It doesn’t get any better than this.  In a July 6, 2015 article, Matt Heimbach, i.e. Parrott of Arabia’s cohort at the ” NOT so Trad Youth” said this:

Mix It Up: Miscegenation and the Death of a Nation

By: Matthew Heimbach

A Superior German Shepherd DogMiscegenation is not a strength in society or in relationships. The mixing of different breeds in the animal kingdom is known for being a negative thing. Mixing a racing horse and https://wordpress.com/post/77738468/new/a Clydesdale does not making a stronger race horse, it creates an odd mix that is not suited for either of the parents biological purposes…     http://www.tradyouth.org/2013/07/mix-it-up/

WOW….So ask Matt Heimbach if this applies to his Co Pilot Matt Parrott who has ADMITTED entering in to a MIXED RACE Relationship i.e. “MISCEGENATION”


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