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REMINDER-another Andrew Anglin Associate -PERVERT ALERT

Just a friendly Reminder, one “Sven Longshanks” was once Andrew Anglin’s Right Hand Reach-Around Man at Daily Stormer, you know that infamous Nutzi Rag that proclaims itself to be the saviors of all things Aryan-Pure, Traditional, blah, blah, blah


“Longshanks quietly disappeared from Daily Stormer and then did Radio Work with Trailer Trash King Matt Heimbach


“Longshanks” then started none other than “Radio Aryan”

Problem is “Longshanks IS NOT an Aryan and he is a PERVERT

BEHOLD one “Sven Longshanks” his real name is Francesco (Tony) Young age 46/47


CONVICTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM OF Sexual Assault and Sentenced to  18-month Community Order, with eight-week curfew, restraining order imposed, ordered to pay £85 costs and Register as a Sex offender for five years.

Doesn’t this remind you of the Goldberg incident at Daily Stormer??





3 thoughts on “REMINDER-another Andrew Anglin Associate -PERVERT ALERT

  1. Ok, but what’s your evidence that this is Sven Longshanks? Various people in the movement have met him IRL, so they’d all have to be in on the conspiracy. For what purpose? He’s neither rich, famous nor particularly influential, now that he’s no longer w/ the DS.


    1. His OWN now former Associates in the U.K OUTED him, LOL, also if you do a google image search on Sven Longshanks this PIC and variations of it come up like crazy. He used to associate on other topics with people in the U.K. they OUTED him, also he does NOT deny it. He was quietly removed from Daily Stormer when he was Outed and also by Heimbach when he was informed of “Longshank” AKA Young. WHO in the Movement have met him? Why are they NOT jumping over themselves to deny it. Anglin NEVER explained Longshank’s departure, nor did Heimbach. BUT I DO know several people in the U.K. in the National Front ( who made me a Honorary Member) who first confirmed he is NOT White.


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