Proud To Stand By Andrew Anglin
By: Rodney Martin, ANA Chairman
Matt Heimbach has long had schizophrenia in terms of his ideological identity. Depending on who is sitting in front of him on any given day, he is a Kosher Conservative, or a fascist, or a hardcore NSM-like Nazi, or a Romanian Iron Guard. One must ask if he was a Jew when he dated the Jewess while marching alongside her while she carried the the Israeli Flag. . Throughout all his recent ideological costumes, he has maintained the “Traditionalist Christian canard.
One example which demonstrates Heimbach’s schizophrenia, is the famous photograph of Heimbach in Confederate uniform, embracing a Negro with one arm and the American Flag with the other.


While Heimbach often talks hardcore, he actually feels quite at home with the Pee-Wee Herman’s and Homosexuals of the Movement. Heimbach never fails to attend a Jared Taylor AmRen Conference, the same Conference run by Jared Taylor who says Jews are White where David Duke was famously shouted down and called a “Nazi” by an invited Jew for having the audacity for addressing the Jewish problem. AmRen is the Conference where one encounters Non White or same sex spouses of the Conference Speakers, while tripping over a Jew and falling in the lap of a Homosexual sitting in the audience, all while hearing speakers opining about the destruction of our Culture. Seems a tad inconsistent doesn’t it? Recently on a Daily Stormer Podcast, Heimbach quoted Jack Donovan, saying Whites should be the “new barbarians”, the problem with this, while sounding good is Jack Donovan is an open homosexual. Do we need a sexual deviant to tell us how to be anything?

See more on Donovan and another Pro-Homosexual Heimbach often frolics with here: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/richard-spencers-faggotry-problem-npi-just-another-false-front/

Heimbach, while sometimes offering token criticism of Amren, never fails to attend and support Amren by his attendance and thereby funding AmRen by way of Conference Fees and mingling with the AmRen Jews, Homosexuals, race mixers and other assorted racial heretics and degenerates. Presence is an endorsement.


Heimbach’s “Trad Youth” has aligned with the American Freedom Party’s “National Youth Front” which is sponsored by an openly Jew-friendly Libertarian, and has a leader that engages in Jew-speak, brags of patronizing Jew establishments and uses Hollywood Jew actors as representing “Aryan Ancestors”.
Read more here: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/national-youth-fronts-false-claims-of-vistory-and-use-of-jew-hollywood-do-a-disservice-to-our-struggle/

Adding to Heimbach’s ideological schizophrenia is his hypocrisy on the issue of “Traditional Christianity”. There are several problems with an individual like Heimbach who leads with religion rather than Race. Heimbach’s statement that he views “Christian Blacks are his brothers in Christ and he favors them over White Pagans” remains problematic. It says that when push comes to shove, Heimbach will choose Religion over his People.
In the interest of full disclosure, Heimbach has questioned my Christianity based on my 23 year marriage to a Nordic Pagan. I am a Traditionalist Catholic and for 23 years my traditional marriage has thrived, produced 5 Aryan children, who like their parents are committed Racialists. While I maintain my Christian faith, I must say, White Pagans have a much stronger record on race than White Christians in recent years.

14 Words Child

While Heimbach claims a deep commitment to “Traditionalism”, his actions remain schizophrenic as his associations reveal. Heimbach has praised the “Daily Stormer”, a web site which does more harm to the image and efforts of Racial Nationalism and National Socialism than the Jewish media does on a daily basis. Perhaps, Heimbach has been so marginalized by his “foot in mouth” disease and his attempt to be the Al Gore of the White Nationalist Movement, i.e. his attempt to be all things to every audience he speaks to. No matter, Heimbach’s praise and recent announcement that he will be doing pod casts for the Daily Stormer is inconsistent with “Traditionalist Christianity”, specifically Daily Stormer’s secular and Jew-like attacks on White Aryan women and its secular and Jew-like attacks on Traditional Marriage and support for the Jewish secular “MGTOW” Movement, which is in reality feminism for men who are not capable of having a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. There is only one so called White Nationalist web site that refers to White Aryan women as “whores”, sluts” and “worse than Jews”, that web site is the Daily Stormer, which Matt Heimbach supports and endorses.

ANGLINComments like these are regularly posted and approved of by Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer:

Adolfus – April 12, 2015 at 4: 38 pm
“With that said, I do agree that white women are the #1 enemy of the white race.”

The concept of attacking marriage as “too risky” and even endorsing White male race mixing with Asian females, which Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin has done is inconsistent with racial nationalism and National Socialism.

Heimbach seems all too willing to overlook what should be irreconcilable differences in favor of air time and praise by gutter trash at Daily Stormer that believes we can promulgate our Race without marriage and Aryan women, something inconsistent with National Socialism and he is all too willing to hob-knob with Jews, Homosexuals, and race mixers at AmRen in his desire to look “respectable” and “credible”.


While Heimbach looks for friends in low places at the “Daily Stoner” and has Tea and Crumpets with Jews, Perverts, and Race Mixers at AmRen, real Racial Nationalists must look forward and beyond his theatrics and ideological schizophrenia. Who knows, next week Heimbach may be a Black Panther, if the Panthers embrace Christianity, by Heimbach’s own words, they will all be his brothers, and that is why he cannot be trusted in a war for the survival for our People.




    1. Spot on. I’m 41 year old female divorcee whose Mormon ex-husband couldn’t handle my opposition to political zionism. Anyhow, Heimbach is Jewish. Daily Kenn is a neocon. This was a disaster, he’s literally giving ADL a free gift, it’s kabuki theater. Amren never mentions the real problem.


      1. Thank you, Please write more. You are correct on ALL Points. Mormonism is a Corporation actually, its legal name is “The Corporation for the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints” Mormon Church is NOT a NON-Profit, nor a Charitable Entity. It also has the official position it will pay taxes and kneel to the State before God. Pardon me while I puke. It has no Crosses or Religious Icons or Symbols on any of its buildings EXCEPT the Salt Lake Temple, which has the … drum roll please … the Star of David.


  1. You older guys just don’t get it with our “Aryan Princesses.” Its mindblowing so many ppl in the European Nationalism (I dislike referring to ourselves as “white,” too simplistic & inaccurate) movement are full on male feminists.

    The cognitive dissonance is amazing. Most of you are aware the Jews were the force promoting Feminism, yet you act as their dog catchers because you’re deluded by this social poison (its cool, been there myself, “oy vey! Our innocent princesses are beyond reproach, we need them”). It was the first and most decisive stage of their Cultural Revolution.

    You guys want to pretend as though (the masses of) our women are still decent little ladies rather than the ultra promiscuous whores they have become. They are indeed de facto servants of the Jews. Where ppl like yourself freak out is you think men like myself are going to cause us to lose our women (@ worse paranoid types think we are the infamous “controlled opposition” of the flat earth, lol).

    Well, mate, newsflash, WE ARE ALREADY LOSING OUR WOMEN! Every day more European descended women will have sex with a nigger for the first time.

    This has hit me in my personal life. An absolutely very cute/pretty estranged ex gf became a mudshark approx 3 years ago. We had dated 8 years prior and during that time she had told me blacks were “disgusting” and she couldn’t stand them. Well, in a “boring” second marriage with a decent fundamentalist christian man who provided for her bastard daughter from her previous marriage, she started cheating on him. Eventually she started having sex with niggers to humiliate him all the more, he told me some stuff that broke my heart.

    Men like you are wilfully blind of Female Reproductive Biology aka their Sexual Biology and Evolutionary Psychology. You don’t want to know because it truly is the hardest pill for most men to swallow. It certainly was for me! Its like finding out Santa isn’t real, but much more unsettling and disappointing.

    Women’s literal evolutionary strategy (absent FUNCTIONING marriage, which the Jews have turned into an anti-European man weapon) is to reproduce with an Alpha male and then find a reliable easily controllable Beta male to take care of the ladies man’s child, to Cuckold the guy. She winds spreads her genes to the maximum extent possible by getting the highly attractive Alpha’s genes because that guy’s child will also probably have his father’s attractive genes. She looks for a Beta after pregnancy to get resources simply out of necessity, a man with tons of mating options is very very rarely going to say, “yeah, I think I’ll just settle for this one woman who’s beauty is going to fade quite rapidly instead of continue having infinite sex with lots of beautiful women” a literal harem which can be replaced with up and coming young women for many years.

    The Alpha WILL have sex with an average-ish woman, one time (or several), and not respond to their text the next day or after a few months, which is why women are always whining about “men won’t commit.” Women are biologically hardwired to only want to mate with a man who other women want. They all believe nowadays especially they each deserve an Alpha and they each deserve an Alpha to commit exclusively to them (which paradoxically would relinquish his status as an Alpha). With the Jewish media apparatus and shows like Sex and the City, women are only more delusional about this than ever.

    This stuff is not controversial scientifically in the slightest. Genetic studies prove that in cave man times approx 80% of women reproduced but only 40% of men did (that is a HIGH estimate, it may well have only been as low as 15%). That means women shared men and the majority of men simply didn’t get to have children of their own.

    That is what the Jews have unleashed upon us, a return to cave man mating strategy. Except, much worse.

    Men as yourself are essentially saying you have no problem with our women spending the extremely short period of their peak fertility having sex with tons of Alpha type men while ignoring decent but “boring” Betas. You attack men like myself who are against what marriage has become thanks to the Jews. Functioning marriage is what enables civilization but men like you haven’t got the memo that marriage doesn’t mean shit nowadays. The divorce rate is approx 60% and rising. Most importantly, it is women filing at least 70% of the time (its argued many times women coerce the man to file). They are destroying marriages every day. Then, thanks to Feminism, the State forcibly seizes the husband’s assets. These women filing for divorce aren’t just returning to being single; there is almost always another man. Frequently, they’ve already been having an affair before they file. The “no fault” divorce laws are such that a woman can cheat on her faithful diligent husband and he still winds up losing his assets. He winds up supporting her and her new boy toy the rest of his life. Frequently, its a nigger nowadays. The women do that largely to humiliate their ex husbands. Hell hath no fury as a woman’s scorn.

    This is reality and it sucks! Women are taught to raise their status within society climbing the Affirmative Action of useless jobs. Women report wanting to date men of higher status than themselves. They “marry up.” So, as they ride the Cock Carousel with meaningless casual sex throughout the years their beauty is at its highest, refusing to have children, they are also limiting the number of attractive mates available to them as they raise their status within society.

    Also, since their beauty fades rapidly (24 is the average age of peak fertility, their beauty directly corresponds to their fertility), they start getting ignored by the Alphas. They decide to cash out and find a man who will commit with marriage, thus ensuring their long-term access to resources (with the State being their insurance). In spite of everything, the vast majority of women still report wanting to be provided for later in life.

    I am in my early 30’s and I will straight up tell you based on personal experience and observation, the vast majority of our young women are promiscuous to the extreme and downright unfeminine. They are extremely narcissistic as a result of being told they are perfect snowflakes sent from the heavens themselves to enrich the world with the magnificence that is their very presence, since birth. Also because of literally endless male attention, even if they are only semi-attractive, with hordes of desperate men giving them daily validation thanks to Social Media.

    They curse like men, view casual sex as totally cool, don’t want to be mothers until the last possible second, are selfish to an extreme, vindictive, and totally on board with the Jews anti-European agenda. Single Euro-American women are more opposed to Trump’s Border Wall than Mexicans! That is a sexually driven mindset.

    As a group, the majority of them are in favor of flooding our countries with shitskins. It makes sense when you are aware of their sexual biology, make men compete with one another more to let natural selection filter weak men out of the picture. Ever see pictures of those “refugees welcome” rallies in mainland Europe? The crowds are +90% European women, not men. Its well known approximately 70-90% of the shitskins flooding Europe are men.

    Women will naturally hide their promiscuity to a prospective mate. In studies concerning women’s sexual biology, women initially will claim to have slept with only 1-3 men. When they are told they’ll be hooked up to a lie detector test, the truth comes out. 40, 50, 100 men, by the time they are starting college.

    I believe wholeheartedly that each man they have sex with does indeed “take” something from the woman. It compromises her ability to psychologically bond to the next man in a LASTING way. Virgins have always been highly prized for marriage at least partly for that reason (in all fairness, part of it was just to ensure any children from the marriage were the husband’s biological children). When both men and women have sex with one another, the “cuddle/love” hormone, Oxytocin, is released. However, far more is released in the woman’s bloodstream. In other words, the physical act of sexual intercourse causes the psychological sensation of being in love. Yet, as we all know, our modern “liberated” women go along with the idea sex is sometimes simply for physical pleasure. Frequently, in practice.

    The idea we are going to defeat the Jews so long as the Jewish ideology of Feminism is being practiced is nonsensical, bro. The idea that even part of Feminism actually involves anything which benefits women is untrue. They’re miserable. Approximately 2/3 of women are prescribed to anti-depressants to get through the day. Female teenage suicide has skyrocketed, along with mental illness.

    You cannot congruently be a White European Nationalist and a Feminist. It is an anti-white ideology designed to tear our men and women apart. It has already done so. Notice Feminism isn’t pushed on any of the other races nor in Israel.

    It seems at least once a month I hear about European women teachers fucking their students. There was one a couple of months ago married to the high school’s football team who got caught having sex with the team’s players. No information was released about the player’s race so chances are they were niggers. Regardless, the husband “forgave” her and stood by her. We are getting cuckolded on an industrial scale. I am from the New Orleans area and over the previous 5 or so years, race-mixing has exploded. Ten years ago it was rare and confined to mostly unattractive obese Euro women. Not nowadays. The women openly with niggers are frequently highly attractive and in their prime fertility, their early 20’s. I see lots of that and lots of middle age women who were very obviously previously married to a Euro man.

    We have become pathetic weak pushovers (as a whole) thanks to Feminism. Women universally find Dominance, Assertiveness, and Confidence to be desirable traits in a man. Scientific studies have proven women are able to smell testosterone from our body odor and there is a strong correlation they find higher levels of T to be more attractive. Niggers have approx 15-20% testosterone than us in their bloodstream. More importantly, they are notorious for being hyper-masculine when they are young. Our women know they are dangerous and yet they are having sex with them in steadily increasing numbers. I saw the pictures of a bunch of white European women gather to come have drinks with OJ Simpeon when the monkey was released from prison.

    The point is our women aren’t even attracted to us anymore. They have been abandoned by us thanks to our having embraced Feminism. You can deny reality all you want but they are servants of the Jews (as a whole). You can preach nonsensical female logic like “you have to search really really hard to find a good woman” all you want. There is truth to that but, in reality, its a search for a “least damaged” woman, as a young single man. Quality women as they once existed are currently a thing of the past and it is our fault for having failed to stop it (thus far).

    If you are an average young single Euro man, your long-term mating options suck. Only a fool would get legally married in this circumstance. Do you get it now? For the time being, legally marrying is actually perpetuating marriage being a failed anti-white weapon of an institution. There are literally no benefits for the man but life-threatening downsides. You can get all of the benefits of marriage with long-term cohabitation. Furthermore, refusing legal marriage in favor of unmarried long-term cohabitation will keep a woman on better behavior. She actually has something to lose whereas in a marriage she has only to gain. She’s less likely to leave after having children and certainly less likely to get fat and let herself go as tons of married women do nowadays. She’s less likely to withold sex. Its the only sane approach for a man in light of what’s happening.

    What must be done is restore marriage to what it once was. Men must band together and make demands women improve upon themselves. Women must return to their traditional role as mothers and keepers of the home. Right now, instead of having children during their prime, many are screwing their professors or bosses or Harvey Weinstein to get ahead to raise their status. Who can seriously argue that that’s a good thing? For the women? For men? For society?

    So long as they can leave the house, they’re going to cheat. Women cheat absent any form of guilt simply because a woman is biologically incapable of taking full responsibility for her actions. Can’t hate a dog for being a dog, but it is true. They think that if they tell a man they are already in a relationship and the man ignores it and they have sex it is “his fault.”

    All of the ancient traditions we implemented for thousands of years (until the previous century) were designed to minimize infidelity, especially female infidelity.

    Feminism infected us because it exploits one of our most powerful biological instincts and turns it against ourselves. The desire to protect women. The NEED to protect women. Feminism taught us we are dangerous to our women. So when you write articles like this thinking men who say women must be controlled/”oppressed” by being coerced to return to their natural civilized role as mothers wherein they are supported and taken care of by a decent man pose a danger to women, that is what’s at work.

    You were brainwashed by the Jews to believe European men are dangerous to our women. Images of helpless innocent women hopelessly trapped in marriages where they get beaten by their drunken husband when he comes home from work as the children watch terrorized. It’s only “fair” she have a way to get out and not be ostracized nor destitute afterwards. All that stuff. Well, of course that happened, just not on the huge scale we are to believe.

    Most women had loving dedicated husbands who treasured them (many still do yet they are divorcing them because they miss that raw primal thrill they experienced when they were younger when they had the world at their feet and all the Jewish tv shows constantly tell them they can get it again as middle aged women). Many men just didn’t understand female psychology, like my grandfather. That women unconsciously test us ALL the time, so long as they are involved with us, for evolutionary reasons (“shit tests”). That only a fool takes a woman literally at her word. The wise man observes what a woman actually does, not what she says.

    This topic could be discussed for years. We need WhiteSharia in order to survive. The Romans (who predated the Muslims by a thousand years) basically practiced the same system. Women were property. Marriages were arranged. Women did not leave the house without an escort. Yet everyone agrees the Romans were able to build what was perhaps the pinnacle of White European civilization while their women were “oppressed.” Roman historians wrote about Barbarian women, who were not “oppressed” but “liberated,” like our women today. We know what happened to the Barbarian men who didn’t have a functioning institution of marriage. They were conquered by an outside civilization which had functioning marriage wherein both sides benefitted equally, as have ALL civilizations where marriage failed. In Europe, all of our women are well aware of how the Muslims treat women yet they gather in massive crowds demanding the Muslims come flood their countries.

    Your narrative only works if women were really the innocent pure virtuous creatures of the classic Disney movies. Science has disproven that delusion. Yep, it sucks that their true nature is far darker. Read “Hyper Female Sexual Utopia: the Feminist Revolt Against Civilization.” Your pro Feminist viewpoint is going to only continue being rejected and mocked more as time goes on. More and more of our men are learning about women’s true nature every day. More and more of our men are realizing there is a war against them. More and more of our men see what our women have become and are disgusted. Doesn’t mean we hate women, some/many do. I do not. I hate what they’ve become and how arrogantly selfish many are today, how downright difficult & ridiculous they are to deal with; however, I view them as victims. I remind myself it is our fault this is happening.

    We got soft and weak. Well, keep being an unwitting naive but useful dog catcher for the Jews and lecture us about how women deserve to have the ability to vote (even though its obvious the avg woman doesn’t care about history/politics beyond voting for the State to continue redistributing men’s wealth to her) and that they belong in the work force having affairs with their coworkers if you wish. Women are much more skilled at screwing around than men and most husbands remain ignorantly blissful. We know better and the joke is on you.


    1. YOU try to tell me about me and women, your problem is you don’t know what you don’t know. I have been married 24 years, with the same white woman 25 years and I have 9 children. Now shut up & listen. The issue with women is two-fold, 1 the promiscuous issue you address began with the trashy worthless millennial generation and 2- is also the fault of men who act like boys, i.e. boys who won’t grow up, i.e. excessive video game playing, won’t get a job, dress like slobs, treat women horribly and act like juveniles. The MAIN reason Blacks & Browns get White women is because they pay attention to women, while little boy white boys are playing their games with each other. Go ask them, White women are simpletons, they crave attention. Give it to them instead of your Bruhs. You also KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the Jew, it was you and your kind that met your Stalingrad at Charlottesville, and as a result today WN and your “Alt Right” has been set back 40 years, i.e. de-platformed, fundraising crippled, members doxed and running, disavowing, and running for the hills. Interestingly, most of you have very shallow beliefs, IF you get a good paying job from a Jew or start getting pussy on a semi regular basis or even if a woman lets you hold her hand, but tells you she doesn’t like WN, most of you quit, i.e. Nathan Damigo quit as soon as he got married and many other now former WN quit when they got jobs at Wal Mart. The thing about us older guys and I am not really “older” is we never shimmy in what we believe and we have the ability to see fakes, phonies, frauds and flash in the pans. I bet you are a MAGA Hat wearing Trump Train riding guy but only is in WN/Alt Right because you are butthurt over your Ex taking up with a nigger. Guess what, that is your fault. Now go man up, and look for a nice girl in the right place. Odds are you found the ex in the wrong place or you and her just ran the course, i.e High School BF & GF almost never last. If you are just using what you think is “The Movement” as a “steam release”, get out now, otherwise, take some personal time and figure out where you want to go in life, and find a nice girl in the right place, then chart your course. BTW, that may require you relocating.


    2. Lol. You are flat earth controlled opposition. I’m a 41 year old divorcee whose Mormon ex-husband couldn’t handle my “racism,” which I acquired by bible study. He won custody by default in an expedited divorce hearing because I wasn’t served, dispite his domestic violence conviction from 2011. He couldn’t be masculine in a real way, just all the wrong ways. I don’t have attorney money to enforce visitation so I can’t ever see my daughter, so much for motherhood. I used to homeschool and cook 7 nights a week, 52 weeks a year but entering the labor force at age 39 without a college degree means that I work manual labor for minimum wage and have no hope of coming up with lawyer money. The IRS garnished his 2011 tax debt from my wages all winter because I was stupid and took a job with the federal government as an intermittent employee. I took that job because it paid more, but the IRS felt entitled to my wages. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with them and they said that I should pay 100% of his 2011 tax debt, which has now more than doubled due to interest and penalties bevayse it’s a “Civil matter” and I should hire a lawyer to sue him for all or part of it. Right back to square one, like I’m going to produce attorney money on wage garnishment. So much for provider, lol. He’s not a provider. Your argument is based on crap. MGTOW is a feminist movement. White Sharia is controlled opposition and Matt Heimbach is Jewish. As for me, I’m in a deeply committed relationship with coffee and espresso and other caffeinated beverages just to spite the Mormon apostates and to keep myself going working 60 plus hours a week. He literally makes 3 times as much and I’m paying taxes on his wages with my wages. Well, to hell with the Federal government, I learned a lesson and am laid off now and won’t be doing that again! Let IRS find me in the private sector. (They won’t) My daughter was 10 when this began and we were apart only 5 days in her whole life, she went to summer bible camp after a house fire and I thought that 5 days would kill me. I homeschooled my step sons who were over the age of 18 and my daughter was the youngest. Raising those kids was hell, talk about someone’s bastard child…yuck. I’d never date again, I got a 3 pound purse rat dog who keeps me company and she’s much more loyal than a man. It sucks that I even had kids at all because I feel like white children are born with targets painted on their foreheads and I hate knowing that I brought an innocent kid into such a hostile world, she’s motherless now. She used to have blonde hair. I was on the phone with her last week, almost 13 years old now, asked her what she was doing and she replied she was dying her hair. I asked who bought her the dye, “Dad did. ” Lemme talk to him! “He’s in the bathroom and can’t come to phone!” CLICK! So, her birthday is in 10 days and I can’t see my emo kid because her alcoholic dad says I’m just racist. SMH. Some day I’ll teach her about liars like you and to stay away from Sharia law. It’s too bad I couldn’t scrub the bullseye off her forehead, she’s a sitting white duck, a little lamb for the multicultural/white sharia law slaughter. The End. I’m glad we’re done with Heimbach.


      1. There’s a lot of typos because this phone always thinks it knows what I want to say. Occam’s razor to you, what lengthy apologetics for bad ideas, like White Sharia Law! Damn, from Heimbach to more controlled opposition. I’m just a mother who wishes we could scrub the bullseye off our kids’ white foreheads, they are the target of so much crap. 😦


    3. I almost can’t wait to hear your reply. Mormonism is white sharia law, we’ve already had it for decades. The Mormon church just donated 5 million for Muslim immigrants to be shipped in to Idaho and tells its members to support DACA. So, I know for a fact that all your commentary has already been tried and failed. The reason Mormons and Muslims are inbred is because of polygamy. Yuck. If I knew then what I know now, I’d avoid having white kids because people like you will ecploit them further with no empathy for what this Judaized society has already done to them. The reason why young people don’t get married or have kids is because there’s a psychological fear, based on instinct, they know we’re under attack unconsciously even though they won’t say it aloud.


      1. Remember, Jews & Arabs ( Muslims) are biologically related, they share DNA, they are Cousins, one is the Smart Rich Snob, the Other is the Ugly, Poor Dumb Bastard. Their Religion is Parallel . Christianity (Protestants) until a Jew wrote the Scofield Bible & injected Zionism into Protestantism. Catholicism was great until Vatican II. LDS, that was the creation by a Flake/Mason named Smith who cried out the Mason Call when he was about to get killed. He hoped it would be the “American Church” like the Anglican Church is the Church of England (my opinion based on my conversations w/ Mormon Bishops & Stake Presidents ( I am NOT LDS). so don’t freak out. LDS has also long supported illegal Aliens, mostly for the cheap labor for their LDS fat cat business owners and for house maids. They frown on the Yard Boys banging their daughters, UNLESS they leave the Catholic Church and become LDS, then its fine. I don’t regret my kids, I do regret not doing more for them in terms of environment. About the best White people can do now is pull back from the areas that are lost, and there ARE Regions that are LOST FOREVER. Anyone who says we are taking America back is a Liar, Moron, and saying it for fundraising. The Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, are great nearly EVERY City & Town is 95+% WHITE. IF there was a massive migration of White=Wealth=Talent=Brains=Industry to these Areas & OUT of the dominate Non-White Regions, the “Jew-S. A” would collapse, as the remaining areas would no longer be sustainable, and would end up like South Africa & Venezuela within 5 years. This would happen peacefully, the rotten structure that is the U.S.A. would collapse under its own weight like the Soviet Union did in 1991 and WE could build our own NOT Ethno State BUT Racial State. I want a Wall around my People, NOT the USA, its all about timing.
        UNLIKE, the AssClowns of the AltRight, I do have some idea how this works. Its patience, baby steps, building upon RELIABLE people. I have raised 5 already.


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