Kyle Hunt (top) has voiced support fro pollyandry Sinead McCarthy-Hunt (bottom)             with her “special friend


We look at the “George & Gracie” of the Renegade Broadcasting Sewer, from Kyle’s relationships and promotion of those with known law enforcement associations and  Transsexual fetishes and his support for polyandry to his attendance homosexual conferences.  To his “wife’s” rather bizarre obsession with telling men how to act , interesting given her union with an effeminate limp wristed sissy who refuses to debate his whinning crybaby victimhood diatribes and her wierd diatribes advocating the”reattaching of male  foreskin” … YUCK and her “Flat Earth”..Please Sinead go walk of the edge.  We will also look into Sinead’s and Kyle attacks on “those who don’t show their face and don’t use their real name” BUT surround their Renegade Sewer with turds who go to great lengths to conceal their faces identities. Then of course there is the numerouse Renegade Non Whites and assorted “Milk Shakes” and Kyle Hunt’s statement, “if a person feels and think’s White, they are White”  All this and much more.

The final question will be asked, How can Mr. & Mrs. Hunt dare attack the Alt-Right on any issue, especially “Traditionalism” when Mrs. Hunt does not even use her husband’s name.  How very feminist of her.  Is her child even white?  Has anyone even seen the child?

Kyle and Sinead McCarthy- Hunt operates the most “White Nationalist Gay Friendly” sicko operation that attracts an assortment of Megan’s List Alum, Tranny Chasers, Open Faggots, Pedophiles who demand lower age of Consent Laws and Woman haters on the Net. 



  1. I find it interesting that there is no picture that I am aware of with George and Gracie together. I see you,too, noticed the need for Sinead to keep her maiden name? Seems odd for one promoting traditional white values and “hates” the fact that she has to be on the front lines since all the men are panzies in the movement. She’d much rather be at home nursing her kid and darning socks? Sure sinead and I got swampland in GA. at a bargain price
    Never worry, your low IQ white followers won’t ever think to notice that you, nor Kyle, nor Anglin, nor Gage nor Aurenheimer really fit the background of a real Wn and the lifestyle they promote but shh, it”s our secret. Won’t get past me and say hi to Abe for me, will you
    Looking forward to what”s next Rodney

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  2. “Then of course there is the numerous Renegade Non Whites and assorted “Milk Shakes” and Kyle Hunt’s statement, “if a person feels and think’s White, they are White” All this and much more.”
    This allows for the Angelo Gages and the Aurenheimers to get in on the fun. You have two choices, pretend they are white or change the definition to pro white instead of being white in order to do and be what is necessary to enter.
    Only Jews could think up this stupid divide and conquer shit and whites have bought it hook line and sinker
    There’s a reason why people that don’t really care about White Nationalism promote it. It’s their job. Fomenting discontent with the main focus on other goy rather than Jews. White Nationalism has always been that way but there was a short time when we had hopes they would take it to a higher level and quit obsessing on jewish scapegoats. My personal problem with the alternative right is that they are masonic in nature which means they are willing to ignore the Jew cause in order to play their hand with Jew approval. That simply is a no-go


  3. Kyle Hunt and Company are just as much Frauds as Andrew Anglin. Hunt attacks the “Alt-Right” for its homosexuals YET Hunt himself has attended Dr. Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents Conferences in San Fagsissco and Kyle mainatains a close relationship with an exposed Tranny Chaser Nick Spero whose online dating profile is featured on this Blog and shows for a period of 3 years he “favorited” Trannys. Kyle hunt once spoke in favor of Pollyandry in the Renegade Chat Ropom and attacked those who called him on it as “prudes”, one must ask if he “shares” Sinead with the Blacks in the picture and IF the baby she birted is White, NO one has ever seen it NOR has she ever posted pics of it.


  4. What drove me away from Renegade were the “flat-earth” retards that had come to dominate the comments. Truly frightening….


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