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On Grindr Greg Johnson w/ Audio Link

There can be NO place for sexual degenerates in an Ethno Nationalist Movement & in a future Ethno State that seeks to restore traditional Western Christian Values.


The fact that so many artificial “WN” & “Cyber AltRight” support Grindr Greg because he is “well spoken”, is a reflection on THEIR lack of values, lack of commitment to ideology, and shows that there MUST be a Night of the Long Knives within the American “WN” Cause and the complete destruction of the “AltRight” as it is festooned with Jews and with Jews comes sexual degeneracy, tolerance of miscegenation, and every other social filth imaginable.

Greg Johnson stipulates to the nonsensical Jewish Holocaust narrative which Jews use as a propaganda club against ALL White people.

Greg Johnson is an elitist snob who looks down his nose at poor & working class White People who need us the most as many are trapped in predominately Black & Brown Communities.

Greg Johnson regularly publishes militant homosexual authors.

Greg Johnson is militantly AGAINST Christianity, like so many Homosexuals.

Greg Johnson, as a Homosexual himself has NOTHING to offer our Race and given Homosexuals & Pedophiles are essentially one & the same, he and his kind are a threat to our children.

Greg Johnson’s prior paranoia about concealing his face i.e assuring his true identity was not associated with his anonymous views he expressed online was so he could keep one foot firmly planted in the Leftist Bath Houses of San Francisco.


The “Bath House Nationalism” vision Greg Johnson espouses is “nice neat & tidy neighborhoods, with very nice looking & fit men, free from “icky people”, White & Non-White. (Greg Johnson really doesn’t care about Race because he has said publically that if a person acts & thinks White, that is all that matters)

More on Grindr Greg Johnson can be heard here:

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On “Millennial Woes”

Regarding  Colin Robertson AKA “Millennial Woes”  I have said there is NO place for sexual degeneracy, i.e. Homosexuality/Pedophilia in a Ethno Nationalist Movement NOR in a future Ethno State.


“Woes” – Robertson is NOT a “Millennial

He is a 35 year old man who lived with daddy until he was in his early 30’s and according to REAL British Nationalists ( sources within the National Front) he lived(s) on welfare.

Let’s look at “Woes” / Robertson’s OWN RECENT statements:

Here “Woes” says the “AltRight is heavily dependent on HOMOSEXUALS then BLOCKS people for calling him out


Here “Woes” says the “AltRight is heavily dependent on HOMOSEXUALS then BLOCKS people for calling him out



Here “Woes” ADMITS lusting after BOYS, but says “at least he didn’t marry them

Here “Woes” ADMITS lusting after BOYS, but says “at least he didn’t marry them


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Jean-Francois Gariépy (JF) calls it “Love”


Jean-Francois Gariépy (JF) in debate w/ a guy named “Destiny” LOL, BUT “JF” shows himself to be a Predator….
“Its Love” is the common defense of all Predators, whether they be Pedophiles like Kevin Alford Strom who pursued a 13 year old Indian girl, even hiding in the bushes at her school, or the ranks of NAMBLA they all call it “Love”
In the case of Jean-Francois Gariépy the facts are clear he used the internet to groom a mentally disabled MEXICAN girl who was subsequently reviewed by a Court and adjudicated as such.
In this short clip, NOT only does Jean-Francois Gariépy concede that the girl is Mentally Disabled, he calls it “Love” AND mounts a DEFENSE of his actions in the defense of the “Mentally Disabled”, i.e. he thinks its NORMAL for persons to enage in in such behavior, i.e. use Mentally Disabled persons for sex. Pardon me while I puke.
Remember Jean-Francois Gariépy CLAIMS to be an “Ethno Nationalist, the Mentally Disabled girl in question is a MEXICAN


Andrew Anglin — PEDOPHILE?


In 2013 Andrew Anglin posted his Political & Social Manifesto on his now defunct web site “Total Fascism”
One of his provisions was  the lowering of the age of consent of females to AGE 14, a position I strongly took issue with and posted the following comment which set off a firestorm in the comment section.





NOTE: Anglin later modified his “Manifesto” after an online firefight in his comment section, BUT Anglin admits, defends & memorizes his original language in the comments , which you can still view here:

In one exchange I called Andrew out and he directly admitted what he wrote, YES, Andrew Anglin supports Older Adults having sex with girls age 14, and he supported arranged marriages by the State & Church, i.e. having Institutions force little girls marry their molesters.  How very Jewish.

TALMUD-CHILD SEXCHere are some exchange between Anglin and me and others: