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Richard Spencer AltRight Defendants EXCEPT Mike Enoch WILL face Trial



The massive  AltRight Civil Case, styled as “ELIZABETH SINES, ET AL. vs. JASON KESSLER, ET AL”, WILL  go to Trial.  Mike Enoch who was Pro Se, prevailed in his separate Motion to Dismiss.

All other Defendants Motion & Consolidated Motion to Dismiss were DENIED.

Richard Spencer appeared with his own Counsel

All others appeared with a common Counsel.

Interesting, that Mike Enoch, Pro Se, on his own prevailed on his Motion to be dismissed from the Suit.

The trial is set for July 8 through August 2, 2019

Here are some excerpts, the full Opinion in pdf is linked below

Kessler & Cantwell were found to have “planned acts of violence”


Spencer was found to be a central player/planner


Marchers charged & chanted “Heil Spencer” (FacePalm)


Here is the full Opinion by the Judge:

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Richard Spencer & “Alt-Right” in full retreat/collapsing TRUTH behind Spencer ceasing College Speeches

Kyle Bristow, major Alt Right Attorney QUITS Alt Right & shutters Alt-Right front Foundation

Spencer’s College Front/Organizer Cameron Padgett walks as well

“FMI (Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas) will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will                                 be dissolved,” – Kyle Bristow       Editor’s Note FMI website has already been shuttered


Richard Spencer (Left) & Kyle Bristow (Right)



Attorney Kyle Bristow resigned from the “Alt-Right” and as the executive director and cut his ties to a Macomb County Michigan-based group that calls itself the “sword and shield” of the white nationalist, alt-right movement,  the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI)  “FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved,” Bristow said of the foundation he helped found in 2016 with other attorneys.

First there was Commodore Spencer’s & his Alt-Right’s Stalingrad at Charlottesville and its been in full retreat ever since with loss of web platforms, loss of PayPal & other fundraising venues and the booting from Social Media.

Concurrently, many are facing frivolous & vexatious law suits by Antifa filed Pro Bono by well funded Leftist Law Foundations which are well funded.

That only addresses a few of the major external bombardments.

Internally, the “Alt-Right” has been infested with an assortment of Nutjobs,  morally defectives, and basically individuals who should not be involved in political activities let alone LEAD them or be the public face.

Most recently there has been the Matt Heimbach Trailer Trash melee reported here:

And then the revelation of Alt-Right You Tube Intellectual “JF” and his molestation of a Hispanic Mentally Disabled girl

A far more significant development should be noted, which is sudden departure of BOTH Kyle Bristow AND Cameron Padgett.

The Tag Team of Padgett & Bristow had been key to Richard Spencer and is the REAL reason for Spencer’s recent announcement that he would no longer do College or “Public Events. It was Padgent who would front and Book & Organize the College Events then when these Events would encounter resistance Bristow would “tag in” and threaten or even file legal action on Padgett’s behalf, thereby creating a buffer between Spencer and an actual “Event Organizer”.

As you can plainly see Richard Spencer has a pattern of using as many people as possible to shield him from any potential liability, i.e he seeks to use the strategy ” I (Richard) am just an “invited Speaker”, I had no part in organizing or planning the event.  Spencer thereby leaves any and all liability to others. In a nutshell the Trust fund baby  Richard Spencer demands others who most likely live payday to pay day sacrifice themselves for him.

BOTH Bristow AND Padgett have abandoned ship, and shortly thereafter Spencer abandoned his College Tour he once so proudly touted…… which he announced in this Video in an attempt to gloss over his capitulation



Cameron Padgett


In his resignation letter, Bristow said he would not be attending Spencer’s speech on Monday, nor would he attend the foundation’s “upcoming Detroit conference where attendees will merely dine on appetizers and drink beverages from an open bar as they mingle.”

Bristow has already bailed on litigation that has already commenced as a result of prior Spencer College Events or attempts.  Bristow said that on Friday another attorney substituted for him to continue representing Cameron Padgett in his lawsuits against the University of Cincinnati and Ohio State University.

“FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved,” Bristow said of the foundation he helped found in 2016 with other attorneys.

He also said that Padgett would also not be attending the FMI’s conference in Detroit or Spencer’s MSU speech.

Here is Bristow’s Resignation as posted


Resignation of Kyle Bristow
March 3, 2018


In recent weeks, journalists have published horrifically disparaging articles about me which contain acerbic, offensive, juvenile, and regrettable statements I mostly made over a decade ago while I was in college and a prominent and staunchly conservative activist, and which juxtaposed these statements with my recent legitimate and meritorious legal advocacy on behalf of people and organizations who espouse political views which happen to be controversial.

The media is not whatsoever justified in vilifying me. Just as I have stood up for the free speech rights of people on the right side of the political spectrum, I have likewise—in my capacity as an attorney—stood up for the rights of people on the left side of the political spectrum. I take my calling as an attorney seriously and have aggressively represented people from all walks of life: which includes homeless people as well as multimillionaires, people of all races, and people of all sexual orientations. You might be surprised to learn that I once was nearly held in contempt of court for repeatedly demanding that a rural judge from a conservative jurisdiction refer to my client—who was transsexual—on the record by their assigned gender rather than by their biological gender; you might also be surprised to learn that I served as the president of my high school’s international club while I was a junior and senior and that when I travel internationally, I try my best to speak the local language (albeit poorly)—which I only point out to show that I have respect for cultures and human dignity and that there is a side to the story which the media is not telling.

The people who know me best—my friends and family, my current and former clients, former employers, and lawyers and judges with whom I regularly deal—know me as a passionate defender of the law and an aggressive advocate of my clients’ rights. Whether I am demanding the dismissal of an unconstitutional criminal charge against a homeless client who merely held up a sign to request food near a busy street intersection, or I am repeatedly demanding that a rural judge refer to a transsexual client by their assigned gender, or I am providing pro bono legal assistance to poor people who happen to be down on their luck, I do my job and do it as well as I can

In light of the recent relentless and unjustifiable vilification of me, as well as the mischaracterizations of who I am as a person, I have unilaterally made the decision to provide this clarification and to withdraw from politics. Yesterday, an attorney substituted in for me so as to continue representing Cameron Padgett for his federal lawsuits against the University of Cincinnati and the Ohio State University, and today I deleted my private Twitter profile and now am announcing that I will no longer serve in any capacity with the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.—which was founded by a number of licensed attorneys and me in 2016 so as to promote the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. I will not be in attendance at the upcoming Michigan State University event—which will happen as a result of the recent successful and high-profile lawsuit I filed on behalf of my client—, nor will I attend FMI’s upcoming Detroit conference where attendees will merely dine on appetizers and drink beverages from an open bar as they mingle. FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved.

In closing, I wish to relay that I abhor violence—of which I have never engaged and have always disavowed—, I regret having previously used language which is needlessly offensive, the characterizations made of me by the media are inaccurate, and I salute everyone who stands up for the rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution—no matter who is exercising those rights.

Although the media’s vilification of me prompted this statement, I nevertheless believe it is the morally right decision to make as I move forward in life.

Kyle Bristow


The premise of Bristow’s bailing out is a single news article, which compared to those suffered by other Alt-Right figures, was mild.  It is safe to assume that the Tag-Team of Bristow & Padgett had other reasons and issues with Spencer and the Alt-Right (character perhaps) for their sudden “resignation”

This is the article cited by Bristow as the genesis for his departure:

It should be noted the Michigan State Bar was well aware of Bristow’s political leanings and in fact had given him an “Honorable Mention in a prior Competition for a Paper he submitted which Leftists derided as “Racist”, thus pressure from above, i.e. the State Bar is highly unlikely as a reason for his departure, all roads lead back to Spencer, his character, the lack thereof, and the sever lack of good order, discipline, and likelihood of success of the “Alt-Right”.

Regardless of the reasons, the loss of Bristow and Padgett is significant as the “Alt-Right” lacks the resources the Left has and what few professionals the “Alt-Right” does have in its ranks refuse to exercise their craft on behalf of their so called beliefs, given this, the loss of Bristow is not just a set back, its yet another nail in the Alt-Right coffin.