….. Andrew Anglin joins the Jew Anthony Wiener in having a perverted and twisted lack of impulse control.

It is well known that Andrew Anglin has a history of attraction for underage girls of the Third World. Given Anglin’s all-out assault on White women, even declaring White women to be “worse than Jews”, Anglin’s own words, perhaps it’s time to look at Anglin and his motivations.

There was his infamous lusting for the breasts of a prepubescent black African girl. Then there was the video of Anglin, in wigger regalia, admitting he was in the company of a “jail-bait” Filipino girlfriend, while prancing through a Filipino shopping mall. While Anglin has attempted to excuse these comments by saying this was “before” he became the world’s most famous “badass Nazi”, as a result of Jewish Media type marketing…gotta wonder.


However while Anglin was publishing false front “Nazi” web sites, “Total Fascism”, where Anglin posted a “manifesto” calling on sexual age of consent laws to be lowered to as low as age 14, and then “Daily Stormer”, where Anglin would routinely post provocative pictures of prepubescent females (pedophile eye candy for the Kevin Strom base of White Nationalism) in the run up to his televangelist type fund appeals Anglin continued his fetish for underage girls and lust for Non White females.


In 2013-2014, Anglin was prone to engaging in Facebook instant messaging with Non White females. One, such female an Arab female, who in 2015, would be pursued by another “White Nationalist” superstar, Matt Parrott. Apparently these self-described “bad ass “racialists” compete with each other for Non White Women, sometimes the same Non White women.

During one evening of instant messaging, between Anglin and the Arab female, Anglin made sexual advances and according to the female, she then received what can only be described as a “graphic image” from the little Anglin of a very little Anglin. Let’s say, according to this female Anglin wished to engage in sexual relations with, if Anglin had a Roman name, it would be “Minimus”. Anglin made efforts the following day to have the female delete the images and the text of the instant messages using the excuse he was “intoxicated”. However, the texts seemed to be well written and graphic. Thus Andrew Anglin joins the Jew Anthony Wiener in having a perverted and twisted lack of impulse control.

Anglin has become even more overt in his promotion of racemixing which seems to be at odds with “White Nationalist” racial theory. In 2015, Matt Parrott of the Traditionalist Youth Network was exposed as having engaged in a inter-racial relationship with the same Arab female. Both Anglin and Parrott boasted of their Non-White exploits. Regarding having sexual relations with the Arab female which


BOTH Parrott and Anglin coveted, the two so called “Racialists” made the following online comments:

Anglin asked Parrott “if Kathy had big tits”…..When asked by a reader about the Non White factor, Anglin responded, “we can Fuck her if we want.NOTE the use of “We”, did Anglin and Parrott BOTH share or have a Threesome? Ewww

Besides his “White women are worse than Jews” statement, Anglin went on to say “white women need to be locked up.”

Regarding the Arab female, in one online comment Anglin even asked Parrott if “he (Anglin) could get with her.”

Finally, in one of the most discrediting statements a so called “White Nationalist” could make, Anglin said “we need to fill these non-white women up with our sperm.”

The excessive white female hatred at Anglin’s “Daily Stormer” and or endorsement of racemixing and quasi-pedophilia can easily lead the intelligent and educated person to conclude that “Daily Stormer” is a nest of perverts, homosexuals and racial hypocrites.


Standing at just a smiggin over 5 foot it is no wonder Anglin has White women problems.  For all his talk of “manhood” and and “warriorism”, can any one imagine Andrew Anglin as exemplifying the best attributes of “manhood”, let a,lone “Aryan” manhood?  This is the same Andrew Anglin who called out his “Online Troll Army” when his mother was harassed because of Anglin’s actions.  Man up, go home and own your words, actions and deeds and defend your mother.  Oh, but that takes courage.


Andrew Anglin and his “Daily Stoner” is by far the best example of why “White Nationalism” is discredited. There is little doubt Anglin is and his online rag are false fronts to anyone with just a few brain cells. Daily Stormer is a Jew shop, designed to assure Ethno Nationalism is cast in the worse possible light and its low brow, low information readers who are all too willing to get caught up in the imagery and are equally all too willing to give false prophets like Anglin a pass assure the Jews will not have much work to do.


Andrew Anglin’s “Daily Stormer” and Al Goldstein’s “Screw Magazine” are based on the same principles, degeneracy, ignorance, and trash for consumers. It would not come as a shock when Anglin is unmasked that he shares a lot more in common with dirty ole Al Goldstein. In the meantime, keep your children away from him and Daily Stormer readers.



  1. Hey man, don’t call it the “daily stoner.” That makes cannabis use seem stupid when associated with that Jewsus worshipper Andrew Anglin. I use cannabis every day of my life and I helped build the largest dump truck on the planet, and also am in the process of actually starting a real community organization, for real White people, to actually do something about the Jewish issues, rather than just spew out ignorant rubbish as we see at the D.S. Other than that one small detail…Awesome Article!


  2. Anglin’s popularity reveals that white nationalism is just selfishness. He switched over to nazism because it’s a movements that gives him the most power as a white man and calls conspiracy on jews because as an ethnic group they’ve been more successful


    1. No they haven’t been more successful. I’m sure Jews want to believe that, but there have been many more successful European people throughout history.

      As for Andrew Anglin. He is completely trash who shouldn’t be taken seriously. Men like him will do more harm than good. His hatred of white women is disgusting and absolutely not acceptable.

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