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LOL – Augustus Sol Invictus- The Mr. Rogers of the AltRight/WN


This Assclown has gone through so many Facelifts, he should actually be the Joan Rivers of the AltRight.

Fake Southern Accent – he seems to have given it up

Fake Southerner

He’s Roman Wannabee, instead of playing dressup in Roman attire, he actually changed his name, perhaps he will adition for Gladiator II as himself.

Fake White Nationalist -suffers from an affinity for spicey food/Mexican women just like JF.

Fake Pagan – He loves perverted atheistists like Allister Crowley

Fake political candidate, has he ever finished a race?

Ashamed of his family, dropped his REAL name

Has fetish for Manson & his “Family”, in fact “Agustus” has a cult-like following &  his very own merry band of Eunuchs himself.

Check out his recent self-stroking twaddle:


As a side note, “Agustus” says he has reactivated his Law License, I certainly hope for the sake of his “clients”, he has a large Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy.  

errors & omissions

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Richard Spencer Court Documents- DIVORCE Case- Note Spencer’s Father’s Position in SUPPORT of Spencer’s Wife

This is Part 1 in a Series, Richard Spencer’s other Court materials including his matters in the “Alt Right Civil Case” will be posted as well as well as those of other “Alt Right” Figures



Download the complete Pleading w/ Exhibits here:


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The Case AGAINST ….. Joe Sigur


Joe Sigur …”Agent”,”ANTIFA”, “Stalker” or just a “Freak”??


JIDF Joe Sigur likes to throw Poo at people, calling them “Ops” & ‘Agents”, but lets look at the Case AGAINST Joe Sigur.


FACT: Joe Sigur for quite sometime TARGETED White Nationalist Males on the Internet posing as a FEMALE ( I called him out on this, it was clear he was NOT a “female”).  This is a COMMON tactic used by LAW ENFORCEMENT & INTEL ASSETS in order to target “lonely hearts” to say things they would not ordinarily say to a male in order to obtain compromising information.


FACT: Joe Sigur went through a period where he sought out persons in the “White Nationalist” & “Pro-White” Cause to have TELEPHONE conversations with him, wherein he RECORDED these calls WITHOUT consent, he then would play selected edited versions of the calls in videos.  He also collected personal telephone numbers for the expressed purpose of conducting “Reverse Directory Searches” of the telephone numbers in order to obtain PERSONAL information of those he had baited into calling.  He expressed frustration because I indeed called him and BLOCKED my number, BUT I GOT HIS (PISSED HIM OFF)




FACT: Joe Sigur has POSTED all of this at one time or another on HIS Web Site, many of these postings he has removed & “hidden” but maybe found in the Wayback Machine played “edited, sliced & diced” recorded phone conversations on his various Videos.  Many Videos were taken down due to complaints, which he would cry about on subsequent Videos.


The LIST of people Joe Sigur has Doxxed is far & wide, one need only google “Joe Sigur Doxxing  or  “Joe Sigur Stalker” or “Joe Sigur impersonates a female”
Joe Sigur by his own admission is NOT a White Nationalist or AltRight and is AGAINST BOTH THESE POINTS OF VIEW.
Joe Sigur is FOR Multiculturalism, he has a BLACK Child and SUPPORTS other Cultural Degeneracy in the name of “its no one’s business”
Joe Sigur says he is “Anti-Jew” but supports Jewish Multiculturalism, Miscegenation, embracing of Non Whites & the Status Quo, i.e. everything the Jews have created, except for the Jews.. REALLY??
So, if Joe Sigur is AGAINST AltRight & White Nationalism, then why is he so focused on obtaining Intel & PERSONAL Info then POSTING it?
When he tried to get mine, I turned the tables, I got his number, He didn’t like my posting his number.


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I  watched Sasha Baron Cohen’s  first Episode of “Who is America”. The likes of Gov. Sarah Palin & former Rep. Joe Walsh are attempting to deflect attention away from their disgraceful statements & conduct AND the fact they have been revealed for who they are & what they REALLY think and who they really serve.
Unlike many who have been fired & shunned in the #MeToo Witch Hunt, the people Cohen spoofed SHOULD lose jobs, be shunned and lose any credibility to speak to any Policy regarding the United States of America. In fact the current & former Members of Congress should be investigated by FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
Here is Cohen “as a FAKE “Israeli Security Professional, as Philip Van Cleave happily does as the “Israeli” tells him, do an Instructional Video designed to promote providing Toddlers w/ Firearms.
Its not as if Cohen is new to this, this has been his shtick for at least 10 years, Cohen as “Bruno” even once attempted to “seduce” then Congressman Ron Paul in a candle-lit hotel room as part of his “Bruno” part, Showing common sense, Paul stormed out calling him a “queer”.
NONE of these Republican disgraces who have or currently exercise power over our National Security Secrets, have any cause to whine, cry and opine at Cohen’s disguises or that he “punked” them. this includes Sarah Palin, whose encounter has not yet been broadcast.
As Public figures & ADULTS, they must own THEIR statements & Positions, they expressed them in good faith as if each situation was a legitimate interview or meeting. Cohen proves these Republicans have Two Faces, one for their Political Fetishes & Special Interests i.e. where their hearts & loyalties truly are and another for the consumption of “politics” for the little people Sarah Palin purports to “represent” The people spoofed by Cohen are actually ashamed at their having been revealed to the WORLD, just how pathetically weak & treasonous they are. Cohen also spoofed Democrats, so his project was equal opportunity, but at least the Democrats were not so obvious as to motive, i.e. a loyalty and treasonous fetish to a foreign Country. Cohen successfully exposed flaws in U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders economic logic.
We see REPUBLICAN Lobbyists, Members of Congress, former Members who are now influential Radio Personalities Joe Walsh be made fools of because they were so enamored with their blind ALLEGIANCE to a foreign Country (Israel)that they jumped at the opportunity to do, say, and advocate for whatever ridiculous position a fake Israeli, portrayed by Cohen, TOLD them to do and TOLD them to say.
Former Rep Joe Walsh made a point as he says on CNN feigning outrage at being punked, and that he was conned into “saying stupid things” because he was lied to and because of his “support for Israel”, Walsh thought he was getting an Israeli Award. LMAO. This is VERY telling, why he and his colleagues said & did what they did.
Sorry Joe Walsh, a smart, intelligent person doesn’t say “stupid things” just because they  “are lied to” or punked. YOU made those statements because of your blind allegiance to Israel, you have been unmasked. We SEE you.
Joe Walsh and the likes of Trent Lott, Dana Rohrabacher, Larry Pratt & Philip Van Cleave ALL advocated for providing firearms for TODDLERS and MINORS to age 16 simply because they thought an Israeli was FOR it and told them to be for it. Pratt even set up meetings for the fake Israeli to lobby his favorite Members of Congress.
Dana RohrabacherPRATTPhilip Van Cleave
NOTE: I am very Pro-Gun, and have served notice on BATF of my intent to litigate any Administrative Ban on Bumpstocks. I am NOT even close to being a “Liberal”
The revolting conduct by these men who have or do make Policy for the United States leads to the logical question, if a Republican & Member of Congress will literally drop to their knees and do & say whatever a FAKE Israeli, they have no knowledge of, says, how many times have Republican Members of Congress like Joe Walsh & Dana Rohrabacher divulged America’s National Security Secrets to REAL Israelis because of their Israeli Fetish? There are a few words for this Judgement and Treason. Of course like Joe Walsh former AK Gov. Sarah Palin is feigning outrage at being “duped”. They were not duped, they were the subjects of a Comedy Sting Operation, which has benefits for all of us.
I’ll NEVER vote for a single Republican as long as I walk this earth.
Here is the most damaging clip, every educated American with any degree of intellect and ability of critical thought should be outraged, but I don’t hold out much hope.