UPDATE: CASE STUDY in Disinfo by Lana Lokteff

In the Video below, Lana Lokteff out does herself.

Jews must always maintain their “Alliances with Blacks”, NO matter what and never sully their reputation with their supporting cast.


Lana Lokteff a Jewess is sanitizing Margaret Sanger. Interestingly, in the mid and late 1990’s Planned Parenthood Officials themselves said “Sanger ‘s Racial statements & positions of her time are embarrassing. Sanger, like Lana are Jewess ‘ and they stick together. Lana is full of shit, and as cheap as her clothing line and as fraudulent as Red Ice’s so called “Hack” of course (as Lana says in the Video) Sanger was anti-Nazi in 1939, she was a Jewess.


First ask yourself, WHY does Lana Lokteff feel the need to do a Video defending a Jewess Margaret Sanger in the first place?  Yep, its called Disinfo & Tribalism.
Pay CLOSE attention beginning at 12:49 of the video, Notice, the overall message Lana espouses is SUPPORT for Planned Parenthood, when she rattled off all the ” good work” they do, she literally read the Planned Parenthood Talking Points verbatim.

Notice Lana begrudgingly stipulates Sanger was a supporter of Eugenics, but misrepresents Eugenics.

Notice how Lana mocks “Liberty & Guns” as a method of deflecting.

Lana also omits Sanger’s statements such as: “Blacks are genetically inferior” -Birth Control Facts & Responsibilities, 1925, Margaret Sanger.



What was Lana’s objective in this Video:

1- Sanitize Margaret Sanger to Blacks

2- Firm up the Black-Jewish Coalition

3- Support Planned Parenthood

Lana Lokteff is a Jewess Feminist who cleverly inserts Disinfo into well packaged Videos.

Notice at the end of the Video, she closes with material completely unrelated to Margaret Sanger & Planned Parenthood, i.e. she again deflects closes with traditional “Alt Right” messaging of “White Homeland, blah, blah, but the viewer has now linked Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood in a  POSITIVE way WITH Alt-Right messaging.

Its called keeping the Well salted.  

Related Video: (See what Lana Lokteff was attempting to dispel, WHY?)




7 thoughts on “UPDATE: CASE STUDY in Disinfo by Lana Lokteff

  1. Man, you’re doing a great job, the first and only time I listened to this Jewess, it was all the Nazi this, kill Jews this was so over the top it was evident as to her ulterior motive. Exposing the infiltrators, and trash is a great move. I wonder what the legalities of exposing the informants is? Being the agencies can plead plausible deniability…

    What I find funny is they don’t realise why some of us pushed Trump right at the beginning 18 to 24 months before the election. Serious that’s all it took, and they ran with it, they saw the good for Jews, zionism… and run it as hard as they could. To out do the Jew is a fun past time, get them to do the work of chaos, it’s what they’re good at.

    The likely hood of the system swinging back to the dems in 2020 is very probable, the election will be very close, so it will only take the effort to peal off generation zyklon to achieve this. Its a symptom of a system in crisis.


      1. What you are doing here, El Diablo, is topic dilution. Your 3 claims are obviously true, but irrelevant to the fact that Israeli Jews have been treating non-Jews in inhumane ways since the creation of Israel. Likewise, if Jews outside Israel also push for abortion and birth control among blacks, they are no friend of blacks.


  2. Hey El Diablo, just my 14cents, & upfront, have no strong opinion of Lana one way or the other, but get the impression your reaching with this article, im just not seeing what your trying to argue & have never heard the claim she was Jewish, nor that Sanger was either.

    And as for Lana being a feminist, to paraphrase Karen Straughan, western societies today are now actual matriarchies in practice, most legal, social, educational, medical rights are set up to favor women, systematically discriminating against men, ergo all women know not to piss off the goose that lays the golden egg, and thus quietly acquiesce to all but the most egregious examples of extreme 3rd wave feminism, like say the new “white feminism” memes (which Lana actually recent video about – meaning Lana’s a feminist, just not an anti ‘White Feminism’ feminist)

    Lasly, idk much about the Sanger controversy, but as for abortion clinics in the current year, whats the actual controversy?? that there are too many abortion clinics in black communities? Do they mean ALL black communities, and if not, have they found reductions in the abortion rates in the black communities with LESS clinics. Bottom line, while im not too sure, my impression is that the problem isnt about racism but about feminism. Straughan & the author of the book ‘The Case for Father Custody’ Daniel Amneus Phd, both claim that American black communities are the most matriarchial in the world, meaning that the women are more pampered by the govt/legal/medical system than any other group of Americans, that in real terms they totally win the ‘progressive stack’ of gibs, so if their analysis is correct, it’d make sense more abortion clinics open in black communities, not cause of discrimination against blacks, but the opposite, preferential treatment towards black women (as the absolute winners of the ‘progressive stack’).

    Anyway if anyone reading this can point me to some reasonable proof or conjecture as to Lana’s Jewishness, & likewise with Sanger, thats be cool. Thanks


    1. Lana is a Jewess who is playing WN/ Alt Right to insert Jews into Alt Right & WN. Answer the question, why would any Alt Right or WN feel the need to “clear Sanger’s name” as to racism against Blacks? ANSWER – Tribalism and Jews also want to keep harmony w/ their Black & Brown cast, also why does Lana go on a tangent in the middle of the video in SUPPORT of Planned Parenthood? When reading, listening and watching someone spread Disinfo, you have to tune out the Red Meat they throw to get and keep your attention and pay close attention to the stuff in between which is the message they are really conveying, in this , Why would any WN need to “clear up anything on Sanger, who was a Feminist/Jewess and why did Lana feel the need to rattle off PRO-Planned Parenthood Talking Points ???


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