Paul Nehlen-KOSHER (U)


Paul Nehlen in his 2016 Congressional Campaign


So, he attempted to play to the NeoCon wing, OF COURSE they would not go against the Speaker of the House, so he decided to swing to the “Alt Right” , this is why he flunked in debating the Jewish Problem in the Rebel Media Interview, he doesn’t believe what he says.

Shout out to Forgotten Nationalist for this Pic from Nehlen’s prior Congressional Campaign


On the “Alt-Right”/WN & their shit-talk on White Elderly, Boomers & Vets

Dear “Alt-Right” & WN Millennial PUSSYS, next time you feel the compulsion to attack or otherwise SHIT-TALK a “Boomer” or Elderly WHITE person, a White VETERAN (for fighting in ZOG’s Wars), or any WHITE person that is your ELDER, please take NOTE below and SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. Remember Hitler and most of the National Socialist Leadership fought against fellow Whites in a Jewish instigated War and honored fellow combat soldiers, ON ALL SIDES.


All you “Lil Boys” of the “Alternative-Lifestyle Right” and WN can start by: 

1- Learn manners

2-Learn Good Order, Discipline & RESPECT

3- Video Gaming is NOT the same as REAL Combat (Eli Mosley)

4- The Internet is NOT Real Activism

5- Trashing OUR White Women does NOT make you a Man

6- Clean up

7- Get an education and or a JOB

8- Get a nice WHITE Wife & have some WHITE Children

9- Get off the Internet

10- Understand that those who came before you dealt with the world they lived in, YOU WERE NOT FUCKING THERE. 





THINK …. about YOUR “Movement”


The “Alt-Right” & WN of today are more like the decadence of the Weimar Republic than the Third Reich 

Can you imagine ……………

Richard Spencer (ran away when old Antifa man slapped him


Mike Enoch (fat Jew with multicultural family & Jew SJW wife)

Andrew Anglin ( 5 foot troll & coward who likes Asian jailbait)

Matt Heimbach (Fat cant decide what he is limpwristed sissy, here marching w/ Jewess GF)


Eli Mosley ( Jew wholied about his service

Chris Cantwell( Talk tough then crybaby when shit hits the fan

Matt Parrott ( Autisic Racemixer & Heimbach’s Waylon Smithers)

Nick Fuentez (Mexican Jew playing Cuban who deflects Trump’s Jewish support)

and…………. almost ALL WN & “Alt Right” Poohbahs being able to do what the men did in the Video below???? , BOTH German & Russian??

IF you just can’t OR if you have to work hard to visualize it, you DON’T have REAL Leaders and NOT a Real Movement.

OK, that was a MOVIE & Actors, like the “Alt-Right” & WN

Here are REAL Men …….

so….. tell me do you think any of the “Alt-Right” Poohbahs even come close?

Those who scream nigger, nigger, nigger and spic, spic, spic and Race-War, Race-War, Race-War (as Richard Spencer has stated) are abject FOOLS, this is what a Race-War would look like, with nothing left at the end.

Intelligent and successful political Revolutions take the system intact. 

The ONLY solution is a rather benign & peaceful break up of the United States (as in the case of the Soviet Union) and our people getting a piece and their people getting a piece and then peaceful coexistence and the expulsion of Jews from our lands and their lands. 

Some examples to help you decide: