual Polling Data & Sampling)


Emerson – Taken May 21 to May 24: – Little did NOT even register & trails 2 Jewesses, Feinstein and Cruz



Survey USA (NEW) Taken May 21: Little registered at 0



LA Times taken 4/18 to 5/18, NOTE this Poll taken over the longest period of time during same period Little registered 18% in a single day online Poll (Survey USA at end of April)

Little registered at 2%


2 thoughts on “TRUTH Re: Patrick Little’s ACTUAL standing in Polls

  1. Patrick Little is placed at 2nd. And he actually has a good chance to win the seat. The problem with Feinstein is her dual-citizenship with Israel. She also is a warmonger who has publicly stated her approval of the Iraq war and Israel’s murder of its Palestinian population.

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    1. Patrick Little is NOT in 2nd, can you READ? There have been 4 Polls since the single Poll he placed 2nd, in every Poll since that Poll (end of April) Little has placed 0 to 2%. Little has never campaigned outside of San Francisco/Bay Area. Step out of your Echo Chamber and see the Real World so you won’t be disappointed.


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