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LOL – Augustus Sol Invictus- The Mr. Rogers of the AltRight/WN


This Assclown has gone through so many Facelifts, he should actually be the Joan Rivers of the AltRight.

Fake Southern Accent – he seems to have given it up

Fake Southerner

He’s Roman Wannabee, instead of playing dressup in Roman attire, he actually changed his name, perhaps he will adition for Gladiator II as himself.

Fake White Nationalist -suffers from an affinity for spicey food/Mexican women just like JF.

Fake Pagan – He loves perverted atheistists like Allister Crowley

Fake political candidate, has he ever finished a race?

Ashamed of his family, dropped his REAL name

Has fetish for Manson & his “Family”, in fact “Agustus” has a cult-like following &  his very own merry band of Eunuchs himself.

Check out his recent self-stroking twaddle:


As a side note, “Agustus” says he has reactivated his Law License, I certainly hope for the sake of his “clients”, he has a large Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy.  

errors & omissions

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JFGariepy, Grooming Case, Court Papers – YES he DID groom a mentally handicap MEXICAN Girl





Daily Beast Article:

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Grindr Greg Johnson STIPULATES to JEWISH HOLOCAUST Narrative


Grindr Greg Johnson is ON RECORD detesting Christianity -LIKE ALL HOMOSEXUALS DO
On a recent appearance on the Luke Ford (Jew) Stream, Grindr Greg many damning Statement, such as this one STIPULATING to the Jewish Holocaust Narrative. Grindr Greg also called for “Cooperation with Jews” Those Statement will be posted separately.
Notice Grindr Greg uses the Jewish created derogatory term “Nazi” when referencing “National Socialists”, yet he fancies himself an “intellectual”
Understand the REAL reason Grindr Greg Johnson detests BOTH Christianity AND National Socialism is because BOTH were and are opposed to Homosexuality and the National Socialists purged that degeneracy from German Society, this is the real “Genocide” Grindr Greggy” is so opposed to.
Grindr Greg & his “Bath House Nationalism must equally be shunned

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We all know large portions of Minnesota is invested with Somalis, the lowest IQ peoples on the African Continent, you can regularly find them shitting in the planter boxes inside the ONCE great Mall of America

ENTER the “posh” LOL “Identity Europa, you know the “American Martin Sellner Fanboys”, most of which are Fags & Jews. Identity Europa decided to celebrate “Earth Day



Identity Europa decided to celebrate “Earth Day” .. WHICH IS FINE, BUT instead of DOING SOMETHING for OUR PEOPLE, such as going around and clearing up the yards of elderly WHITE PEOPLE, the young PROUD “WHITE” “Identarians” decided to “HONOR” OUR” people in a very “JEWISH” & “MULTICULTUAL” way.


Identity Europa thought the best way to “Honor” our people AND show strength was to go out and clean up Somali SHIT, TRASH (laden with BIO-MASS) & NEEDLES … SERIOUS FACE-PALM.  What a BETA-BOY Pic-Nic.

See for yourself the short exchange I had, wherein I called them out AND YES, the young lad BLOCKED me,

The TRUTH hurts.




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Crybaby Cantwell (Fed) going back to jail??



A New Hampshire man involved in last summer’s torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia is now in trouble in Northern Virginia.
Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Charles Cantwell was arrested in Loudoun County on March 31 and charged with public swearing and intoxication.
He was released on his own recognizance.
Cantwell is out on a $25,000 bond after being charged with illegal use of tear gas. He is accused of spraying tear gas during a white nationalist rally at UVA on August 11, 2017, one day before the Unite the Right rally.
Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci says the Loudoun County charge could affect Cantwell’s bond status.
Cantwell’s bond is scheduled to be taken up in Albemarle Circuit Court on April 24.