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LOL – Augustus Sol Invictus- The Mr. Rogers of the AltRight/WN


This Assclown has gone through so many Facelifts, he should actually be the Joan Rivers of the AltRight.

Fake Southern Accent – he seems to have given it up

Fake Southerner

He’s Roman Wannabee, instead of playing dressup in Roman attire, he actually changed his name, perhaps he will adition for Gladiator II as himself.

Fake White Nationalist -suffers from an affinity for spicey food/Mexican women just like JF.

Fake Pagan – He loves perverted atheistists like Allister Crowley

Fake political candidate, has he ever finished a race?

Ashamed of his family, dropped his REAL name

Has fetish for Manson & his “Family”, in fact “Agustus” has a cult-like following &  his very own merry band of Eunuchs himself.

Check out his recent self-stroking twaddle:


As a side note, “Agustus” says he has reactivated his Law License, I certainly hope for the sake of his “clients”, he has a large Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy.  

errors & omissions

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SPLC SUED ….Lawsuit Claims SPLC abetted Theft & engaged in Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud & Racketeering

Law Suit names: SPLC the Entity AND Mark Potok * & Heidi Beirich individually.

* Mark Potok left the SPLC in 2017

splcmark potokheidi beirich

Read the Law Suit here in pdf:

In December 2018, a Baltimore lawyer filed a devastating lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and two of its employees. The SPLC targeted Glen Keith Allen over his former ties to the National Alliance (NA), a white nationalist group. In doing so, the liberal group allegedly violated laws and legal codes of conduct by receiving and then paying for stolen documents in violation of confidentiality agreements. The group went after Allen with the intent of getting him fired by the city of Baltimore and permanently destroying his future prospects.

Allen’s suit claims that the SPLC should have its 501c3 tax-exempt status revoked, that it owes him restitution for racketeering, and that it should pay $6.5 million in damages. It also references Allen’s pro bono work on behalf of African-Americans and his mentorship of an African-American teen, powerfully rebutting claims that he is a racist. Allen told PJ Media he now regrets his NA support, and an African-American friend of his laughed at the idea of this lawyer being branded a racist.

Allen, a longtime litigator at the Of Counsel rank (between senior associate and partner) at the international law firm DLA Piper, had left the firm in February 2016 to work for the Baltimore city solicitor, taking a pay cut for the opportunity to become chief city solicitor in charge of appeals in about a year. As part of his job, he filed one specific motion to help the city in a lawsuit filed by a black man who was wrongly accused of murder. The SPLC’s Heidi Beirich painted this work as malicious to African-Americans.

According to the lawsuit, the SPLC’s receipt of stolen documents and the payment for them violated not only the law but also the canons of legal ethics in Alabama, where both Beirich and the other defendant, Mark Potok, are registered as lawyers. The SPLC is a 501c3 public interest law firm, so its involvement in this activity disqualifies its tax-exempt status.

The SPLC should also lose its tax-exempt status for mail and wire fraud, false statements on its tax forms, and campaigns of destruction and defamation against its perceived enemies, the lawsuit claims.

Read more here:


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Richard Spencer Court Documents- DIVORCE Case- Note Spencer’s Father’s Position in SUPPORT of Spencer’s Wife

This is Part 1 in a Series, Richard Spencer’s other Court materials including his matters in the “Alt Right Civil Case” will be posted as well as well as those of other “Alt Right” Figures



Download the complete Pleading w/ Exhibits here:


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Top 5 Modern [since 1900] “Pro White Presidents” 

Here is a List of Top 5 Modern [since 1900] “Pro White Presidents” 
Note this is based solely on Domestic Policy
Woodrow_Wilson-H&E1– Woodrow Wilson –  Despite having served as President of Princeton and Governor of NJ, Wilson was born & raised a Southerner and was a devout Christian, his father was a Minister [prior to Christianity being corrupted]   Wilson was the most “Pro White President” since 1900. Wilson made the Federal Beuracracy White, showed Birth of a Nation in the White House, had never sang the Star Spangled Banner until he arrived at College in New Jersey, openly beleived in the differences in Race and was reflected in Policy and views. Wilson & Nixon had  2 of the highest IQ’s of all Presidents.
248px-Richard_M._Nixon,_ca._1935_-_1982_-_NARA_-_5306792- Richard Nixon – Close to Wilson in Racial views and Global views as well, Nixon was an admirer of Wilson.  Unlike Wilson, Richard Nixon was  constrained by modern Media, Social Politics & his Quaker up bringing, his White House recordings show were he stood, but Wilson carried his positions out in Policy including making the Federal Administration in D.C, “White” which was then solely under the purview of theWhite House Executive Office  wheras Nixon did not enjoy the same “power” & “Social Environmnet” as Wilson
248px-President_Roosevelt_-_Pach_Bros3– Theodore Roosevelt – The first true modern outspoken  Nationalist President, spoke out against hyphanated Americanism, dual-citizenship, and demanded loyality oaths, referred to the “Negro as the White Man’s burden” in a official speech in NYC.
248px-FDR_1944_Color_Portrait4– FDR – YES, FDR, he signed laws that promoted racial segregation throughout the United States. The laws were supposed to promote “affordable housing.” FDR Preserved White Communities. FDR was also the last Democrat to carry EVERY State of the old Confederacy in a Presidential election, not even LBJ, a Southerner, in his 1964 landslide accomplished this  FDR was also Wilson’s Secretary of the Navy and a staunch Wilsonian Democrat.When one CAREFULLY reviews many of  FDR’s statements, especially his off-the-record ones, you will find all sorts of comments that are disparaging of all sorts of ethnic groups (Jews, Blacks, Mexicans in California, and East Asians . FDR refused to integrate the U.S. Armed Forces when the idea was presented, saying a Black could not be qualified to give orders to a White soldier.  Do not confuse FDR with Elleanor, she drove him nuts and he finally had to make her write him Memos then limited them to no more than 1 per week.
248px-Mckinley5– William McKinley – McKinley gave lip service to the Republican’s attempts to integrate Blacks but by Policy preserved the Bourbon Democrats, of Grover Cleveland Racial Policies & Philosophy.  
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The Case AGAINST ….. Joe Sigur


Joe Sigur …”Agent”,”ANTIFA”, “Stalker” or just a “Freak”??


JIDF Joe Sigur likes to throw Poo at people, calling them “Ops” & ‘Agents”, but lets look at the Case AGAINST Joe Sigur.


FACT: Joe Sigur for quite sometime TARGETED White Nationalist Males on the Internet posing as a FEMALE ( I called him out on this, it was clear he was NOT a “female”).  This is a COMMON tactic used by LAW ENFORCEMENT & INTEL ASSETS in order to target “lonely hearts” to say things they would not ordinarily say to a male in order to obtain compromising information.


FACT: Joe Sigur went through a period where he sought out persons in the “White Nationalist” & “Pro-White” Cause to have TELEPHONE conversations with him, wherein he RECORDED these calls WITHOUT consent, he then would play selected edited versions of the calls in videos.  He also collected personal telephone numbers for the expressed purpose of conducting “Reverse Directory Searches” of the telephone numbers in order to obtain PERSONAL information of those he had baited into calling.  He expressed frustration because I indeed called him and BLOCKED my number, BUT I GOT HIS (PISSED HIM OFF)




FACT: Joe Sigur has POSTED all of this at one time or another on HIS Web Site, many of these postings he has removed & “hidden” but maybe found in the Wayback Machine played “edited, sliced & diced” recorded phone conversations on his various Videos.  Many Videos were taken down due to complaints, which he would cry about on subsequent Videos.


The LIST of people Joe Sigur has Doxxed is far & wide, one need only google “Joe Sigur Doxxing  or  “Joe Sigur Stalker” or “Joe Sigur impersonates a female”
Joe Sigur by his own admission is NOT a White Nationalist or AltRight and is AGAINST BOTH THESE POINTS OF VIEW.
Joe Sigur is FOR Multiculturalism, he has a BLACK Child and SUPPORTS other Cultural Degeneracy in the name of “its no one’s business”
Joe Sigur says he is “Anti-Jew” but supports Jewish Multiculturalism, Miscegenation, embracing of Non Whites & the Status Quo, i.e. everything the Jews have created, except for the Jews.. REALLY??
So, if Joe Sigur is AGAINST AltRight & White Nationalism, then why is he so focused on obtaining Intel & PERSONAL Info then POSTING it?
When he tried to get mine, I turned the tables, I got his number, He didn’t like my posting his number.


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“Jews & the Western Tradition” Luke Ford vs. Rodney Martin -Sources & Exhibits – UPDATED

TOMORROW (Wed July 18 – 8PM PT / 11PM ET)

“Jews & the Western Tradition” vs. Moderated by

luke-ford-with-macdonald-vs-cofnas-luke-fordENGLISH-JUSTICEIMG_20161116_1903304 (2)B

View the Debate & Discussion here:


TWO Middle-Eastern Men, on the left a “Muslim” Arab, the right a Jew (Ethnic & Religion)


BOTH are foreign to America & Europe, BOTH are Middle-Eastern, BOTH belong to Tribal-Based Cultures & Traditions.  NEITHER are compatible or conducive to Europe & America.  BOTH attack Western Traditions by different methods (the Arab by Jihad and the Jew by blending in and attacking &  eroding the Social, Political, and Moral Foundations of the Host Country) the RESULT is the same: the END of bedrock Western Traditions & Cultural Norms.

Modern Christianity & White People are unindicted Co-Conspirators. The theology of Christianity handed down at the beginning was clear:


EVERY argument made to the effect that “Muslims are not compatible to the West” APPLIES to their Jewish Cousin as well. 


My Sources & Exhibits (Bio & Source) for the Debate/Discussion (additional materials may be added up until 4PM (PT) 7/18/18 :

 Gerhard Kittel (1888 – 1948) Tübingen University – Theology,  was a German Lutheran Professor of Evangelical Theology and New Testament at the University of Tübingen.  Kittel was a theologian and lexicographer of biblical languages.  He is best known in the field of Biblical study for his Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament (Theological Dictionary of the New Testament) which is still widely used in Seminaries & by theologians today. One CBD catalog describes Kittel’s work as “the best New Testament dictionary ever completed… Every serious Greek student dreams of owning a set.” Kittel was the son of Rudolf Kittel who himself was a widely respected Old Testament scholar and author of Geschichte der Hebräer, 2 volumes, 1888–1892 – History of the Hebrews and Geschichte des Volkes Israel, 1923 – History of the people of Israel                                                                                                                                                                  

Kittel, Gehard. The Jewish Question, May, 1933

Eugen Dühring  (1833 –1921,  University of Berlin – Law & National Economy,  was a German philosopher, positivist, economist, and socialist who was a strong critic of Marxism.  He attacked Capitalism, Marxism, and organized Christianity and Judaism. Many scholars believe that Dühring’s invention of a modern-sounding antisemitism helped persuade Theodore Herzl that Zionism was the only answer. Herzl acknowledged this over and over in his diaries and correspondence: “I will fight anti-Semitism in the place it originated—in Germany and in Austria,” he said in one letter. He identified the genealogy of modern, racist antisemitism in the writings of the German social scientist Dr. Eugen Duehring in the 1890s.

Duhring, Eugen. The Jewish Question as a Racial, Moral & Cultural Question, 1881


Werner Sombart (1863 – 1941) Universities of Pisa, Berlin, and Rome – Law & Economics.  Sombart was a German economist and sociologist, the head of the “Youngest Historical School” and one of the leading Continental European social scientists during the first quarter of the 20th century. Sombart is often likened to Martin Heideggeras well as his younger friend and colleague Carl Schmitt.

Sombart, Werner. Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben. Leipzig: Duncker. Translated into English: The Jews and Modern Capitalism, 1911.


U.S. Army Documents, Reports & Memorandums RE: Jews, Jewish Question, & Zionism as a National Security Threat to the United States 1900-1960.

Summary: In the view of Jews, Army officials reflected the values and attitudes of the dominant culture. Among the books officers-to-be read, and among the lectures that they heard, the views of Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard among many others. The Army Command characterized Jews as weak, selfish, cowardly, untrustworthy, parasitic, sly, duplicitous, and possessed of different “anatomical characteristics” (p.42). They were a “herd of inferior people ‘of a different racial stock'” and a “troublesome racial minority”   who lacked “moral fervor.” (p. 38)

Collected in:

Bendersky, Joseph. The Jewish Threat, Antisemitic Policies in the U.S. Army, 2000

Alfred Rosenberg (1893 – 1946)  Riga Polytechnical Institute and Moscow’s Highest Technical School – Architecture & Engineering,  was a German (born in Reval (now Tallinn, Estonia) was a theorist and an influential ideologue of the the National Socialist Party. Rosenberg was first introduced to Adolf Hitler by Dietrich Eckart. Rosenberg joined the NSDAP ( German Workers Party) in January 1919, eight months before Adolf Hitler joined in September of 1919.  He later held several important posts in the National Socialist government. Rosenberg  is the author of, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930), as well as other works  Rosenberg is considered one of the main authors of key National Socialist ideological creeds, including its racial theory, Jews, Lebensraum,  and abrogation of the Treaty of Versailles. Adolf Hitler, who had been imprisoned resulting from the failed Beer Hall Putsch, appointed Rosenberg as the leader of the National Socialist movement, a position he held until Hitler’s release.

Rosenberg, Alfred. The Track of the Jew through Ages, 1919

Rosenberg, Alfred. Jewish Bolshevism, 1921

Rosenberg, Alfred.  Jewish World Politics, 1924

Rosenberg, Alfred. Self-unmasking of Jewish Defense Troops, 1924

Rosenberg, Alfred. The Jewish Question in the World Battle, 1938

Oswald Spengler (1880 – 1936)  Universities of Munich, Berlin – Mathematics, Science, and Artand Halle-  mathematics, science, and art. was a German historian and philosopher of history. He is best known for his book The Decline of the West (Der Untergang des Abendlandes). Spengler predicted that about the year 2000, Western civilization would enter the period of pre‑death emergency whose countering would necessitate Caesarism (extraconstitutional omnipotence of the executive branch of the central government).

Spengler, Oswald. The Decline of the West, 1918

Arthur Cohen (1928 – 1986)  University of Chicago – Philosophy,  was an American Jewish scholar, art critic, theologian, publisher, and author. As an expert collector and dealer in rare books and documents [of] twentieth-century art, and as a man of letters and cultural critic who wrote with equal authority on modern European literature, medieval Jewish mysticism, the history of Dada and surrealism, and modern typography and design

Cohen, Arthur. The Myth of the Judeo-Christian Tradition & Other Dissenting Essays, 1969

Gerhard Wagner (1888 – 1939)  University of Munich – Medicine, was the first Reich Doctors’ Leader (Reichsärzteführer) in the National Socialist government in Germany.  Dr. Wagner was co-founder and as of 1932 leader of the National Socialist German Physicians’ Federation (NSDAP), and also functioned from 1933 as a member of the Palatinate Landtag. A year later, in 1934, Wagner was ordered to the position of Reich Doctors’ Leader. Moreover, he was “The Führer’s Commissioner for National Health”. By 1933, he had already become leader of the Main Office for National Health, and in 1936 came his appointment as that office’s Main Service Leader (Hauptdienstleiter).

Wagner, Gehard. Race & Population Policy, 1936

Dr. Stephen Steinlight was for more than five years Director of National Affairs (domestic policy) at the American Jewish Committee. For the past two and a half years he has been a Senior Fellow at AJC

Steinlight,Stephen. Jewish Stake in America’s changing Demography, 2001


Sanzenbacher, Carolyn K., M.A.  Early Christian Teachings on Jews: A Necessary Cause of the Antisemitism that Informed the Holocaust, 2010


Gaston, K. Healan. Interpreting Judeo-Christianity in America, 2012

“Notes on the Judeo-Christian Tradition in America” appeared in 1984, historians have extended, and in certain respects modified, his analysis. Silk argued that the term emerged from the antifascist initiatives of the late 1930s and rose to prominence during World War II, becoming a mainstay of postwar American public culture before falling into disrepute in the early 1970s. Subsequent interpreters have traced the emergence of Judeo-Christian terminology in specific local contexts, but no one has followed Silk in examining the discourse in its entirety or acknowledging the political tensions within it. This piece surveys the historical scholarship on the idea of America as a Judeo-Christian nation.


Brandeis University Study

Study finds, contrary to the conventional wisdom, intermarriage does not necessarily harm the Jewish Community, i.e. via  high rates of Jewish identification among young adult children of mixed marriages.

Sax, Leonard & Sasson, Theodore. Millennial Children of Intermarriage, 2015


Eckardt, A. Roy. Christianity & the Children of Israel, 1948

“Anti-Semitism” will be taken simply to mean “hatred for thstianity & the Children of Israel, 1948e Jews” (Judenhass). Both an attitude and acts against the Jews resulting from that attitude are implied. The term is in itself not entirely accurate. We do not say that hatred of the Arabs is anti-Semitism, although they are a Semitic people. In addition the word “anti-Semitism” is of modern origin, applying particularly to a political movement of the nineteenth century.~ It was coined in Germany in the eighteen seventies as a symbol that it was not the Jewish religion which was to be attacked but instead the political activities of “Semitic” aliens in European Society”


Myers, Dowell & Levy, Morris. Reactions to Alt-News Re: Growing Diversity, 2018



Stephans, Bret. A Modest Immigration Proposal, Ban Jews – NY Times, 2018

University Western Civilization Textbooks 1962 & 1991 Editions

Peters, Joan. From Time Immemorial, 1984

Sen. Roger Wicker

Sheldon Adelson:

Sasha Baron Cohen:

Ex Congressman Joe Walsh:

Luke Ford

Barbara Spectre



Allan Dershowitz

Jewish “Welcome Sign” welcoming Soviet Troops, Poland, 1939


From Los Angeles Jewish Journal:




Jewish Lobby:




“White Jews” Tweet: 


Headline from Forward: 

one jew life

Ben Shapiro Tweet:


Headline- Anti-BDS Law:


Newsweek- Israeli Espionage:


Jewish Population in the USA