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Donald Trump HIRED Israeli Espionage Agents to spy on U.S.

Israeli Media is reporting Donald Trump HIRED private Israeli espionage Agents to SPY on U.S. Officials …. If TRUE, Trump must be removed from office.



Trump hired “Black Cube” the same firm used by none other than Harvey Weinstein



Read full article here:


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Grindr Greg Johnson STIPULATES to JEWISH HOLOCAUST Narrative


Grindr Greg Johnson is ON RECORD detesting Christianity -LIKE ALL HOMOSEXUALS DO
On a recent appearance on the Luke Ford (Jew) Stream, Grindr Greg many damning Statement, such as this one STIPULATING to the Jewish Holocaust Narrative. Grindr Greg also called for “Cooperation with Jews” Those Statement will be posted separately.
Notice Grindr Greg uses the Jewish created derogatory term “Nazi” when referencing “National Socialists”, yet he fancies himself an “intellectual”
Understand the REAL reason Grindr Greg Johnson detests BOTH Christianity AND National Socialism is because BOTH were and are opposed to Homosexuality and the National Socialists purged that degeneracy from German Society, this is the real “Genocide” Grindr Greggy” is so opposed to.
Grindr Greg & his “Bath House Nationalism must equally be shunned

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Sectarianism & Balkanization are OUR PATHWAY to OUR Ethno State

I have NO Problem making a deal (Treaties) with these Ethno Nationalist Groups and cede Areas ALREADY LOST in exchange for their cleaning up our Jewish Problem AND for a WALL.

Our Ethno State will NOT come from “Democracy” or a “Race War” or by “Memes” & “PodCasting Circle Jerks”. We will save our People & a future for White Children via REALPOLITIK


BOTH of these Groups are ANTI-SEMETIC

Of course those Leftist MultiCult Whites can stay with THEM or a reduced/reconstituted USA.