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Editor’s Note: Make sure you WATCH the Video at the end of this Article

Everyone has seen this tear  jerking picture



BTW, the Media DID NOT report the following regarding this child’s mother (Sandra Sanchez):


Mrs. Sanchez ABANDONED her other THREE children in Honduras

Time Magazine Cover Girl is in the center

Mrs. Sanchez is married to a middle class man (Denis Valera) in Honduras, he is a Boat Captain, they have a nice home, cell phone and the mother’s Social Media is festooned with “Selfies” of her in her new car.

Mrs. Sanchez told her husband she wanted to go to America because she wanted the “American Lifestyle”, this is hardly a case of “persecution” for which asylum should be considered, nor is she an economic refugee given her above average economic situation in Honduras.


Mrs. Sanchez paid $6K to a “Coyote” (NOT the K-9 either & where did she get this much money? ) to smuggle her “guide” her, from Honduras to the USA, then traveled on foot with her then 18 month old child (IMO to use as a shield to avoid prosecution & to get “Cited & Released” the prior Obama Administration Policy ( which was the Policy when she left & changed while she was on her trek to the U.S. border) regarding parents entering illegally with a child)

Her husband was actually the one who unmasked this “story”, in an interview, her husband provided rather incriminating information, i.e. revealing the fact there had been NO separation, his wife had abandoned THREE other children, and they enjoyed a rather “middle class life”.  HOWEVER at the end of the interview, her husband stated, “he wishes his wife is GRANTED asylum AND he would like to come to the USA some day.

TRANSLATION: This woman left Honduras with only ONE of her children (the youngest) to perpetrate a FRAUD on the U.S. Immigration System, i.e. she would enter as a parent with a child and seek and most likely obtain Asylum ( but she was on the road for 30 days & during this time the Policy changed to ZERO Tolerance), THEN once she was established, she would bring her Husband & the other THREE children by way of “Chain Migration”.

No doubt her husband paid the $6K for the “Coyote”, while in his interview he feigned ignorance, he made subtle comments which contradict that.  What husband is NOT angry at a wife who “abandons” him and two of their children?  What husband HOPES he and his wife and youngest child will be separated indefinitely, i.e. his wish for her asylum.

Here is a Clip from CBS, they interviewed BOTH the Border Patrol Agent who is ALSO in the now famous picture AND the Getty Photographer.  Make sure you pay CLOSE ATTENTION a @ 2:35 when the Photographer reveals what his TRUE objective is.  


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