Proud To Stand By Andrew Anglin
By: Rodney Martin, ANA Chairman
Matt Heimbach has long had schizophrenia in terms of his ideological identity. Depending on who is sitting in front of him on any given day, he is a Kosher Conservative, or a fascist, or a hardcore NSM-like Nazi, or a Romanian Iron Guard. One must ask if he was a Jew when he dated the Jewess while marching alongside her while she carried the the Israeli Flag. . Throughout all his recent ideological costumes, he has maintained the “Traditionalist Christian canard.
One example which demonstrates Heimbach’s schizophrenia, is the famous photograph of Heimbach in Confederate uniform, embracing a Negro with one arm and the American Flag with the other.


While Heimbach often talks hardcore, he actually feels quite at home with the Pee-Wee Herman’s and Homosexuals of the Movement. Heimbach never fails to attend a Jared Taylor AmRen Conference, the same Conference run by Jared Taylor who says Jews are White where David Duke was famously shouted down and called a “Nazi” by an invited Jew for having the audacity for addressing the Jewish problem. AmRen is the Conference where one encounters Non White or same sex spouses of the Conference Speakers, while tripping over a Jew and falling in the lap of a Homosexual sitting in the audience, all while hearing speakers opining about the destruction of our Culture. Seems a tad inconsistent doesn’t it? Recently on a Daily Stormer Podcast, Heimbach quoted Jack Donovan, saying Whites should be the “new barbarians”, the problem with this, while sounding good is Jack Donovan is an open homosexual. Do we need a sexual deviant to tell us how to be anything?

See more on Donovan and another Pro-Homosexual Heimbach often frolics with here: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/richard-spencers-faggotry-problem-npi-just-another-false-front/

Heimbach, while sometimes offering token criticism of Amren, never fails to attend and support Amren by his attendance and thereby funding AmRen by way of Conference Fees and mingling with the AmRen Jews, Homosexuals, race mixers and other assorted racial heretics and degenerates. Presence is an endorsement.


Heimbach’s “Trad Youth” has aligned with the American Freedom Party’s “National Youth Front” which is sponsored by an openly Jew-friendly Libertarian, and has a leader that engages in Jew-speak, brags of patronizing Jew establishments and uses Hollywood Jew actors as representing “Aryan Ancestors”.
Read more here: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/national-youth-fronts-false-claims-of-vistory-and-use-of-jew-hollywood-do-a-disservice-to-our-struggle/

Adding to Heimbach’s ideological schizophrenia is his hypocrisy on the issue of “Traditional Christianity”. There are several problems with an individual like Heimbach who leads with religion rather than Race. Heimbach’s statement that he views “Christian Blacks are his brothers in Christ and he favors them over White Pagans” remains problematic. It says that when push comes to shove, Heimbach will choose Religion over his People.
In the interest of full disclosure, Heimbach has questioned my Christianity based on my 23 year marriage to a Nordic Pagan. I am a Traditionalist Catholic and for 23 years my traditional marriage has thrived, produced 5 Aryan children, who like their parents are committed Racialists. While I maintain my Christian faith, I must say, White Pagans have a much stronger record on race than White Christians in recent years.

14 Words Child

While Heimbach claims a deep commitment to “Traditionalism”, his actions remain schizophrenic as his associations reveal. Heimbach has praised the “Daily Stormer”, a web site which does more harm to the image and efforts of Racial Nationalism and National Socialism than the Jewish media does on a daily basis. Perhaps, Heimbach has been so marginalized by his “foot in mouth” disease and his attempt to be the Al Gore of the White Nationalist Movement, i.e. his attempt to be all things to every audience he speaks to. No matter, Heimbach’s praise and recent announcement that he will be doing pod casts for the Daily Stormer is inconsistent with “Traditionalist Christianity”, specifically Daily Stormer’s secular and Jew-like attacks on White Aryan women and its secular and Jew-like attacks on Traditional Marriage and support for the Jewish secular “MGTOW” Movement, which is in reality feminism for men who are not capable of having a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. There is only one so called White Nationalist web site that refers to White Aryan women as “whores”, sluts” and “worse than Jews”, that web site is the Daily Stormer, which Matt Heimbach supports and endorses.

ANGLINComments like these are regularly posted and approved of by Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer:

Adolfus – April 12, 2015 at 4: 38 pm
“With that said, I do agree that white women are the #1 enemy of the white race.”

The concept of attacking marriage as “too risky” and even endorsing White male race mixing with Asian females, which Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin has done is inconsistent with racial nationalism and National Socialism.

Heimbach seems all too willing to overlook what should be irreconcilable differences in favor of air time and praise by gutter trash at Daily Stormer that believes we can promulgate our Race without marriage and Aryan women, something inconsistent with National Socialism and he is all too willing to hob-knob with Jews, Homosexuals, and race mixers at AmRen in his desire to look “respectable” and “credible”.


While Heimbach looks for friends in low places at the “Daily Stoner” and has Tea and Crumpets with Jews, Perverts, and Race Mixers at AmRen, real Racial Nationalists must look forward and beyond his theatrics and ideological schizophrenia. Who knows, next week Heimbach may be a Black Panther, if the Panthers embrace Christianity, by Heimbach’s own words, they will all be his brothers, and that is why he cannot be trusted in a war for the survival for our People.




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