Greg Johnson in the closet paranoia


“Dr” Greg Johnson is paranoid about being seen.  Disclosure, I have seen him at at least TWO IHR Meetings where he attended merely to hock his books, he set up a table and sold a few.  I was able to snap a pic.  He is NOT imposing, a large white fellow, pocked face, glasses, well spoken.

I posted a comment on his current article HERE http://www.counter-currents.com/2016/12/dealing-with-doxers/#more-67868 in which he frets about “Doxing” and calls for punishment, what he is really scared of is HIS pic being posted, which I WILL do when I get home from my current vacation.

As you can see in the comments, all his minions and assorted pussys, fags, and cowards all agree with him that we must punish “Doxers”, but I recognize many of these “Screen Names” who delighted when my wife was falsely accused and was defacto “Doxed”, she is now gravely ill.  I also remember these FuckWads getting their rocks off when the Jew lover Yeager-Kahant posted edited private emails as well.  Shall I say hypocrites and maids at the market.

NO victory can be won with the likes of limp wristed sissys like Johnson whose real fear is his buddies at the bath house won’t give him a reach around if they realize he has been playing at White Nationalism if they see his picture associated with WN.


Here is Johnson’s reply to my Post, which he did NOT post in his comment section.I replied back that IHR Meetings are Quasi Public and full of Video cameras and many pictures are taken and I have had mine taken there along with Mark Weber, David Cole as have Gen. Otto Remer and many others.

Author: Greg Johnson

Yes, of course it would be doxing. I doubt very seriously if ANYONE would attend meetings at IHR or AmRen or any other movement organization if they believed that people were roaming about taking their pictures for publication without their permission. I suggest you ask Mark Weber what he would do if people published photographs of people attending his meetings without their permission. Beyond that, I have never attended a “public” meeting of the IHR, where just anyone could walk in off the street, nor would I attend such a meeting, nor would most people in this movement attend such a meeting either.


4 thoughts on “Greg Johnson in the closet paranoia

  1. In the bowel Movement it is inevitable that no matter what “secrets” you choose to keep, sooner or later if you want to be a “leader” everyone will see your snout and pelt and what lies beneath your tail if it be faggy. Such happened to Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren the Mamzer from Mentor and Obie-gender-bender and jewboy Linder and CornCobb.

    Right now Greg Johnson has found out that refusing to show his face means that even the Frogs won’t publish his interview unless he shows his face:


    I’ve outed plenty of mongrels and jewboys who called me a child molester based upon ZOG’s wanting to destroy my family and railroad me to prison for murder. My position is the extermination of all ZOGling whigger ass-clowns and regime criminals both because of retaliation and because it needs to be done. .

    Actually you might have done Dr. Greg Johnson a favor by confirming that he is white. Sans Fagscrisco gliberal faggots already know what Greg Johnson looks like because they run’t him off the Gay Bay. So . . .

    My question to you is do you benefit by being the one who “doxes” out Greg Johnson? I think that Greg Johnson is going to inevitably be outed anyway because it is impossible to remain concealed if you have any “leadership” position in the bowel Movement. Are you actually going to get any slop in your own trough by being the one blamed for outing Greg Johnson?

    If not, you might wish to reconsider and let Carolyn “Yenta” Yaeger the Hungarian lesbo-kikess get blamed for doing the dirty deed. In the bowel Movement everyone haets everyone else.

    No slop in or outta my trough, as I’ve let people in the bowel Movement know what I look like since being in the former Militia [bowel] Movement since just after Waco back when I was young and pretty. Now everyone gets to see what a half-bearded Dual-Seedline Christian Identity maniac looks like on my latest jewtube videos. Back just before the Internuts, you couldn’t be a “militia leader” without everyone knowing your name and face and personal history. The only ones who were all camera shy were ZOGbots and rats back in 1993. Can’t run for pub[l]ic office be it for U.S, Senatard or Gubbernatard or skrule bored or sheriff or even dog-catcher without showing your face, much less make speeches calling for the destruction of the Mighty Evil Empire.

    De. Greg wants to have it both ways, of being a “leader” but not showing his face. That sure isn’t going to last for much longer. But again, why should you make needless enemies with Greg Johnson, who is not a warlord but an “intellectual” and thus shouldn’t be treated as a “leader” or anyone other than someone who provides “intellectual” entertainment? After using the club by outing him neither you nor anyone else will be able to use that particular club for much again, since by your own admission Greg Johnson is White.

    Sorry to hear about your wife. Roxie isn’t in much better shape. Each of us must care for our heifer as best we can.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


    1. In today’s so called “WN” Movement, faggotry seems to be a requirement as is love of Jews, so blackmail no, supposition is Dr. Johnson frequents bath houses, bars and other places in the “Fag Community” and thus he keeps a foot in the WN Community and the other in the hard core Fem Fag Zone and he doesn’t want the latter to see his WN side.


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