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Jew ???

Pretty convinced this Fag Boy is a Jew

He acts like one



Talks like one

He does NOT want Whites teaming with any other Group vs. the Jew

He does NOT want Whits displacing the Jew Alliance with Minorities .. SUSPICIOUS

Send information to

4 thoughts on “Jew ???

  1. That’s Beardson Beardly he runs a show with Prince Hubris called the Weekly Sweat. And all he does is drink sugar drinks, fries his brain on video games, and drowns himself in cigarettes.


      1. No he smokes shitty cigarettes, he also seams to not like women very much either. Look up the debate he did with Sinead McCarthy and Kyle Hunt a year ago it’s comedy gold. Prince Hubris and him like literally call their anime pillows their girlfriends. Beardson was behind the Thots Patrol meme that Nick Fuentes picked up, most of their fase base is virgin males who have anime pillow girlfriends.


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