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Talking Asshole

Have you ever seen a Talking Asshole, here’s a picture

This Fatsss Chronic Masturbator says “Fuck the Troops

His only fight has been with the Buffet Table and yanking his tiny dick while watch Tranny Porn




Info to



4 thoughts on “Talking Asshole

      1. They’re the ironybros. For whatever reason they have a following on Twitter. I don’t know how degenerate and low you have to be to like someone like those individuals but people do. The faggot with the glasses sucks down cigs all day and rots holes in his brain with videos games. The other dude, hubris or whatever, shills shitty workout programs for $$ when he could just tell people to go do starting strength. They also “larp” as national Bolsheviks and are apart of the nazbol gang. It’s all retarded. I pity anyone who spends time even taking anything these people say into consideration.


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