Richard Spencer is OUT at NPI


When Richard Spencer took over as Executive Director NPI ( National Policy Institute), it was a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization, today in 2017, NPI is NO longer a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization and NOT because of “Politics” or any sort of conspiracy. NPI LOST its 501c3 Status because of Richard Spencer’s bungling incompetence, he FAILED to submit required documents for (3) THREE CONSECUTIVE years. http://nypost.com/2017/03/14/irs-revokes-tax-exempt-status-for-richard-spencers-white-nationalist-group/ 

Perhaps Spencer should have been doing his job instead of attempting to win the Center-fold for The Advocate Magazine and engaging shameless self promotion.


Perhaps this is a reason Spencer has been REPLACED as Executive Director of NPI, effective July 31, 2017, http://kenyoncollegian.com/2017/07/30/white-nationalist-lobbying-group-names-kenyon-alum-as-executive-director/

by a little known person,Evan McLaren,   who has NO prior association to the “Alt Right” or “White Culture” Movements.


McLaren made massive changes to his various Social Media Accounts, quickly adding various Pro-White Wall Paper and articles upon his appointment, gotta wonder … LOL




8 thoughts on “Richard Spencer is OUT at NPI

    1. The Advocate thing is in reaction to his media whoring to every hostile Leftist Media and his saying Homosexuality is the last vestige of Western Civilization. Spencer talks like, dresses like and acts like a FAG

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  1. Spencer explained this in great detail months ago. And Evan has been around for a long time (I’m not from the US and even I knew of him since 2015). This blog doesn’t make sense. Everything I have read here, including the strange points about Damigo being ‘fired’ seem deliberately obfuscating. Am I missing something? Is this blog like a parody of sensationalist false headlines?


    1. Spencer explained a LOT BUT NPI still failed to file Tax Documents for (3) THREE Years in a row and LOST its Tax Exemption. That is FACT.
      Spencer admitted he is not good at paperwork that is FACT
      As for the “new guy” being known to you since 2015, that is about 24 Months, well Jason Kessler is a Newbee too, and we see how great he has been for the “Movement” as well. BTW, Spencer is a Flaming Faggot who married a Bolshevik bitch in attempt to look straight. NOTHING in this Post is NOT Factual and you have NOT disputed the Facts, only said “Spencer explained it all”, no go back and give him a reach around and get some more talking points faggot.


    2. Evan is not even white, he has clear characteristics common to Mongoloids; wide forehead, thick eyebrows, small eyes, flat and wide nose, wide tooth arch, thick lips … maybe it’s just another Jew pretending to be white


  2. Dickie and Dickie’s mother and sister got $2.1 million in USDA payments for their Louisiana corn and cotton farm over the past few years. So if one or two tards send in a $6.66 cent check every so often what good does it do to keep up a 501(c)(3) account? Dickie has no shortage of ZOGbux and doesn’t need bowel-Movement whiggaz-mites and geezer-gelt but could use the names of many a herd of fuktard.

    Check out
    and search “Regnery Circus” and you will find out quite a bit about Dickie Spencer dating from 2010.

    Dickie Spencer is also really good friends with Attorney Kyle Bristow whose law clerk is Bryan Reo, who is suing me and my Church for calling the n*gger-lipped mamzer faggot what it is. So much for freedumb of speech. They are trying to sue the University of Michigan for $75000 on bogus claims of damage. I call them the ZOGbot Poverty Flaw Center.

    What is known about Dickie Spencer, the 1/8th jew mischling and effeminate faggot that the $PLC is trying to make into a :bowel Movement unter-shiessen-kopfen-fatten-feeben-fuktard-fuerher puts the lie to all such nonsense. Stay at home and stay out of trouble rather than get into trouble with the rest of the ZOGtards following the ZOGbots. ZOG is about to go belly up and you best need to stock up on canned food and shotgun shells if you want to do something constructive.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


  3. Richard Spencer did not quit or get fired from the NPI. He is still the NPI’s president. Evan McLaren is the NPI’s executive director. These are two different positions.

    Go watch Evan McLaren’s single video on YouTube. He comes across as an insincere spook and emits a gay “vibe” just like Richard Spencer does:


    1. LOL, Yes, I know JUST LIKE when the Soviets wanted to get rid of an incompetent or aged out person BUT save face, they would make them “President” of the Soviet Union. Andrei Gromyko was made “President of the USSR”, a title with no real position. Spencer failed at the real work and LOST a VALUABLE asset NPI had. Tax exemption is a positive in terms of Fundraising as donors can deduct the donation from their Taxes, Spencer’s LOSS of the NPI Tax Exemption no doubt will have an impact as donors who saw the tax benefit will no longer have that justification. Keep in mind Spencer is the NPI “Boy-Toy” to the aging NPI SuggarDaddy William Regnery II, so no doubt the “Old Queen in the Closet of the Alt Right” chose to use the Soviet model.


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