In the final analysis, there is not a dimes bit of difference between Carolyn (Yeager) Kahant and Al Goldstein.


Carolyn (Yeager) Kahant, who plays National Socialist, but whose sole marriage was to the Jew Theodore Kahant in Palm Beach, Florida. Her legal name remains Carolyn Kahant and she continues to make misrepresentations and falsehoods.

Most recently she attacked the concept of disabled military who receive compensation based on physical injuries.

Mrs. Kahant made the following comment on her own gossip blog:

“Martin’s whole family lives on the government dole since he joined ROTC in high school already and got himself injured and disabled as soon as he landed in Somalia for his single tour of duty.”

Interestingly, Mrs. Kahant indicates “Martin got himself injured”, which is false, Martin did not “get himself injured”.  Be that as it may, Mrs. Kahant has a tad bit of hypocrisy to account for regarding this statement as she has praised the leadership qualities of Will Williams who receives disability retirements for mental issues. Mr. Williams verified his mental issues as the basis for his payments himself in an interview with none other than the SPLC. Interestingly, Mrs. Kahant’s praise of Williams seems to conflict with her feminist agenda given that Mr. Williams has a reported history of violence on women as indicated by former female friends of Williams. Williams instability was well documented by the late Creator founder as well.

Mrs. Kahant also praised none other than the government informant Frazier Glenn Miller AKA Frazier Glenn Cross “as an example of a great leader as well.” Miller became Frazier Cross as a result of entering the FBI Witnes protection program after providing testimony against members of The Order, and others including Pastor Bob Miles and Louis Beam.

Mrs. Kahant’s glowing comments and support for informants and men with confirmed psychiatric issues may well indicate a profound psychiatric issue of her own or may reveal her own Jewish Agenda, especially given her inability to function. She was fired by RBN for her erratic and trouble making antics as well as low ratings. She caused dissention and turmoil at Voice of Reason and she could not even sustain her own “White Network”, which was operated by her, a former Jewish race mixer and an active Jewish race mixer who uses the fake name “Tanstaafl”. Mrs. Kahant’s own background is a closely guarded secret. Issues such as her firing from her teaching job and her criminal record and her continued use of her Jew ex-husband’s name have been considered off limits while she pokes and probes anyone and everyone she takes a disliking to based on her dislike of their style or view of historical events. It was none other than former members of Bill White’s Nazi Party that revealed Kahant’s past and because she had once been a member of White Nazi Party and caused the same havoc as she had RBN, VOR and on her White Network. In fact there are some former members of White’s Nazi Party who say they believe Kahant provided information to the FBI. This may be credible as Kahant always went to great lengths to avoid discussing anything relating to Bill White on any of her podcasts. Is Mrs. Kahant the female Hal Turner? She is 75 we may never know.


For years Mrs. Kahant told her audience she is German, yet in reality her family hails from Hungary and she had a brother who was active in a Hungarian Organization which embraced Jews. Hungary, especially prior to World War II and during its time as part of the Hapsburg Empire, was festooned with Jews and Roma. In his departure broadcast from “The White Network, Kahant’s former partner, “Tanstaafl” himself married to a Jew, stated, http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/2014/04/15/my-mistake/, one of the reasons he was severing his relationship with Kahant was because 1) she did not understand the concept of “White” and 2) she had a consistent pattern of using Jewish sources and Jewish anti-White authors, including Leonard Zeskind, to attack Whites. It should also be added that in several of her broadcasts, Ms. Kahant stated she found the material on the ADL and SPLC web site to be accurate and incorporated that data into her “research’ as well.


Carolyn (Yeager) Kahant is one of those persons who must be taken in totality and then not be taken serious. She has done some podcasts that have merit, but then she has done others that have praised women that have not had children and even went so far as to praise Amelia Earhart for “having an open marriage”. She feeds on gossip, half-truths, and lies by omission. Her entire inventory of work consists of a pamphlet about a tour she took at Auschwitz and an assorted collection of blog posts which are an amalgamation of cut & paste from wikipedia (she admits to using wikipedia) and the work of  REAL Revisionist Historians.  Kahant’s Podcasts are the rants of a frustrated bitter old lady who in the twilight of her life who is realizing as she sits in her trailer that she has nothing to show for her life except for her self absorbed jealousy, envy, and self-loathing which she takes out on others.  As a result, Mrs. Kahant carves out a small group of intellectually dishonest cohorts and groupies by telling them what they want to hear which is mostly intellectually dishonest twaddle and emotionally charged over simplifications. In short Mrs. Kahant, like all Jews feeds on and appeals to the lowest common denominator. In the final analysis, there is not a dimes bit of difference between Carolyn (Yeager) Kahant and Al Goldstein.

Regarding wounded Veterans “being on the dole”, I wonder if Mrs Kahant accepts monthly Social Security payments?  Most certainly she is on “the dole”, given her White Trailer-Trash lifestyle.


  1. He works full time scrubbing his Antifa past and his prior trips to Asia to see the kiddies, then tells dumbass WN its “activism” so he can collect $$ from them for it. Doubt you will find much.


  2. I don’t expect you to publish this. I noticed your comments on GOldberg the other night. I have been tracking this case as has Jim Stone. Apparently no alternative media is covering it except me and I don’t count cause I’m not coopted. Here’s my front page with the important stuff at the top right now though if you don’t see this for a day of two it will change. I will be taking notes as to who is and who is not covering this. The fact that google wiped the search clean for “Joshua Goldberg” tells me there is smoke and Andrew has turned all his fans on at Stormer to get rid of it. last night the same search rendered many results including Anglin’s “I was fooled!” article


    Here is the relevant quotes and I plan an article on this subject today


    Below is a short excerpt off the front page of Jim Stone. It got me to thinking a bit so I googled Joshua Goldberg here. It’s wiped clean except for one of my 543 articles I have done on the Jew-boy since Sept.11, 2015. Google has followed Andrew Anglin’s lead and said “move along little doggies. Nothing to see here!” What this says to me , contrary to the way Anglin and the MSM are playing it, that it’s just a troll out of control, it is likely intentional subversion caught in the act and now put down the memory hole. Thanks to Jim Stone for his strong assertion that this is all tied into the false flags going on.

    Question, if all Joshua cares about is free speech, as said here, and he targets people he believes is undermining it, how does that account for his encouraging the Muslims in Arlington back in May? How does that account for sending bomb instructions pertaining to 911?

    This then makes Joshua look like more thana just a troll and also explains Anglin’s need to wipe away evidence of his kike plant as well as his happiness to accept the MSM story pertaining to Arlington. More on this to come

    Jim Stone-“Deafening silence surrounding Joshua Goldberg is ‘a silver bullet'”
    Deafening silence is a silver bullet

    There is a deafening silence with regard to the Jew busted for setting up a 2015 911 attack in America. Joshua Goldberg, an orthodox Jew living in Florida, constituted 100 percent of America’s ISIS, and was busted by the FBI on September 9. And it is NOWHERE in the alternative media, scant few people have uttered a peep about this (most notably Alex) and I strongly suggest people make a list (and check it twice) of who mentioned this and who did not, because those who did not are BONA FIDE FAKE OPPOSITION.
    Goldberg used this signature on a post Sept, 5th, a few days before his arrest

    This event is the litmus test. And it is already too late for alt media people to do catch-up (save face) reports on this topic because the main story broke on 9/11/2015. Joshua was arrested by the FBI, was definitely the one who cooperated with Pamela Geller to fake the Garland Texas shooting, Definitely set up synagogue shootings in Australia and the U.S., and was busted by the FBI two days before he had a pressure cooker bomb set off in Kansas City. ALL ISIS NEWS IN AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA, ALL ACTIVITY and I mean ALL was done by this guy, it is an epic bust and the entire FBI affidavit was published and is available: READ THIS AFFIDAVIT! Original from the Government HERE

    There is no fog with this one, and failure of Alt media to report on this is 100 percent proof of whether or not they are fake. This is the bombshell that can blow the entire ISIS conspiracy into the sewer FAIL TO REPORT THIS AND YOUR ALT MEDIA VENUE IS AUTOMATICALLY PEGGED AS A SHAM…..source

    More on goldberg here

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