“Alt-Right” is a JEWISH Creation, JEWS ADMIT IT

The Alt-Right’s Jewish Godfather


How Paul Gottfried—willing or reluctant—became the mentor of Richard Spencer and a philosophical lodestone for white nationalists


Andrew Anglin EXPOSED


The “Reporter” had NOT done his homework and properly prepared for this interview, BUT despite this LOOK and listen, Andrew Anglin cannot intelligently and cohesively make his position beyond the Frank (Cohen) Collin type emotionally charged over simplifications, and why not, Cohen and Anglin had & have the SAME mission:

1- Appeal to the lowest and most degenerate White people

2- Get those people to embrace and say the most stupid things

3- Continue to perpetuate the Jewish narrative Re: National Socialism, i.e. it is festooned with Hooligans, criminals and otherwise dumbasses.


Re: Anglin’s comments Re: “strong” and “effeminate” males, Lets recall Anglin is:


Has a documented history with underage NON-WHITE children

Anglin is 35, NO White wife & NO White children and has aggressively attacked White women like Queen faggots do.

Thus Anglin is NOT “strong”, he is quite “effeminate” and most likely the Ukrainian strong men who beat the shit out of him in Ukraine were most likely offended by Anglin’s moves on an underage child, or act of homosexuality.


Meet Lonely Ole Joe Sigur’s “Little Girl”


Pictured – Joe Sigur & his babymoma

Lonely Ole Joe Sigur trolls around “WN” & “Alt-Right” Sites and has LOTS to say about WN, Ethno Nationalism, et al…MOSTLY, if NOT ALL NEGATIVE


Meet his daughter Emalee Sigur…

Her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emalee.sigur?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab&pnref=friends.all

Joe’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010269727478&sk=friends&pnref=lhc

You will see the connection and confirmation of parenthood.


NOTE: This child is a result of her parents actions and by all accounts is a very nice person and should NOT be trolled by low lives.  This  info is posted in Reply to Joe Sigur’s  FALSE attacks on family and REFUSAL TO RETRACT SAID FALSEHOODS.  and to put his attacks on “WN” into context



Behold Andre Anglin’s favorite “Rotherham-Reach Around Man”, the one & only  “Sven Longshanks”

In reality he is Tony Young, a NON Native British Subject who lives off “Benefits”  WOW a Welfare Queen


This “Paki” runs Radio Aryan and like Alexander Jacob dreams of being something he is NOT and NEVER CAN BE……

Source: Tony Young AKA Sven Longshanks used to have a You Tube Channel which he took don before his Aryan Rebirth …barf, but someone downloaded his prior videos and did a voice comparison.  The voices of Tony Young AND Sven Longshanks are IDENTICAL

Why are “WN” so utterly stupid and willing to compromise just because some NON-White does “Good Work” and “say all the right things”, hmmm next thing you know they are bedding your daughter, is that good work too??  Will those kids have to be made exceptions for?  Pardon me while I puke.


Good Question.WHY are ARE ALL the popular Neo Nazis ALL Jews

All The Best Nazis Are Jewish


AryanSkynet will not be engaged in any “doxxing” but it’s important to review the facts that have come out recently about the internet’s second most famous “neo-Nazi” website, TheRightStuff.biz, and the people behind it.

The guy behind the internet’s second most famous “neo-Nazi” website:


1. Worked for the longest standing and most famous CIA front company, Time Inc.

2. Was featured as a “regular guy” interview on CNN.

3. Was a pro-Jewish, pro-libertarian Zionist for years until he turned on a dime and became a stereotypical (((Hollywood Nazi))) overnight.

4. Lives on Manhattan’s Upper East side – in other words, the second most Jewish neighborhood in the most Jewish borough in the most Jewish city on the entire earth.

5. Works in a typically Jewish industry at a company likely owned and managed by Jews

Continue reading: https://aryanskynet.wordpress.com/2017/01/14/all-the-best-nazis-are-jewish/