As a public figure, a “publisher” of a self described hardcore “Nazi” web site, Andrew Anglin is subject to review, criticism, and questioning.  Anglin does not enjoy the status of a “private person”, thus his actions and representations are subject to cross opinion and he himself is subject to investigation based on his own statements,  actions and inconsistencies.

Ever wonder why Andrew Anglin stays out of U.S. jurisdiction?  He says it is a “cost of living issue”, however isn’t living at home until you get a job the most cost effective AND Anglin’s family are a family of means.

Ever wonder why Daily Stormer donations are sent to his Daddy in Ohio instead of Lil Andrew directly?  Why doesn’t Andrew want to post ANY sort of contact information?

Anglin bragging about his “Jailbait” underage Filipino girl friend.


Click & Play the Video here: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/svn2nn5lo2r878o/Andre_Anglin_Fraud.mp4

NOTE: Philippines: Child sex tourism is known as a serious problem in the Philippines. The Trafficking in Persons Report of 2010 reports of tourists coming from Northeast Asia, Australia, Europe and North America to engage in sex with children. With new technology like the internet, some children form cyber relationships with men from other countries and get money by sending pornographic images over the internet.

Wonder why a person consistently hides outside of U.S. jurisdiction?  Traveling overseas to engage in sex with minors is a federal felony.

Pub.L. 108–21, 117 Stat. 650, S. 151

FACT SHEET: http://www.justice.gov/archive/opa/pr/2003/April/03_ag_266.htm

Andrew Anglin has a history of:

Overseas travel to certain locations of the globe which are conducive to underage sex tourism

Andrew Anglin has made pedophilia-like statements on his former Social Media speaking in glowing terms about a prepubescent black girl.


Andrew Anglin has made statements, and even wrote a Manifesto, urging the lowing of the age of consent to 14 and 15 and State-sponsored /mandated marriages between young girls of these ages and much older men.

Andrew Anglin has no history of relationships with women, specifically given his so called “Racialist” views, with White women his own age.  In fact Anglin demonstrates hostility and often attacks women in his own Race and supports White male race-mixing with Asian.

Andrew Anglin has also stated he “is only attracted to black girls” on a podcast with a black convicted drug dealer.


Andrew Anglin has gone to great efforts to remove his prior incriminating statements and any video on You Tube or blog post which exposes him by way of threats of “litigation”.  Interestingly any such litigation would require reciprocal Discovery and allow for the other Party to ask any question of Anglin in Pre-Trial Discovery and seek documents, etc.  Andrew Anglin’s threats of litigation are just hot air as he would have to come out of hiding and would be exposed by his own “litigation”.


Gotta wonder if his father (Greg Anglin) acting as a conduit,i.e. accepting donations at a U.S. address:

Andrew Anglin
6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
Worthington, Ohio

then funneling the cash to young Andrew’s hiding place is a felony too?  YES…IT IS

“A person is an accessory to a crime if, with intent to hinder, delay or PREVENT the discovery, detection, apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for the commission of a crime, he renders assistance to such person.” This crime can be up to a Class 4 FELONY, punishable by up to two (2) years in prison and/or a fine up to $500,000.00

It appears Anglin the father has serious issues as well, so while young Andrew defrauds White Nationalists, Greg defrauds his “clients”

See here: http://www.insiderpages.com/b/3719810342/christian-counselors-group-worthington

This all assumes Andrew and Greg Anglin are aware of a pending investigation or Warrant OR Andrew is just still engaging in “tourism” and fearful of the uncertainty returning to the U.S.


In August of this year “Lil” Andrew called for “Total War” against a “Jewish Attack” on his mother.

The problem is there was NO “Jewish” attack.  What happened was a local NBC News Affiliate ran the story regarding Dylan Roof’s connection to Anglin’s Daily Stormer and looked for a local address connected to Andrew and knocked on Andrew’s  mother’s door. That news report can be found here:


Its a pity because the NBC Affiliate should have done more research and investigated Andrew’s father’s ( Greg) role and his acting as a conduit and funneling funds to his son so as to allow Andrew to remain safely outside U.S. Jurisdiction. This is the REAL news story.

As a result Andrew declared on his online rag that his “mother required protection” from world Jewry ( Note the Reporter is NOT Jewish and promptly left Mrs. Anglin’s home when she indicated she had no comment), however because Andrew himself WILL NOT return to U.S. Jurisdiction (EVEN TO PROTECT HIS OWN MOTHER) he asked Matt Parrott to move in with his mother.  Parrott many may recall is a fellow “White Nationalist” who has engaged in race-mixing, ( with the same Non-White female Andrew once fancied and sent vulgar mages to) Anglin and Parrott’s online exchanges regarding a Non-White female can be found in this article as well as a complete expose’ on Anglin’s race-mixing history: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/andrew-anglin-hate-for-white-women-lusting-for-non-white-women-exposed/


  1. For those of us in Worthington who watched LIttle Andrew grow ‘up’, are delighted he is no longer in our midst. He was a sad little boy with seriously deranged parents; when he wasn’t constantly banging his head against walls and the floor, he was trying to get non-white boys to have sex with him. He seemed to like male Negroes VERY MUCH back then, but they all rejected him. He was a hot mess of insecurity and brain damage long before he finished high school (IF he ever finished). It was too sad that his father was too incompetent as a therapist to save Andy’s brain. He stood by and watched (listened) to Andy smashing his skull against the wall for YEARS until the damage was done and his frontal lobe was as soft as his manhood. We lost Little Andy to really bad parenting and sexual abuse. And so the cycle continues . . .


  2. I was told that Anglin’s website used to get 500,000 hits a day….Which is probably true because there are 500,000 white idiots out there who truly deserve to get conned…


    1. I do NOT think his hits were that high, I think he got roughly the same traffic as Stormdrain PLUS its rejects Black bounced who couldn’t post up swastikas. Understand 99% of WN are in it or follow it as a steam valve and for entertainment, it is not and they are not a “Revolutionary Movement”. There are more Latinos who will be at a LOCAL front yard birthday Party this weekend than WN who attended at Charlottsville from all around the U.S. and Canada.


  3. “White Nationalists” we got them in The Netherlands too. Boasting about Ethno State, etc.
    I am wondering about the involvement of the jews in those movements, they try to break up white society or set up organisations like ” neo-nazi lookalikes” to do so.
    Europe got a “Millionaire Goldsmith supports the left and the extreme right”. Interesting article cause this guy mingles with left and right. For me this is not correct, this must be a set up.
    There is a new movement in The Netherlands called Erkenbrand where Jared Taylor will be and a Belgium guy called Steuckers “no I am no zionist, not gay and dont do race mixing”. They get financial backing by Goldsmith. How the hell can you call yourself no zionist when your financial backer supports left and right and its name is Goldsmith.

    My scare is that these guys are making trouble in a status quo situation in our country and just try to fuck things up under the cover of “White Nationalist or ethno state nonsens”.

    Well thx and have a nice day.


    1. Quite interesting. Edward Goldsmith died in 2009, however. How does that connect with the newer organizations you mention ? Did Goldsmith have a son ?

      The Dutch Edmund Burke society certainly was sponsored with Jewish money (the pharmaceutical company Pfizer). It’s likely that from there other moderate conservative groups received money as well.


      1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldschmidt_family

        Op maandag 19 februari 2018 heeft THE MOVEMENT CRITIC het volgende geschreven:

        > Memento audere semper commented: “Quite interesting. Edward Goldsmith died > in 2009, however. How does that connect with the newer organizations you > mention ? Did Goldsmith have a son ? The Dutch Edmund Burke society > certainly was sponsored with Jewish money (the pharmaceutical company ” >


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