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4 thoughts on “THE READING ROOM

  1. Hi there,
    What is your opinion on Brendon O’Connell?
    Some say he is persecuted by the Justice system and some say he is a deep Mossad spy?

    Kind regards,

    Bubba Rogowski


    1. Brendan collapsed in Jail, he has not been the same since. Unless you buy 100000% into everything he preaches, he will attack and declare you Mossad. He needs Meds


  2. I can imagine jail would be stressful for anybody, especially a person who shouldn’t be jailed in the first place – considering how many blatant criminally negligent people are roaming the country in high paid positions. I do not know Brendon personally but would say the same for any person – saying a person “needs meds” is just flat out ignorant & you are in no position to say this about another human being. Making it even worse, if you are a person who claims to be “woke” and about truth, then you should and WOULD of course, be well aware of the fact that Big (rotten, evil, corrupt, criminally negligent) Pharma is NOBODYS answer for anything and a huge part of the problem today. You may as well have said Brendon needs to voluntarily ingest poison for whatever in the f*** ails him, right? Your ignorance is dangerous, as well as unfair.


    1. Brendon does need Meds, ever notice how he goes through “Allies” one after another, then makes videos attacking them as “spies”, “Jews” or “Agents”, Brendon clearly suffers from mental illness and is responsible for most of his problems, btw, what about his child?? he put his conspiracy bullshit over taking care of his child as he roams the world over demanding $$ (Movement Welfare) . The Iranians granted him political Asylum and PressTV gave him a job, but Brendon demanded PressTV accommodate him, WOW, how self-important, given he was taken in. That is a sure sign of a mental defect. In fact your comment shows you are a nut job as well,


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