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On Fake Names & Avatars (Cowards)

In this video, the late Dr. William Pierce addresses the difference. There are REAL Fighters and there are Cyber Tough Puppies (LOL) The Cyber Tough Puppy talks VERY TOUGH, safely from behind 6 different Fake Screen names, 8 different Courageous Avatars and DOES NOTHING but Posts & Likes and engages in personality cultism, The “Cyber AltRight” and most of “White Nationalism” is infested with these limp wristed sissys. Not only are they VOID of any meaningful IDEAS, they seem to think simpleton arguments like “Deport all illegal aliens” & “we need to take our Country back” are powerful ideas. These “Cyber Warriors” almost always can NEVER handle hard realities & TRUTH which is why their staying power & longevity is always questionable. at first sign of serious engagement or a serious fight where they just MIGHT have to step up, they usually disappear, meaning all their fake accounts vanish from the internet as fast as they first appeared. Of course they have 6 million excuses as to why they can’t commit because they function from a basic premise of FEAR and live on their knees.

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We all know large portions of Minnesota is invested with Somalis, the lowest IQ peoples on the African Continent, you can regularly find them shitting in the planter boxes inside the ONCE great Mall of America

ENTER the “posh” LOL “Identity Europa, you know the “American Martin Sellner Fanboys”, most of which are Fags & Jews. Identity Europa decided to celebrate “Earth Day



Identity Europa decided to celebrate “Earth Day” .. WHICH IS FINE, BUT instead of DOING SOMETHING for OUR PEOPLE, such as going around and clearing up the yards of elderly WHITE PEOPLE, the young PROUD “WHITE” “Identarians” decided to “HONOR” OUR” people in a very “JEWISH” & “MULTICULTUAL” way.


Identity Europa thought the best way to “Honor” our people AND show strength was to go out and clean up Somali SHIT, TRASH (laden with BIO-MASS) & NEEDLES … SERIOUS FACE-PALM.  What a BETA-BOY Pic-Nic.

See for yourself the short exchange I had, wherein I called them out AND YES, the young lad BLOCKED me,

The TRUTH hurts.




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Crybaby Cantwell (Fed) going back to jail??



A New Hampshire man involved in last summer’s torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia is now in trouble in Northern Virginia.
Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Charles Cantwell was arrested in Loudoun County on March 31 and charged with public swearing and intoxication.
He was released on his own recognizance.
Cantwell is out on a $25,000 bond after being charged with illegal use of tear gas. He is accused of spraying tear gas during a white nationalist rally at UVA on August 11, 2017, one day before the Unite the Right rally.
Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci says the Loudoun County charge could affect Cantwell’s bond status.
Cantwell’s bond is scheduled to be taken up in Albemarle Circuit Court on April 24.


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Halsey English — DEBATE??

I had a Twitter exchange with Halsey English (Jew) regarding Lies & Misstatements he made in his Debate with Mike Enoch.  I detest Mike Enoch, but Halsey WON because Enoch lacked all command of facts & history.


See my twitter feed  to see the exchange(s) BUT essentially I posted facts that refuted his Lies and Shilling for Jews & Israel.  He replied by saying he “could easily refute me”, WHICH LED TO THIS:




I have replied to Halsey that next Friday night OR really any night is good

NOTICE, Halsey in his reply tagged in a 3rd Party @Zionisthumanist (JEW) who then attempted to deflect and take Halsey’s place AND Halsey attempted to back peddle.

QUESTION: Halsey accepted, will he PUSSOUT?