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YOU’RE in the GOOD hands of Agent Richard Spencer -employed suspected Pedophile





I’ve been calling out Richard Spencer for years, wayyyy before recent converts.  


Well, no doubt he will be DISMISSED from any & all liability in the Charlottesville Civil Law Suit when he trades his HUGE Data Base of PICTURES & PERSONAL INFORMATION.

SUCKERS and I bet many of you will still donate money you DON’T have to his BOGUS “Legal Defense”

EDITORIAL NOTE: Sourcing from Gateway Pundit, this Site does NOT agree with the Report’s assessment Re: Charlottesville. However reporting on Spencer gathering Data on AltRight is backed up in the Charlottesville Civil Law suit.


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FAKE White Nationalist Richard Spencer Kicked Off Facebook


How is it that at the same time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in front of Congress giving testimony that said his company does “not allow hate groups” on its platform, white nationalist and king of the “alt-right” Richard Spencer managed to have not one, but two pages representing his hate ideology active on the site?