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Top 5 Modern [since 1900] “Pro White Presidents” 

Here is a List of Top 5 Modern [since 1900] “Pro White Presidents” 
Note this is based solely on Domestic Policy
Woodrow_Wilson-H&E1– Woodrow Wilson –  Despite having served as President of Princeton and Governor of NJ, Wilson was born & raised a Southerner and was a devout Christian, his father was a Minister [prior to Christianity being corrupted]   Wilson was the most “Pro White President” since 1900. Wilson made the Federal Beuracracy White, showed Birth of a Nation in the White House, had never sang the Star Spangled Banner until he arrived at College in New Jersey, openly beleived in the differences in Race and was reflected in Policy and views. Wilson & Nixon had  2 of the highest IQ’s of all Presidents.
248px-Richard_M._Nixon,_ca._1935_-_1982_-_NARA_-_5306792- Richard Nixon – Close to Wilson in Racial views and Global views as well, Nixon was an admirer of Wilson.  Unlike Wilson, Richard Nixon was  constrained by modern Media, Social Politics & his Quaker up bringing, his White House recordings show were he stood, but Wilson carried his positions out in Policy including making the Federal Administration in D.C, “White” which was then solely under the purview of theWhite House Executive Office  wheras Nixon did not enjoy the same “power” & “Social Environmnet” as Wilson
248px-President_Roosevelt_-_Pach_Bros3– Theodore Roosevelt – The first true modern outspoken  Nationalist President, spoke out against hyphanated Americanism, dual-citizenship, and demanded loyality oaths, referred to the “Negro as the White Man’s burden” in a official speech in NYC.
248px-FDR_1944_Color_Portrait4– FDR – YES, FDR, he signed laws that promoted racial segregation throughout the United States. The laws were supposed to promote “affordable housing.” FDR Preserved White Communities. FDR was also the last Democrat to carry EVERY State of the old Confederacy in a Presidential election, not even LBJ, a Southerner, in his 1964 landslide accomplished this  FDR was also Wilson’s Secretary of the Navy and a staunch Wilsonian Democrat.When one CAREFULLY reviews many of  FDR’s statements, especially his off-the-record ones, you will find all sorts of comments that are disparaging of all sorts of ethnic groups (Jews, Blacks, Mexicans in California, and East Asians . FDR refused to integrate the U.S. Armed Forces when the idea was presented, saying a Black could not be qualified to give orders to a White soldier.  Do not confuse FDR with Elleanor, she drove him nuts and he finally had to make her write him Memos then limited them to no more than 1 per week.
248px-Mckinley5– William McKinley – McKinley gave lip service to the Republican’s attempts to integrate Blacks but by Policy preserved the Bourbon Democrats, of Grover Cleveland Racial Policies & Philosophy.  

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